Gallery of Pendants and Off-Center Creations

Work by artistic woodturners using the Joyner Off-Center Jig.
It is not just for pendants.



Drop spindles for yarn spinners made by
Brad Shannon, AZ


Shawn Alexander
in MO.


Jim Shirey, MI


Clay Zaunbrecher, TX
Beads of Courage box


Mark Teeboon,  New Zealand
(L) 130 yr.old So. Australian Olive
(R) Rewa Rewa (NZ Honeysuckle)


Troy Cleckler, AL


Larry Sefton of Bartlett, TN. 


Dave Kartzman, SC
Beautiful wood needs
no additional cuts.


Dave Campbell, GA
made pendants for his daughters.



Allen Tyler has a great video on turning the off-center
inlay for the bottom of bowls and boxes.


Patrick O'Brien
Alexandria, VA


Pendants by Dave Campbell


Exquisite design by
Lauren and Alan Zenreich




Add beads for variety


Simple design


Steve Massman, MO


Barbara Fordney,
York, PA

Ed Bowman of Xenia, OH


Daniel Moerman


Mark Gray of MN


Ron Cote, VA.  Ron wrote a pamphlet
about creating these designs.



Mary Lacer, WI. 
 Picture on the right are
beautiful pins with off-center designs.

Cabinet knob or stopper
off-center cuts with
 turkey shot trim
Ruth Niles


Lynn Lilly
Houston, TX


George Herring, Australia
Corian and Western Myall.


Mike Meredith
Lake Oswego, OR

Frank Lench collaborates with a friend who does fused glass for these
one-of-a-kind pendants.


Very impressive pendant using Corian. 


With the new index
plate, you can
decorate the top of
bottle stoppers.
Ruth Niles



Paul Lajoie, MA

Frank Lench collaborates with a friend that does fused glass to create these
one-of-a-kind beautiful pendants.


Pam Lane makes a
classy piece by
adding matching beads.


Stippled with a dremel and woodburn
Ruth Niles


Richard Hunt, MA


This is the top of
 a bottle stopper.
Ruth Niles

Werner Witek of
Appleton, WI. 
 Great detail


Wonderful use of wood grain.


"Bear" Limvere
turns pieces to scale
for doll houses


Patrick O'Brien of
Alexandria, VA.



George Daughtry of GA. 
1" mirror in pendant on right is for his wife
to check her lipstick after dinner! 


  Bruce Holden of Tulsa, OK
Email  for more information


Exquisite yet simple
by Toney Robertson
Just 3 cuts with glitter.
Endless possibilities.


Two pendants by Doug Green in TX.


A miniature created by
"Bear" Limvere for doll houses


Several pendants done by Toney Robertson 

Bruce Holden of OK
Email  for more



Brad Shannon of Suprise, AZ
added a little detail to the back (right)
of his pendants.


A bit of whimsy
Jim Meizelis of IL



Mike Foydel of MI. 
A few more design

Be sure to send pictures of your off-center creations so I can make you rich and famous!

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