Kitchen Items

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Gallery: Kitchen Items

Frank Ardita

stainless meat tenderizers
Frank Ardita, MA. Stunning meat and chicken
tenderizer set.

Peter Baum tamps

stainless steel espresso tampers
Peter Baum, OH, made Espresso tampers
for local coffee shop.

Mark Abner

stainless steel meat tenderizer
Mark Abner, KY.  Made the board and
meat tenderizer.  Great work!

Steve Hoffman

stainless tenderizer and chicken press
Steve Hoffman made a meat (l) and chicken (r)
tenderizer/press set.

Henry tenderizer

stainless steel meat tenderizer
Henry Doolittle created this meat
tenderizer for his wife.  Sweet

Camille Sugrue dk

Stainless Steel Espresso Coffee Tamper
Camille Sugrue; nice display stand

Camille Sugrue

Espresso coffee tamper
Camille Sugrue, WA, sells her
coffee tampers with stands.

Dave Kartzman

stainless steel meat tenderizer
Dave Kartzman, VA
Meat Tenderizer

Jamie Straw

pizza cutter with bottle opener

Jamie Straw made this set
from Pacific Yew.

Mike Alan Designs

Espresso coffee tamper, turned resin handle
Espresso Coffee Tamper
Mike Alan Designs
Custom resin blanks

Norbert Wenger

Norbert Wenger, OK
Cutting Board, Opener and Stopper Set