Artists' Bottle Stoppers Gallery

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Bottle stoppers make perfect gifts.
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Gallery: Miscellaneous

Yetis Damascus Knife

Yetis Damascus Knife.  Great set!

Tim Boddy

Tim Boddy, IL   Poured resin.


Al Lacullo.  The beading brings out the
colors (R) so much better than rounded.


Al Lacullo.  The colors get accent in new
forms when you add beaded details.


Al Lucullo shows unique shapes for resin.


turned resin bottle stoppers
Al Lacullo, NJ.  I will post quite a few to
show various shapes for poured blanks.

Sugrue.3 piece

bottle opener, bottle stopper, can tab lifter
Camille Sugrue, WA.  Bottle cap opener, can
tab lifter and wine bottle stopper.

Don Earls

Don Earls


Koala in resin stainless bottle opener
Steve Wohlgemuth; resin on bottle opener


Resin, wood, stainless bottle toppers
Donald Markham.  Resin bottle stoppers.

Kyle Walworth

Petoskey stone stainless wine stopper

Kyle Walworth.  Petroskey stone stoppers.

Steve Hoffmann

stainless bottle opener
Steve Hoffmann, IL   Bottle cap opener and
stainless wine stopper

Bill Bender blue

resin burl stainless wine bottle stopper

Bill Bender, WA.  Awesome!

William Bender

acrylic stoppers brass and stainless steel
Bill Bender, WA.  Wine Stainless and Brass

Cary Smith

woodturned stoppers stainless steel
Cary Smith, TN; bottle openers and whiskey

Robert Markison

Carved copper on stainless wine stopper cutting and painting cooper
Dr. Robert Markison,  Hand Surgeon and noted
artist carved and painted on copper.

Josh Branson

Jack Daniels bottle stoppers
Josh Branson, KY

Joan Busby

poured resin bottle stoppers stainless steel
Joan Busby, LA did these great stoppers.  She
embedded the cancer pin in resin.

Jethro Walrustity

Jethro Walrustity poured these stopper
blanks with skeleton features.

John Dreese

Stones on stainless stoppers
John Dreese collects stones as he travels.

Wesla Weller guitars

brass stoppers with wood tops
Wesla Weller used an old guitar and the symbols
are cut from cymbals.. 

Wesla Weller

stainless stoppers with music sheets in resin
Wesla Weller uses old instruments for
her artwork.  Check her  Website


stainless stopper with blown glass top
Roman Steichen

Nick Vincent star

star fish bottle stoppers
Nick Vincent, FL  Metal artist

Nick Vincent mermaid

mermaid bottle stopper

Nick Vincent metal artist

Brian Fitzsimmons

stainless wine bottle stopper
Brian Fitzsimmons, UK

Donald Earls

honey comb bottle stopper
Don Earls, perfect honey comb
resin-poured top.

Bob Markison

etched copper bottle stopper
Bob Markison does fine
art etching stopper tops.

Scott Barnett

poured resin stainless bottle stopper
Scott Barnett, LA.  Blank on lathe to finished
bottle stopper.

Nathan Aderman


frog bottle stoppers
Nathan Aderman, PA
Fantastic metal work!

John DePasquale

deer antler bottle stopper
John DePasquale, NY
Deer Antler

Larry Briski

Brass bottle stopper with honeycomb
Larry Briski, CO.

Darla Baker

Darla Baker puts flowers in resin then turns the
shape.  Visit her Etsy page.

Allen Kelm.a

Allen Kelm of MN, makes resin with
gear cogs stopper tops.

Neil Eyre

cold cast aluminum, halloween goolies Neil.Eyrexx
Eyre Designs  by Neil Eyre.  Cold cast aluminum.

Joshua Steinke

stainless bottle stoppers with resin shapes on top
Joshua Steinke, NC.  Awesome work.

Sarah Brunski

Standing Stone Vineyards, PAPolymer clay, stone work etched into it on a stainless bottle stopper.
Sarah Brunski, PA.   Polymer clay
front and back view.

Matt Kleitck

Petoskey stones on stainless bottle stopper
Matt Kleitck, MI.  Petoskey stones.

Dave Hotchkiss

resin with leggo inside
Dave Hotchkiss, MI   Cute!

Andy McCrory

s AndyMcCrory1
Andy McCrory

Tim Curtin, VT

stainless bottle stoppeer
Tim Curtin, VT

Lee Wilson, NM

Lee Wilson, NM
Custom made for La Fonda hotels.

Hestia Creations, MA

Hestia Creations, MA
Great art in clay

Chris Stehle, CA

Chris Stehle, CA
Wood with Surf Resin

Paul Feller, IA

Paul Feller, IA
Knobs from Hobby Lobby!

Joshua Steinke, NC

Joshua Steinke, NC

David McKinney, WA

David McKinney, WA
Beautiful metal artwork.

Evan Hipp, WI

Evan Hipp, WI
Unique design. "I Love You"

John Luttmann, PA

John Luttmann, PA
His beautiful serving trays and stoppers
are sold at Disney World.

Nadia Cailou, AZ

Nadia Cailou, AZ

Christine Markferding

Christine Markferding

Katie Wolfe, Olathe, KS

Katie Wolfe, KS
Knobs from Hobby Lobby

Al Yanity, AZ

rock collection made into bottle stoppers

Al Yanity, AZ
Beautiful rock stoppers!

Darren Foster, IL

Darren Foster, IL website
Amazing gear shift gifts

Dave Bell, Ontario

Nemo in resin with wood on a stainless steel bottle stopper

Dave Bell, Ontario
"Nemo" just too cute!

Jenni Brant, IA

old-fashioned ceramic cat bottle stoppers

Jenni Brant, IA
Old-Fashioned Ceramics!

Mark Hoffman, PA

carved deer antler trees on stainless steel bottle stopers

Mark Hoffman, PA
Deer Antler

Jim Bailey, NM

Chain maille artwork on the top of a stainless steel wine bottle stopper by metal artist, 100% made in America  

Jim Bailey, NM
Beautiful chain maille.

John Allwine, MT

stainless steel bottle stopper, top nylon plastic interwoven design done on a 3D  printer. Unique gift for wine lovers.

John Allwine, MT
Nylon plastic on a 3D printer

Brian Comiso, OR

Brian Comiso, OR
Unique metal work.