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All orders are shipped USPS Priority and are shipped within 24 hrs.  First Class is [...]

Will the stoppers fit all bottles?

It is impossible to have one stopper that will fit 100% of bottles. With the [...]

Can I lay the bottle on its side with these stoppers?

If the fit is tight, test it before leaving the bottle on its side over [...]

How should the stoppers be cleaned?

Wipe them off with a soapy dish cloth or just a wet paper towel. If [...]

Which Stopper or Opener for trophies, cabinet knobs, faucet handles, gear shifts, etc.?

If you are not sure of the screw size on your item, take it to [...]

Which stopper style works best for golf or pool balls?

There are 4 or 5 styles that work, the stoppers with the 3/8″ studs and [...]

What is the best size for a stopper blank?

The most common size for a stopper wood blank is 2″ square by 2 1/2″ [...]

Should I glue the stopper into the wood and which glue is best?

This is a personal preference. If the stopper threads into the wood real tight, there [...]

I have trouble with the wood loosening on the mandrel while turning

First remember which woods got loose and use the smaller drill bit when using that [...]