FDA grade Stainless steel bottle stoppers

Stainless Steel Bottle Stoppers
For the discriminating artist

I am your silent partner. 
I support your work. 

These stoppers were all designed by the artists in each
medium. We did not just copy what is on the market, we
listened to what the artists wanted. If they don't say "SS Niles",
they are not FDA 304 grade stainless.

Stoppers for wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar,
 bath oil, liquor bottles, decorative herbs, etc.


Made of 18-8 304 FDA kitchen grade stainless steel
Winery and FDA tested and approved
Lifetime guarantee on stoppers and o-rings
Custom orders accepted 

 Buy AMERICAN                                     Made in the USA 



SS Niles Stoppers
Finest machined threads
Cleanest threading, tapered top to
fit in drilled hole perfect


  Improved machining
Softer edges

No sharp edges by o-rings





Starter Kit

Sample all stopper styles

Reg. $102.50 for $92.00 +s/h



standing bottle stopper made of brass
patent pending

patent pending


Brass has been used for wine goblets for years, the couplings in a lot of the wine vats are 360 brass and it is in just about all the water lines in the country.  Customers have been testing these brass stoppers for a few months and they love them; and their customers love them, too!  These are for that "special" gift.




The RP 9000 Stainless Steel Cork
Make your finished stoppers stand out from the rest with the " stainless cork"
Be the first to present something different to your customers!


stainless steel cork shape bottle stopper
learn more....
This is the most efficient stopper on the market. 
Shaped like the corks which have been used for thousands of years.  It fits almost every bottle and 2 o-rings make contact to form a tighter seal. 

It is bolder and quite handsome; and my customers who tested the market, gave it a 5-star rating!

Made in Missouri         Patent pending

  FDA stainless steel bottle stopper ssbottlestopper
learn more....

Just a few examples of  bottle stopper styles and artistic creations.

stainless steel bottle stopper with a threaded rod for beads   Art beads on a stainless steel bottle stopper that has a threaded rod 
		and stainless ball to make a unique gift for wine lovers

Wood or Glass Beads

standing bottle stopper with small flat base allows you to 
	display the artwork on a windowsill when not being used
	in a wine bottle. 

Wood, Clay

stainless stopper for blown glass and stonework

# C-303
Glass and Stone

  Lava rocks on top of a stainless steel bottle stopper base.

Stone, Marble, Metal

fused glass circle on a stainless wine stopper cork

Fused Glass

  Ceramic rabbit on stainless steel bottle stopper

Clay, Ceramics,
Wood Carving

stainless steel bottle stopper for fused glass

Fused Glass

stainless steel bottle stopper for woodturners hand carved bottle stopper

Wood Carving and

stainless steel bottle stopper with drilled threaded hole for metal
									work designs   metal work leaves on stainless steel bottle stopper

Metal work used with
threaded rod

To see all stopper styles available, click here.

Woodturner Specials

9000 Stainless Cork Kit

 Joyner off-set jig kit with mandrel

Deluxe Joyner Off-Set Jig

stainless steel bottle stopper kit, stand up stopper, ssbottlestoppers, introductory kit

Complete Stopper Kit



 $18.95 each
reg. $25




Pages of Interest


Bottle Stopper Gallery: Pictures of finished designs created by our customers.  Lots of inspiration!

Turning Gallery: Pictures of creations made by woodturners using the Joyner off-set jig.

(coming soon) Professional Artists Gallery: Unique bottle stoppers by artists that sell their work
with links to their websites to see their complete line of artistic work.




   Here you will find suggestions and tips for marketing your artwork.  Tips on where to sell,         pricing, how to deal with certain types of customers, booth set up and display suggestions 


    Frequently asked questions and some that you will wish you had asked. 

Need a custom order? 
Cabinet knobs, door knobs, trophies or anything with either a threaded hole or threaded stud.
 First take your item to a hardware store to find exact threading size for a custom stopper. 

bowling trophy, stainless steel bottle stopper


golf ball stainless steel bottle stopper

Golf Balls?

DIY bottle stoppers, faucets, gear shifts

Items around the house?

Skateboard wheel?

amethist antique glass knob on stainless steel bottle stopper

Antique door knobs?


Carving by
Bob Kozakiewicz



Your artwork should sit or stand on top of the bottle.

The stainless stopper should seal the bottle, not be part of your artwork.


Find out how my stoppers were designed, go to the About Us page.

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