Bottle Stoppers

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Bottle stoppers make perfect gifts.
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Gallery: Bottle Stoppers


stainless wine bottle stopper
Scott Barnett, LA

Scott Hayes

stainless stoppers with woodturning tops
Scott Hayes, NY  Love the goblet shape and
the wood!


stainless stopper with poured resin turned top
Tim Boddy, poured
resin. Beautiful work.


pocket watch on brass bottle stopper
Peter Baum, OH, uses antique
pocket watches.  Unique!


turned apples on stainless stoppers
Paul Salverda, CA, turns great apples and
engraves on the backs.


turned apple on stainless stoppers
The back of Paul Salverda's
apple stoppers.


stainless stoppers with colorwood tops
Paul Rea in Maine.  Love Mr. Peanut on left.

Mark Connors

stainless bottle opener
Mark Connors, CT, designed my stainless
bottle openers.  Dual duty opener/stopper!


stainless wine bottle stoppers
Larry Lunsford, VA.  Interesting designs.

Laird Thomas

stainless whiskey and wine bottle stoppers
Laird Thomas, PA  Great detail and design.


stainless wine stoppers
Mark Mayo, CA.   Very colorful.


stainless steel bottle opener
Jim Nicholls, OR.  Great set and nice trim.


John Payton, VA  Three beauties.


John Payton, VA.  Contrasting colors look great.


brass stopper with beautiful wood top
Jim Whattam, DE
Simple and elegant.


cabinet knob on stainless stopper
Herb Billings, TX.  A vintage
cabinet knob: very classy


engraved owl on stainless stopper
Robert Markison.  Fine
engraving on Goose egg.



handmade wine bottle stopper
Dave Condon in Ireland turned
this terrific stopper.

Dale Wilson

stainless stopper, walnut tree topper
Dale WIlson, TN
Walnut tree, perfect!


stainless wine stopper with turned top
David Hotchkiss, MI
Colored pencils in resin.


stainless stoppers with striped wood tops
Gary Tucker, OK.  Jazzy colors.


stainless bottle cap openers
Starke Smith, VA.  Ready for beer bottles.


stainless stoppers with poured resin tops

Stephen Berryman, TX  Great colors.

Bruce Harris

stainless stopper with antique button
Bruce Harris, TX, uses antique
buttons on the tops of stoppers.

stainless opener with beer bottle in resin
Steve Wohlgemuth
Beer bottle in resin.


stainless stopper with fireman emblem
David Sisk, TX.  Love that the emblem
is on the side.  Perfect orientation.


stainless stopper woodturned hat
Bill McCormick, TX  Great "hat" design!

stainless stopper with pink acrylic
Ed Thompson, SC
Turned acrylic


stainless stoppers, bottle openers and coffee tamper
Bruce Hoium; wedding gift set for his niece.

Yetis Damascus Knife

Yetis Damascus Knife.  Great set!

Ken Foltz

stainless stoppers in custom display stand
Ken Foltz, PA  Beautiful display.

Karen Sheldon

stainless stoppers with turned wood tops
Karen Sheldon, SC.  The three at the
top are turned shot glasses.

Adam Layman

Adam Layman, VA

Tim Boddy

Tim Boddy, IL   Poured resin.


Al Iacullo.  I will post quite a few to
show various shapes for poured blanks..


Al Iacullo.  The colors get accent in new
forms when you add beaded details.


Al Iucullo shows unique shapes for resin.


turned resin bottle stoppers
Al Iacullo, NJ.  Love the black and White!

Ed Thompson.7

 stainless bottle toppers
Ed Thompson, SC

Gary Meier

mushroom bottle stopper tops
Gary Meier, OR.  Tops waiting for stoppers.

Dale Guilford

wine bottle stoppers
Dale Guilford, AZ

Sugrue.3 piece

bottle opener, bottle stopper, can tab lifter
Camille Sugrue, WA.  Bottle cap opener, can
tab lifter and wine bottle stopper.

Don Earls

Don Earls


carved wine stopper
Don Bertschman, PA.  Done with knives.


stainless wine stoppers with wood top
Dan Richeson, CO


Resin, wood, stainless bottle toppers
Donald Markham.  Resin bottle stoppers.


stainless wine bottle stoppers
Bush Locknane, FL

DeWayne Huffman

Wounded Warriors opener
DeWayne Huffman, bottle opener
with Wounded Warriors button.

Will Rogers

stainless wine stoppers
Will Rogers, IN

Rebecca DeGroot

skateboard wood bottle stopper
Rebecca DeGroot cuts up old skateboards,
glues them in patterns and turns them.

Kyle Walworth

Petoskey stone stainless wine stopper

Kyle Walworth.  Petroskey stone stoppers.

Steve Hoffmann

stainless bottle opener
Steve Hoffmann, IL   Bottle cap opener and
stainless wine stopper

Tim Tibbetts

rose engine turned stainless wine stopper
Tim Tibbetts, WA
Done on a Rose Engine

Bouder 11

stainless wine bottle stoppers

Toby Bouder, PA

Bouder two

spalted mushroom bottle stopper
Tony Bouder, PA

Toby Bouder

spalted dyed woodturning stainless steel

Toby Bouder, PA  Wonderful

Bundic Red

stainless wine bottle stoppers

Tom Bundic, BC  Fantastic segmented work.

Tony Edwards

stainless wine bottle stopper
Tony Edwards, TN. Wine stopper.

Bill Bender blue

resin burl stainless wine bottle stopper

Bill Bender, WA.  Awesome!

William Bender

acrylic stoppers brass and stainless steel
Bill Bender, WA.  Wine Stainless and Brass