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Gallery: Kitchen Items


stainless espresso coffee tamper base
Espresso coffee tamper made by
Ryan Mohler. See Etsy page for more!


wood turned beer tap handles
Greg Pennington turned these beer tap handles
using my mandrel.  He says it works great!

Pennington red

Banksia pod tap handle
Greg Pennington in CO uses my
mandrel to make beer tap handles

Dreese Tenderizer

stainless meat tenderizer with a pink stone handle
John Dreese collects unique stones.  This
is a beautiful meat tenderizer handle!


stainless meat tenderizer and garlic press
Jon Moore, NY, turned a Spalted Maple chicken
press and Walnut meat tenderizer.


Pizza night special
Gary Heinzig, MN, made this
awesome Pizza Night Special set


meat tenderizer, chicken press
Steve Schroeder created these meat tenderizer
and chicken press sets.  See more creations.


Niles stainless meat tenderizer mallet
George in MO made this stainless
meat tenderizer mallet.  Nice work!


meat tenderizer, chicken or garlic press stainless steel
Tod Raines, Woodturning Tool Store, turned
this chicken and meat tenderizer set.


stainless meat tenderizer mallet
Jamie Brunk in TX made this tenderizer mallet
for a Christmas gift that was well received.

Aaron Smith

coffee tamper base stainless steel
Aaron Smith in TX, created this
patterned plywood coffee tamper.


coffee tamper base with coffee bean handle
Dave Hunter made the handle for his
coffee tamper using coffee beans in resin.


Niles Meat Tenderizers
Stan Smith turned these two great meat
tenderizers as special gifts.


stainless steel coffee tamper base
Dave Hunter, MT.  A customer wanted
a coffee scoop on top of the coffee tamper.


stainless stopper with pine cone in clear resin
Dave Hunter in MT, pine cone in
resin. Handle on coffee tamper.



stainless steel coffee tamper base
Paul Quinn in Australia turned this coffee
tamper handle from Osage Orange.


Niles stainless steel meat tenderizer
Hank Wittner in TX made this stainless
meat tenderizer set for his wife.  Nice.


stainless steak tenderizerantique button detail
Mahogany meat tenderizer with antique button
inset on the top.  Turned by Ruth Niles


meat tenderizer steak stainless steel Niles
Stainless Meat Tenderizer turned
a blank from Lonestar Resin Works


stainless steel meat tenderizer
Peter Vines, VA.  Perfect shape for the
stainless steel meat tenderizer.


espresso coffee tamps
Ryan Muhler, OH, turned these 3 espresso coffee
tampers, various sizes for various coffee makers.


meat tenderizer mallet
Ryan Mohler, OH, turned this beautiful Meat
and Chicken tenderizer mallet.  Nice work!


Niles stainless tenderizer
Wally Schell, CO.  Meat tenderizer mallet,
Gambel Oak, handle dried Christmas tree limb.


Niles stainless steel meat tenderizer
Barbara Joseph, AK, made this meat and
chicken tenderizer set from aspen burl.


53mm coffee tamper
Ryan Mohler in Ohio turned this
attractive coffee tamper handle.

espresso coffee tamper
Another coffee tamper handle
created by Ryan Mohler in OH.


53mm coffee tamper
Ryan Mohler makes another great
handle on a 53mm coffee tamper.


57mm espresso coffee tamper
Ryan Mohler in OH made this beautiful
handle on a 57mm coffee tamper


stainless meat tenderizer basse
Ted Mellin, CO quite a unique shaped
meat tenderizer handle.


57mm coffee tamper base
Ryan Mohler, OH, turned this
espresso coffee tamper.  More...


stainless steel meat tenderizer
Ted Mellin, CO turned this cool
stainless meat tenderizer.


espresso coffee tamp with coffee beans
Coffee tamper turned from resin
with coffee beans at Muttblanks.


espresso coffee tamper wood handle stainless steel base
Magnus Lowham, 16 yr.
turned this espresso coffee
tamper for his Mom.

Ardita Tamper

espresso coffee tamper stainless steel
Frank Ardita, MA, turned this handle
for the espresso coffee tamper.


stainless can tab lifter with oak handle
Jim Leonard turned this can tab lifter
from a boat pole of a friend's
deceased husband as a gift.


complete stainless kitchen set
Larry Briski, CO.  Complete Kitchen Set: bottle
stoppers, openers, tenderizers, tab lifter. Great!

Mats set

stainless steel meat tenderizer and garlic press
Mats Bjornstad, Norway, created this awesome
meat tenderizer and chicken press set.  He used
burl and walnut in resin.  Mats' Website


coffee beans in resin, handle on coffee tamper
Tom Puskar, NJ.  Awesome Espresso Coffee
tamps turned from coffee beans in resin!


unique stainless meat tenderizer turned wood top
Dyed, stabilized burl, resin blank
by Tony Jarvis and turned by me.


stainless steel meat tenderizer with colorwood handle
Mark Lockridge turned this colorful
handle on the meat tenderizer.


stainless steel meat tenderizer
Dan West turned this coffee tamper and meat
tenderizer set.


stainless steel coffee tamper
Diana Henderson, RI.  Beautiful
espresso coffee tamper.

Dave Richards

Dave Richards, GA.
Meat tenderizer detail


stainless meat tenderizer
John Dreese, NC.  Beautiful, unique stone
handle on meat tenderizer.  See more:Etsy


bottle stoppers, bottle opener, meat tenderizer
Larry Briski, CO.  Beautiful samples of stoppers
and the meat tenderizer and bottle cap opener.


stainless stoppers, bottle openers and coffee tamper
Bruce Hoium; wedding gift set for his niece.

Sugrue.3 piece

bottle opener, bottle stopper, can tab lifter
Camille Sugrue, WA.  Bottle cap opener, can
tab lifter and wine bottle stopper.

Larry Horowitz

stainless meat tenderizer with wood handle
Larry Horowitz, NC  Meat Tenderizer

Tom Gaskill

stainless meat tenderizer set
Tom Gaskill.  Garlic Press (L) Ambrosia Maple
Meat Tenderizer (R) Bacote

Rod Brumlow

Rod Brumlow.  Ergonomic handle.

Frank Ardita

stainless meat tenderizers
Frank Ardita, MA. Stunning meat and chicken
tenderizer set.

Peter Baum tamps

stainless steel espresso tampers
Peter Baum, OH, made Espresso tampers
for local coffee shop.

Mark Abner

stainless steel meat tenderizer
Mark Abner, KY.  Made the board and
meat tenderizer.  Great work!

Steve Hoffman

stainless tenderizer and chicken press
Steve Hoffman made a meat (l) and chicken (r)
tenderizer/press set.

Henry tenderizer

stainless steel meat tenderizer
Henry Doolittle created this meat
tenderizer for his wife.  Sweet

Camille Sugrue dk

Stainless Steel Espresso Coffee Tamper
Camille Sugrue; nice display stand

Camille Sugrue

Espresso coffee tamper
Camille Sugrue, WA, sells her
coffee tampers with stands.

Dave Kartzman

stainless steel meat tenderizer
Dave Kartzman, VA
Meat Tenderizer

Jamie Straw

pizza cutter with bottle opener

Jamie Straw made this set
from Pacific Yew.

Mike Alan Designs

Espresso coffee tamper, turned resin handle
Espresso Coffee Tamper
Mike Alan Designs
Custom resin blanks