Off-Set Turning

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Bottle stoppers make perfect gifts.
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Gallery: Off-Set Turning

Harvey Bower

Harvey Bower, OR  Beautiful creation.

Niles colorwood

spectraply pendant
Create unique designs using spectraply.
Best supplier: Buffalo Joe

Werner Witek

Werner Witek, added a
touch of turquoise.

Niles world green old

A few cuts, green metalic paint,
black accent paint and classy beads.

Steve Massman

Steve Massman; unique design

Ron Verbeek

off-set turning
Ron Verbeek in The Netherlands.  His first
attempt at two-sided off-set pendant.

William Stanton

Off-set wine goblet
Bill Stanton, NY

Niles Pendant Earring

Padauk pendant and earring

Pendant and earring, easy duplicate of design
using new Buttons with Off-Set Jig

Niles Corian Jerusalem

Corian pendant with Jerusalem stone
Off-set Jerusalem stone inset on
Corian pendant.  Beads at Michael's


wood pendants
George Daughtry, GA   Interesting off-set designs.

box with Jerusalem stone inset

Bob Roehrig, FL  Very unique box lid.


off-set goblet

Arnold Ward; awesome work

Patrick O’Brien

off-set cuts painted black on white
Patrick O'Brien, VA  Holly with black paint.


Off center candle holders  
Mike Kuterbach, PA  Great Off-Set work.


Harvey Bower, OR  Box lid


pendant with off-set cuts and branding
Two cuts, painted and branding.


Off-set goblet stem
Arnold Ward creation


off-set turning jig pendant
Bernd Herling, Germany.  Great work.

Niles Off-Set Stopper

Off-Set brass bottle stopper
Easy off-set top and
Brass bottle stopper

Jim Randall2

mason jar lid wood mason jar lid
Jim Randall makes jar lids on the Off-Set Jig

Rich Egan (FL)

Off-Set bottle opener

Rich Egan used the
Off-Set Jig for this.

Mark Wilding, St. Louis, MO

Mark Wilding, St. Louis, MO
Eccentric turning. More at etsy

Niles 2 off-set

Bottle stopper tops made on  Off-Center Jig.
Stopper on right has bb's glued into cuts.

John Solberg, TX

Off-center wood turning, duck stopper

John Solberg, Denton, TX
Off-center turning.