Best Of

This Gallery is the Unique, the Finely Finished and Most Imaginative creations.
There are not a lot in this Gallery as it changes as new pictures are submitted.

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Cook 1 duck

Cutest duck bottle stopper
This is the cutest duck
stopper by Jim Cook, MA


bottle cap opener and can tab lifter all in one
Ron Holland, IL.  Very classy.
Bottle opener/can tab lifter.

Robin Holt.shells

sea shell beads bottle stoppers
Robin Holt MoonDog Glass.  Awesome.

Larry Parker

baseball bat bottle opener
Larry Parker, VA
Bottle Cap Opener


gnome wine bottle stoppers
Travis Owenby, GA.  Too cute bottle stoppers.


Glass fish on stainless steel bottle stoppers
Toni Menk, KY.  Such creativity!  Cute glass
fish on stainless steel bottle stoppers..


Santa carved in golf ball
Amazing carving in a golf ball by Joan Lech.
facebook page for more carving creations.


wine bottle stoppers
Two beauties turned by Darla Baker in KY.
Love the colors.


stainless steel coffee tamper
Diana Henderson, RI.  Beautiful
espresso coffee tamper.


stainless bottle toppers with resin shapes
Nathan Sherby, NH.  Great shapes turned
from poured resin.


stainless stoppers with turned resin tops
Nathan Sherby, NH, turns unique shapes
from poured resin.  Beautiful!



stainless meat tenderizer
John Dreese, NC.  Beautiful, unique stone
handle on meat tenderizer.  See more:Etsy


stainless bottle opener and stopper, turned wood tops
Brad Adams, CA.  Exquisite set!


pocket watch on brass bottle stopper
Peter Baum, OH, uses antique
pocket watches.  Unique!


turned apples on stainless stoppers
Paul Salverda, CA, turns great apples and
engraves on the backs.


stainless stopper with fireman emblem
David Sisk, TX.  Love that the emblem
is on the side.  Perfect orientation.


stainless stopper woodturned hat
Bill McCormick, TX  Great "hat" design!

Ken Foltz

stainless stoppers in custom display stand
Ken Foltz, PA  Beautiful display.

box with Jerusalem stone inset

Bob Roehrig, FL  Very unique box lid
decorated using the Joyner Jig..

Patrick O’Brien

off-set cuts painted black on white
Patrick O'Brien, VA  Holly with black paint.


Off center candle holders  
Mike Kuterbach, PA  Great Off-Set work.

Bill Bender blue

resin burl stainless wine bottle stopper

Bill Bender, WA.  Awesome!

Robert Markison

Carved copper on stainless wine stopper cutting and painting cooper
Dr. Robert Markison,  Hand Surgeon and noted
artist carved and painted on copper.

Tom Borener

brass bottle stoppers with wood handle tops
Tom Borener in OR, did these fabulous stoppers.

Wesla Weller

stainless stoppers with music sheets in resin
Wesla Weller uses old instruments for
her artwork.  Check her  Website


stainless stopper with glass wizard on top
Dag Aasdam, France.
Wizard cast a spell on the bug!

Rich Fasel acrylic

Canarywood and acrylic stainless stopper
Rich Fasel.  Canary wood and resin.  Love the
wood on the top and the bottom.

Frank Wilda 2

stainless bottle openers
Wildaness Woods, Frank Wilda turned beer
bottles and beer cans for the openers!

Nathan Aderman


frog bottle stoppers
Nathan Aderman, PA
Fantastic metal work!

Joe Gresback


Texas hat bottle stopper
Joe Gresback.  The cutest stopper!

Darla Baker

Darla Baker puts flowers in resin then turns the
shape.  Visit her Etsy page.

Charlie Drake

basket weave illusion wine bottle stoppers
Charlie Drake, OK.  Awesome work!

Jerry Haynes

enhanced woodturned bottle stopper, stainless steel
Jerry Haynes, TX.  Nicely enhanced.

Dave Cunningham

laminated wood design on stainless steel bottle stopper
Dave Cunningham, HI

Donna Gordon

blown glass tops on stainless steel bottle stoppers
Donna Gordon, CO.  Awesome glass art.

Anthony Gima, PA

blown glass wine bottle stopperconfetti blown glass bottle stopper
Anthony Gima, PA
Very artistic blown glass!

Brad Adams, CA

stainless steel bottle stoppers with natural edge wood tops

Brad Adams, CA
Wonderful shapes for natural edge burl.

David McKinney, WA

David McKinney, WA
Beautiful metal artwork.

Dag Aasdam, France

glass cherry on top of stainless stopper

Dag Aasdam, France  Perfect!

Jason Rockhold, IL

Jason Rockhold, IL
Love the perfect shape.

Peter Baum, OH

steampunk bottle stoppers, watch, top hats

Peter Baum, very classy bottle stoppers.
Super Steampunk!

Marie McDonough, IL

carved horse bottle stoppers

Marie McDonough
Beautiful carving!

Michael Page, AZ

Michael Page, AZ
Pepper Grinder, stopper set

Tim Keyzers, WA

Star Wars wine bottle stopper, space station on top of stopper
Tim Keyzers, WA, 
designed my 8038 stopper
for his unique marbles.

John Traeger, MN

John Traeger.  Fantastic
shape! Etsy page.

Kate Rodrigue, OR


Kate Rodrigue, OR, puts herbs in
resin then turns the shapes!

Bathsheba Grossman, MA

Bathsheba Grossman, MA
Exquisite 3D-printed original creations.

Ken Como, NY

Ken Como, NY
Ken creates very unique stoppers! Ken's website with fun items.

Chris Thompson, MI

Chris Thompson, MI
Beautiful Stoppers and unique display stand.

Brian Lensink

Brian Lensink
Over the neck stopper.
More at:

Nick Vincent leaf

Nick Vincent, MD
Awesome metalwork!

Ben LaBrecque, ID

Ben LaBrecque, ID
Visit:  LaBrecque Glass Works

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX

Hand carved cowboy bottle stopperHand carved cowboy bottle stopper

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX
Fantastic carved bottle stoppers. More at: Etsy

Tyler Piebes, ME

glass whale tail on stainless steel bottle stopper
Tyler Piebes, ME
Perfect glass whale tail.

Skip Wilbur, Cordova, TN

'Cigar' shaped stopper with an actual cigar band

Skip Wilbur, Cordova, TN
The cigar stopper is a
wonderful gift for men!

Martha Collins, WA

Martha Collins, WA
More of Martha's work

Susanna Kopchains, Far Hills, NJ

Susanna Kopchains, Far Hills, NJ
Ceramic pomegranate.

Bob Kozakiewicz, NJ


Bob Kozakiewicz, NJ
Hand carved stoppers. More at Etsy.

Vic Nadurak, Ladysmith, British Columbia

Vic Nadurak, Ladysmith, British Columbia

Gregg Kristophel, Harmony, PA

Gregg Kristophel, PA
Carved deer antler etsy