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Gallery: Best Of


bottle stoppers
Tara LaCroix, MI  Great design variations.

Gregg Miller

stainless steel tab lifters
Gregg Miller, NY  Awesome can tab lifters.


gnome wine bottle stoppers
Travis Owenby, GA.  Too cute bottle stoppers.


blown glass fish wine bottle stoppers
Toni Menk, KY.  Such creativity!  So cute.


segmented bottle stoppers
Jimmy Murray, NC, great segmented stoppers


segmented bottle stoppers
Jimmy Murray, NC, creates amazing stoppers


laser engraved wine stopper
Wine stoppers turned by Jay St Michel in MD.
Brett Winston, VisionCraft laser engraving.


Santa carved in golf ball
Amazing carving in a golf ball by Joan Lech.
facebook page for more carving creations.


Unique bottle opener
David Steele, NC.  Very cute "men"
bottle cap openers.


wine bottle stoppers
Two beauties turned by Darla Baker in KY.
Love the colors.


Dag Aasdam, France.  Crystal glass
stopper looks terrific in decanter.


stainless steel coffee tamper
Diana Henderson, RI.  Beautiful
espresso coffee tamper.


blown glass on stainless stoppers
VETRO Glassblowing in Grapevine, TX
Beautiful creations, amazing website.

Dave Richards

Dave Richards, GA.
Meat tenderizer detail

Robert Martin

woodturned bottle stoppers
Robert Martin, BC Canada, turned these
unique bottle stoppers. Robert's Etsy page.


stainless can tab lifter, stainless bottle cap opener
Dan Messerla.  Bottle opener and tab lifter.


Designed by David Sisk, TX.


stainless stopper and stainless opener
Alan of MikeAlanDesigns.  Pours and sells
resin blanks for openers and stoppers.


woodturning on bottle stopper
Classy Snowman turned by
Mike Niles, FL


lego man in resin on bottle opener
Steve Wohlgemuth, VA  Lego man in resin
on a bottle cap opener.



wood carving on brass whiskey stopper
Cool carving on brass
whiskey stopper


stainless bottle toppers with resin shapes
Nathan Sherby, NH.  Great shapes turned
from poured resin.


stainless stoppers with turned resin tops
Nathan Sherby, NH, turns unique shapes
from poured resin.  Beautiful!



stainless meat tenderizer
John Dreese, NC.  Beautiful, unique
handle on meat tenderizer.  See more:Etsy


stainless bottle cap opener
Dan Messerla.  Love the red accent.


bottle stoppers, bottle opener, meat tenderizer
Larry Briski, CO.  Beautiful samples of stoppers
and the meat tenderizer and bottle cap opener.


stainless bottle opener and stopper with purple resin tops
Bruce Van Der Kamp, CO.  Vibrant colors!


Bottle Opener display
Frank Kobilsek, OH  Great promo picture.
Frank has made and sold over 600 openers!


stainless bottle opener and stopper with turned colored pencil tops
Bruce Hoium, MN.  Colored pencils!


stainless bottle opener and stopper, turned wood tops
Brad Adams, CA.  Exquisite set!


Robin Holt, Moondog Mosaics & Artglass.  Love
Robin's unique bead creations!

Scott Hayes

stainless stoppers with woodturning tops
Scott Hayes, NY  Love the goblet shape and
the wood!


stainless stopper with poured resin turned top
Tim Boddy, poured
resin. Beautiful work.


pocket watch on brass bottle stopper
Peter Baum, OH, uses antique
pocket watches.  Unique!


turned apples on stainless stoppers
Paul Salverda, CA, turns great apples and
engraves on the backs.


turned apple on stainless stoppers
The back of Paul Salverda's
apple stoppers.


engraved owl on stainless stopper
Robert Markison.  Fine
engraving on Goose egg.



stainless stopper with fireman emblem
David Sisk, TX.  Love that the emblem
is on the side.  Perfect orientation.


stainless stopper woodturned hat
Bill McCormick, TX  Great "hat" design!

stainless stopper with pink acrylic
Ed Thompson, SC
Turned acrylic


stainless stoppers, bottle openers and coffee tamper
Bruce Hoium; wedding gift set for his niece.

Ken Foltz

stainless stoppers in custom display stand
Ken Foltz, PA  Beautiful display.

Harvey Bower

Harvey Bower, OR  Beautiful creation.

Niles Corian Jerusalem

Corian pendant with Jerusalem stone
Off-set Jerusalem stone inset on
Corian pendant.  Beads at Michael's


turned resin bottle stoppers
Al Iacullo, NJ.  Love the black and White!

box with Jerusalem stone inset

Bob Roehrig, FL  Very unique box lid.


off-set goblet

Arnold Ward; awesome work

Patrick O’Brien

off-set cuts painted black on white
Patrick O'Brien, VA  Holly with black paint.


Off center candle holders  
Mike Kuterbach, PA  Great Off-Set work.


Off-set goblet stem
Arnold Ward creation


Koala in resin stainless bottle opener
Steve Wohlgemuth; resin on bottle opener

Rebecca DeGroot

skateboard wood bottle stopper
Rebecca DeGroot cuts up old skateboards,
glues them in patterns and turns them.

Kyle Walworth

Petoskey stone stainless wine stopper

Kyle Walworth.  Petroskey stone stoppers.

Steve Hoffmann

stainless bottle opener
Steve Hoffmann, IL   Bottle cap opener and
stainless wine stopper

Toby Bouder

spalted dyed woodturning stainless steel

Toby Bouder, PA  Wonderful

Bundic Red

stainless wine bottle stoppers

Tom Bundic, BC  Fantastic segmented work.

Bill Bender blue

resin burl stainless wine bottle stopper

Bill Bender, WA.  Awesome!

Robert Markison

Carved copper on stainless wine stopper cutting and painting cooper
Dr. Robert Markison,  Hand Surgeon and noted
artist carved and painted on copper.

Hudak Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup stainless bottle stoppers

Kevin Hudak. NJ.  Stanley Cup stoppers.

Joan Busby

poured resin bottle stoppers stainless steel
Joan Busby, LA did these great stoppers.  She
embedded the cancer pin in resin.