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Stainless Steel Bottle Stoppers made for Artists.

This is the world's largest selection of solid stainless steel bottle stoppers
made in the USA and available in one place for artists of all mediums;
wood, glass, stone, ceramic
, metal and for cabinet knobs, trophies, etc. 

These stoppers are not just for wine.......
they also fit many oil and vinegar bottles,
bath oil bottles and whiskey bottles with common size openings.

Find out how my stoppers were designed, go to the About page.

See Specials  for WOODTURNERS

*Marketing tip:  At shows tie a  stopper to a bottle of wine with a fancy ribbon.  Put a small sign, "wonderful way to give an heirloom stopper to a favorite wine lover."  
Using the word "heirloom" suggests future gifts and adding to a collection.
.....more Marketing tips





     top hat on stainless steel standing stopper




stainless steel stopper stands to display blown glass top


  Display stopper when not in use. 

They fit the bottles the same as the conventional style. 

The standing stoppers will be the same price as the traditional cone style so you can mix and match.


Open Circle


Perfect  for displaying fused glass designs to their max! 
No need to have a front and back.

*note domed top gives this design the look of elegance. 





elegant stainless steel stopper with room for engraving logos, names, dates

Elegant and Stylish
A more fashionable stopper for
fused glass and laser engraving

The new domed top stoppers will be the same
price as the traditional #305 and #405 so you
can mix and match at no additional cost.

The same top quality 304 stainless steel
stoppers but with more class!



Click on stopper for complete description.


stainless steel bottle stopper


stainless stopper for wood carving


stainless steel bottle stopper for blown glass



stainless steel stopper for stone or metal




stainless steel stopper for stone workers


# 301
  # 302
Wood, Clay,
Golf Balls
  # 303

# 403
1/4" higher


# 304
Custom hole



  # 307
  # 407

stainless steel stopper for fused glass or engraving





  stainless steel stopper with threaded rod for bead workers    
# 305
  # 405
  This style can be
hand or laser engraved.
  # 305-B
  # 405-B
1/4" higher
  # 306
  # 406
1/4" higher
  # 506
1/2" higher


Made of 304 FDA kitchen grade stainless steel
Machined to perfection in the USA
Winery and FDA approved
Lifetime guarantee
Custom orders made for your special needs 

 Buy AMERICAN     Made and Patented in the USA 



Need a custom order?  Contact:
For cabinet or door knobs, trophies or anything with either a threaded hole or threaded stud,
 take your item to Home Depot (ex) to find exact threading size you will need for your item.   




Items around the house?


Skateboard wheel?


Antique door knobs?
We have 3/8x16
and 3/8x20 in stock


Carving by
Bob Kozakiewicz



Your artwork should sit, or stand, on top of the bottle.

The stainless stopper should seal the bottle, not be part of your artwork.


Specials for WOODTURNERS

Stopper Kit
for woodturners


bottle stopper kit included 10
							 stainless steel stoppers, bottle stopper mandrel, stub drill bit

Click here for
complete details

  Introductory Package 

    10 #301 3/8" x 16 tpi
    threaded stoppers
     #2 Morse taper mandrel
   11/32" stubby drill bit.
* be sure to specify which mandrel,
from description:
click here

              Retail value:  $ 87.50

     Special price: $80  + shipping
PA customers add 6% sales tax

   Ordering Info


Shipping for
this Package

US:  $5.60

Canada: $19.95

Int'l: $23.95

Richard Joyner

Off-Center Kit
for woodturners


Click here for
complete details

♦  #2 Morse Taper Mandrel
   ♦  Joyner Pendant Off-Center Plate
   ♦  Joyner Indexing Plate
   ♦  4 Thumb screws
   ♦  4 Allen screws


      $ 85.00      
+ shipping



 Johnny Tolly

Bead Kit
for woodturners

Click here for
complete details


♦  #2 Morse Taper Mandrel
♦  Bead Pin
♦  9/64" Drill bit

+ shipping





# SS-175                         **NEW**

This mandrel is designed for the Shopsmith lathe.  It slides over the shaft and has the set screw at the proper 3 degree angle.  This mandrel can be used for bottle stoppers, light pulls, ice cream scoop handles, shaving brushes and so many more projects.  It has a 3/8"x16tpi threads with a slit so it taps the wood and cuts sharp threads.

            $25 each  + s/h                                           Made in the USA


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