Bottle Stoppers

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Bottle stoppers make perfect gifts.
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Gallery: Bottle Stoppers

John Carroll

bottle opener, can tab lifter John Carroll, VA.  Combined bottle cap opener and can tab lifter for one utensil.

John Arkoosh

stainless bottle opener and stopper John Arkoosh, CA.

Grant Brickham

resin and wood bottle cap opener Grant Brickham, beautiful color!

Gage Olson

stainless bottle cap opener Gage Olson, UT Beautiful color

Frank Wilda 2

stainless bottle openers Wildaness Woods, Frank Wilda turned beer bottles and beer cans for the openers!

Frank Wilda

stainless bottle opener Frank Wilda. Great design Wildaness Woods

Dwight English

Dwight English in Alaska

Doug Johnson

Doug Johnson, FL.  Great display for beer bottle openers.

David Thompson

beer bottle opener stainless David Thompson, MD Nice shape.

Rick O’Ryan 3

antique fire sprinklers Rick O'Ryan also uses antique fire sprinklers. Love the business card holder!

Rick O’Ryan 2

Rick O'Ryan, NM, has a really unique way of displaying the bottle openers!

Michael Savchak

Michael Savchak, NY

Tom Bundic set

stainless bottle opener and stainless bottle stopper Tom Bundic, BC, does awesome segmented work.

Paul Rea

stainless can tab lifter Paul Rea in Maine made the Niles Tab lifter into a keychain.  Great idea!

Charlie Brown

Whiskey stoppers beer opener Charlie Brown, LA.  Whiskey stoppers and bottle opener.

Frank Ardita

stainless meat tenderizers Frank Ardita, MA. Stunning meat and chicken tenderizer set.

Peter Baum tamps

stainless steel espresso tampers Peter Baum, OH, made Espresso tampers for local coffee shop.

Mark Abner

stainless steel meat tenderizer Mark Abner, KY.  Made the board and meat tenderizer.  Great work!

Steve Hoffman

stainless tenderizer and chicken press Steve Hoffman made a meat (l) and chicken (r) tenderizer/press set.

Henry tenderizer

stainless steel meat tenderizer Henry Doolittle created this meat tenderizer for his wife.  Sweet

Camille Sugrue dk

Stainless Steel Espresso Coffee Tamper Camille Sugrue; nice display stand

Don Wolfe

stainless wine stopper Don Wolfe, CA

Frank Krammeres

stainless wine stoppers Frank Krammeres, FL

Dave Cunningham

Hawaiian wood bottle stoppers Dave Cunningham, HI.  Simply elegant.

Allen Kelm

wood and resin turned top on stainless steel bottle stopper Allen Kelm, MN Love the wood ring on top.

Brian Fitzsimmons

stainless wine bottle stopper Brian Fitzsimmons, UK

Rob Martin

stainless wine bottle stoppers stainless wine stopper Rob Martin, BC, great job turning and painting!

Donald Earls

honey comb bottle stopper Don Earls, perfect honey comb resin-poured top.

Dave Hotchkiss

bottle stopper with a bottle opener David Hotchkiss bottle opener and stopper set.

Al Lacullo

segmented stopper stainless steel Al Lacullo, NJ, segmented work.

Scott Barnett

poured resin stainless bottle stopper Scott Barnett, LA.  Blank on lathe to finished bottle stopper.

Chris Bull

woodturned stainless steel bottle stoppers Chris Bull, WA.  Great enhancements.

Adam Alloway

stainless bottle opener and can tab lifter Adam Alloway created a dual-duty bottle cap opener/can tab lifter.

Camille Sugrue

Espresso coffee tamper Camille Sugrue, WA, sells her coffee tampers with stands.

David Olney

stainless steel bottle cap opener David Olney, CA Bottle Cap Opener

Dave Kartzman

stainless steel meat tenderizer Dave Kartzman, VA Meat Tenderizer

Carol McFee Tab

Soda can tab puller Carol McFee, LA Can Tab Popper

John DePasquale

deer antler bottle stopper John DePasquale, NY Deer Antler

Joe Gresback

Texas hat bottle stopper
Joe Gresback

Brian Reeves

Brian Reeves, GA

Allan Schwindt

Allan Schwindt, WA Segmented Work

MikeAlan Designs

MikeAlan Designs, LA Poured resin

Robin Watson

wine glass bottle stopper Robin Watson, WA  Stopper inside so wood wine glass goes over the neck of the bottle.

Jack McCaleb

Bottle opener, stopper combination Jack McCaleb, OR Nice Combo!

Dave Stubbles

three turned bottle stoppers with resin Dave Stubbles, OH.  Burl with resin.

Kim Dailey

stainless bottle stopper with burl and green resin Kim Dailey, ME, resin and burl. Website (great pepper mills!)

Jamie Straw

pizza cutter with bottle opener Jamie Straw made this set from Pacific Yew.

Dick Woodhouse

colored wood bottle stoppers Dick Woodhouse makes a stand to go with each stopper.

Darla Baker

Darla Baker puts flowers in resin then turns the shape.  Visit her Etsy page.

Ben Copeland, VA

Ben Copeland, VA. Whiskey Stopper

Alex Pettigrew

Blue Ribbon, Wine Stopper, Stainless Steel Alex Pettigrew turned 2 Winners!

Carol McFee

wine stoppers, spalted wood, stainless steel Carol McFee, AL  Brass Stoppers

Charlie Drake

basket weave illusion wine bottle stoppers Charlie Drake, OK.  Awesome work!

Mark Mayo

wine stopper, stainless steel with glass top Mark Mayo, CA.  Beautiful array.

Jerry Haynes

enhanced woodturned bottle stopper, stainless steel Jerry Haynes, TX.  Nicely enhanced.

Allen Kelm.a

Allen Kelm of MN, makes resin with gear cogs stopper tops.

Mark Wilding, St. Louis, MO

Mark Wilding, St. Louis, MO

Alex Balmeseda, NY

4 wood bottle stoppers turned as bottles and wine goblets
Alex Balmaseda, NY
Fantastic turned bottle stoppers.

Mark Wilding, St. Louis, MO

Mark Wilding, St. Louis, MO
Eccentric turning. More at etsy

Michael Lawson, WA

Michael Lawson, WA.
He etches the design in copper.