Artists' Bottle Stoppers Gallery

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Gallery: Wood

Elms bottle

Stainless whiskey stopper Niles
This is the big whiskey bottle Wayne
Elms turned the big stopper for!


Niles bottle stopper with military button
Wayne Elms turned a big
stopper for a big whiskey bottle.

Tom Smith

Niles stainless steel bottle stoppers
Tom Smith in PA, used Osage Orange to turn
his first bottle stoppers.  Good job!


Holiday wine bottle stoppers
Lavonne Winger in WI created these adorable
Holiday wine bottle stoppers.


Van Der Kamp

Niles stainless steel bottle stoppers
Bruce Van Der Kamp in CO likes to play
with combining wood.  I love it!


top shelf Bourbon bottle stopper
Scott Polzin made this great stopper with
the new top shelf whiskey bottle stopper.


Benjamin Randolph in WV created these
beautiful wine bottle stoppers


University of Florida Gaters logo
Gar Brandt in FL did these stoppers with the
University of Florida's "Gators" logo .


stainless steel bottle stopper with wood turned top
Patrick Cruz in FL turned these bottle stoppers
and did a great job on the shapes..


stainless steel bottle stopper
Sean Murphy in PA turned this
beautiful bottle stopper.


colorwood turned top for stainless wine stopper
Sean Murphy, PA,  shows how
beautiful a piece of colorwood can be.


woodturned tops on stainless steel bottle stoppers
Chad Hartley in IN, created these great
wine stoppers using laminated wood.


array of bottle stoppers
John Brinkerhoff uses various objects to add
interesting accents to his bottle stoppers


stainless steel whiskey bottle stopper
James Brunk in TX turned this stopper
for a bottle of Buffalo Trace..


100 bottle stoppers
Gary Heinzig was commissioned to make these
100 bottle stoppers.


stainless steel bottle stopper with mahogany top and stone
Mitch Myers inset a turquoise stone in
a turned Mahogany stopper top.


stainless stoppers with turned colorwood toppers
Jim Collingwood in Sioux Falls, SD turned these
unique wine bottle stoppers.


stainless wine bottle stoppers
Kim Dailey professional wood turner does
beautiful work.  Check his Website


woodturned top on stainless wine bottle stopper
Peter Pihos in MD created this beautiful and
hand friendly wine bottle stopper.


stainless stoppers
Tom Fronapfel in NV created great stoppers
using pine cones in resin.


stainless stoppers burl top with opal inlay
Tracey Quieser in PA turned these
awesome stoppers. Beautiful!


Olive wood bottle stoppers stainless steel Niles
Mike Williams in Israel using Olive wood on a few
of his bottle stoppers and bottle openers.


Wine Gifts stainless stoppers brass stoppers
Mike Williams in Israel turned these beautiful
stainless wine bottle stoppers and bottle openers.


stainless stopper with holder for wine
Bob Seigel, NM makes great display
stands for stainless stopper designs


Stainless opener bottle stoppers Niles
Bob Seigel, NM, turns interesting and unique
shapes: can tab pull, stainless and brass stoppers.


bar accessories stainless stopper beer bottle opener
Ray Villares, CO black walnut opener
and stopper. More on his website

Steve Bennett

stainless Niles bottle stoppers
Two great designs by Steve Bennett in MA.  Check
out more on Steve's page: Bennett Woodcraft


Brass Niles bottle stoppers whiskey
Mark Blok in TX turned this top
for a brass whiskey stopper.


Wine stainless steel stopper
Lou Dornbach makes the greatest
wine bottle stoppers: visit Lou's website


Blue Line Proud wine stainless stopper
Mike Konnick in DE created these Proud
thin red line and thin blue line stoppers.


Niles stainless stoppers for wine
Justin Baker in MO, poured his own wood and
resin blanks that made these beautiful stoppers.


top hat bottle stopper
Doug Lowery, VA.  Great Top Hat and
the stripes compliment brass stopper.


hot air balloon bottle stopper
John Broach, SC.  Glued pieces
of colorwood for balloon stopper


real flowers in resin on stainless stopper real flower in resin
Steve of Bennett Woodcrafts.  Real flower
in resin on stainless whiskey stopper.


beer bottle opener turned wood
Steve Wohlgemuth, made this awesome
beer bottle opener!  Check his website


wood turning on stainless stoppers
Luisa Arevalo, PA.  Great turnings, great shapes!


challenge coin bottle stopper
Paul Salverda, CA.  Challenge coin from
USS Whidbey Island: sea and land!


bottle stopper from whiskey barrel staves
Justin Walker, MS, made this stopper
from a whiskey barrel staves.

Matt Walker

stainless wine stoppers
Matt Walker, FL, turned these unique
stainless wine bottle stoppers.


segmented bottle stoppers
Matt Walker, FL, turned these beautiful
segmented stainless wine stoppers.


Challenge coins Navy and Marines
Dave Hunter, PA, stoppers have Challenge coins
Navy and Marines.  Also made the stands. Great!


Halloween bottle stoppers
Eldon Ballenger in Iowa created these awesome
bottle stoppers. Perfectly adorable.


Poker Run 2020 auction
Patrick Cruz, FL, to be auctioned for "19th
Annual Breast Cancer Poker Run 2020"


football cap stainless stopper
Eldon Ballenger, IA, made this really cute
Georgia Bulldogs cap bottle stopper.

Dan Breeding

stainless wine stopper
Dan Breeding, WA, turned this
awesome bottle stopper.


Niles stainless stopper with resin on top
Bennett Woodcraft, MA.
Great shape, turned resin.


Niles stainless stoppers Koa turnings
Ryan Hatch, WA. Turned these beautiful
whiskey bottle stoppers from Koa wood.


Niles whiskey bottle stopper
Bennett Woodcraft, MA.  Great
top for Whiskey bottle stopper.


Niles stainless stoppers
Westen Patton, VA, turned 3 unique stoppers


Vessel series stainless stoppers
Scott Johnston, Vessel Series
stainless stoppers.  Beautiful!


pewter accent on stainless stopper
Super!  Pewter finial, Vessel
Series by Scott Johnston.


gift for wine lovers
Perfect gift for wine lovers!  This
is by Scott Johnston: website


fine woodworking stainless stopper
Fine woodworking stainless
stopper by Scott Johnston.


stainless stopper with turned wood top
Scott Johnston turned this to match
a large turning he did (website)


whiskey bottle stopper
Justin Walker created these stainless steel
and brass whiskey bottle stopper.


stainless wine bottle stopper
Scott Johnston created this
awesome design (website)


stainless steel stoppers
Galen Tuma, NE turned these beautiful stoppers.
He also made the perfect display stand.


Whiskey and Wine bottle stoppeers
Doug Lowery in VA turned this great array of
whiskey and wine bottle stoppers.


whiskey decanter
Philip Paul Reynolds, GA
turned a whiskey decanter top.


stainless whiskey stopper
Jason Dodge, WI. Great
stainless whiskey stopper!