I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of product and customer service provided by Ruth Niles and SS Niles Bottle Stoppers from the very first time I ordered bottle stoppers from the web site over 8 years ago. No problems ever!! I always try to keep her product in stock for use when I run across a nice piece of wood that is too small for other uses and too pretty to burn.  Most of the stoppers I turn go to customers of my architectural turning work as Christmas and birthday gifts. Since these customers pay my bills with their business I can’t afford to give them anything other than the very best quality on the market, Ruth Niles Stainless Steel bottle stoppers meet and exceed this requirement for highest quality.

You can always spot quality product by the number of companies that attempt to duplicate the products being offered, however, they usually fall short in their offerings due to the primary motivations of avarice and greed. The personal involvement and customer care is just not present for the copy cat venders. 

Doug Stevens

As the CEO of a large international organization, I think I can speak with a bit of experience when it comes to how businesses should be run. Your products are of excellent quality and fairly priced. Your customer service is beyond compare and the fact that you the owner and founder accompany just about every customer through the buying process personally impresses me beyond words. I have told all of my turning friends to look no where else but to you for the range of products you offer

Thomas McPartland

I have been turning for awhile now and have purchased many items from many distributors, some I will not purchase again, but nothing I have purchased from you has been a disappointment! I have received nothing but complements from anything I have turned utilizing one of you products.  Yours I will definitely continue to use!

Doug Moore

I have ordered about a dozen wine stoppers, and bottle openers and one pizza cutter this year.  I've been nothing but impressed with the friendly service, rapid shipping and incredible quality of the products.  I love the bottle openers and the wine stoppers are great. 

Corey Carlson

I love your bottle stoppers, your website, your pricing, your affordable shipping to Canada and about everything else about your operation.  Talking with you on the phone was a pleasure.  If all businesses had your ethics, the world would be a better place.

Robert Martin

Niles bottle stoppers are made of the highest quality materials and are machined extremely well.  With multiple styles to choose from, the combinations of stoppers and blanks are endless and will make truly custom gifts, perfect for any home!

Chris C&S Toolworks

Here is my feedback:
Ordering = Product description is very accurate and easy to place an order
Shipping = FAST, reasonably priced and perfectly packaged.
Product = So much better than I expected!  There was a bit of trial and error on my part with the threading on the mandrel BUT after a few attempts I sorted it out and I'm super happy with the end results.  Excellent communication and awesome product!

Emma Banner Spiked Woodworks

Honestly I loved the products I ordered and got from you! I enjoy looking at the pics posted on your site and get inspiration from them.  I also enjoy the advice you lend such as your craft show tips.

All in all, I’d say don’t fix it, it isn’t broke.   I’d hate to have to look elsewhere for what I purchase from you.  I’m not at all tempted to swing over to the guy with the “better price.”  I am about value and that is what I get from you.  I value your customer service, your pricing, your timely shipping, and above all your personal touch.  

Most vendors don’t realize that there is a “lifetime value of a customer.”  If you don’t know the phrase, google it. This is something YOU don’t have to learn.  You already know it! 

Jerry Warner

I am a dedicated customer and will continue to be so.  Your products and service are always the best in quality and speed and I appreciate that.  No reason to consider ever looking at any other source.  Thanks for being an excellent and consistent supplier.

Ron Ford

I don't turn many bottle stoppers and don't sell any of my work.  Years ago I turned a stopper for a friend and she used it for her vinegar bottle.  You can imagine how badly it corroded. It took me awhile before I started reading about Niles Bottle Stoppers and gave them a try. After that I started using SS stoppers.   

When I received my first order I was very impressed with the machining quality. They are beautiful.  I was sold on them and placed another order and will order more from you in the future.  There are people who will use the cheap cork and silicone stoppers for resale but end up not making much money and have a poor product.

I am glad you are now selling through other dealers and they are advertised as Ruth Niles bottle stoppers.  This will get you more exposure and name recognition.

I think when I first went to your website about three years ago there were problems such as under construction.  I just went to it and it is excellent. 

If I had any constructive I certainly would offer it, however, I believe you are doing everything right. 

Don Wolfe

I am entirely satisfied with the 3 different products I have purchased from you.  It's rare in today's world when one can comment; "Value received".  Thank you for giving me some faith in the future of business.

Mike Epstein

I am more than satisfied with the quality and the delivery service.  I will be reordering in the future and I know I will get the same service and quality.  Thank you for giving us your products.  They are Unmatched in the industry.

Jay Rutan

Well, since you asked, I will be brutally honest, I will not hold back.  You are the BEST!  I have never had a problem with my orders.  I have never had an issue with the quality.  I will go out on a limb and say your prices are at the right point.  I have gotten some stoppers from the "other company" but I only did so because I like the longer, narrower curve.  However, I have your off-center jig, your openers, your stubby stoppers and your stopper mandrel.  All first rate!

Joe Himes

The products I’ve bought from you are exceptional in quality and your customer service is spectacular. You run your business  magnificently. My only complaint is that we live so far apart - I’d love to meet you in person. What I like best about doing business with you is the wonderful conversations we have when I call you to place an order. You are a fabulous person !

Tom Bundic

I would like reminders and one click purchase buying options on things I have bought before. You are my go to vendor based on quality and options, and I love the personal touch

Barry Tonkin

Anything from your company and bearing your name is always and consistently of the highest quality and finest visual looks!!! No questions asked, period!!! Same goes with your customer service!!! So refreshing in today’s world of shoddy, careless
workmanship. As always I wish I could invest in your stoppers by the gross! Especially with a new lathe going full tilt and trying to learn to make cutlery with exotic wood handles. 

Thanks again for the quality and caring about your products!! 

Bill Marcut

I purchased your products for the sole purpose of making Christmas gifts and was very proud of the finished product because of the quality of your stoppers.  I was also amazed at the care you put into protecting your products for shipping.  I've spoken with you on the phone regarding the stopper mandrel; I did not find it to be self tapping which is trivial compared to your great stoppers!   I find your customer service is beyond reproach.  I have recommended you to others in my wood turning group.  I have no intention of buying my stoppers from any other supplier simply because of the quality of the product and your customer service.

Kevin Hudak

It is rare to be able to deal with a business which has excellent products which are flawless and an owner who goes out of her way to insure the success of the client.  Ms. Niles sought to get the lowest possible rate on shipping costs.  I knew exactly what the "laid in" price would be when I gave her my order.  No hassle and no surprises.  I don't know how you can improve.   KUDOS! 

Maurice Clabaugh

I've been VERY satisfied with my purchases from your site.  Your products are excellent, service has been fine and the instructions you provided are superb.  Even  my first attempt was a success.  I have to give you credit, Ruth, you are a small business owner who has done her homework.  It takes a lot of courage to open a business and market it.  By the way, I like the way you upgraded your website.

Jay Blissick