Artists' Bottle Stoppers Gallery

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Bottle stoppers make perfect gifts.
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Gallery: Wood


Gifts for Wine Lovers
Stacey Carlton in TX.  Great stoppers!

Henry Pascal 4 openers

bottle cap openers made in France
Henry Pascal, France.  Nicely shaped bottle
cap openers.

Pascal 5 openers

bottle cap openers
Henry Pascal, France.  Turned these great
bottle cap openers.

Kurt Rogers tab

can tab lifter stainless steel
Kurt Rogers, OH.
Pretty can tab lifter


Stainless Whiskey Bottle stopper
Paul Grover, SC, on the L is a whiskey
stopper, purple is a wine stopper.


stainless bottle opener and stopper
M.A. Croson, VA  Purple Heart stopper.

Watson off set

wine glass, wine stopper all in one
Robin Watson, VA.  Bottle
stopper in off-set goblet!

Cook 2 ducks

Quilting thread bottle stoppers
Jim Cook in MA, made these for his wife's
sewing club.  So imaginative!


Cosmopolitan Wine Stopper
Jeff LeMay in ME, turned this great wine stopper


stainless steel bottle stoppers
Aleksander Mazur, Poland.  Colorful designs!


Black and White Ebony with brass bottle stoppers
Black and White Ebony turned wine stoppers
by Ian Whittaker, Alberta, Canada.

Eric Robert

maple bottle opener
Eric Robert: same bottle
opener, two views.


stainless steel bottle stopper
Shari Boisclair, VA.  Colorwood cut then
re-glued to create unique design.

Stan Smith

Stan Smith, CA. Hard to see inlay in top of
bottle opener.  Nice set

Boddy marble

Birdseye Maple bottle stopper
Tim Boddy, marble on
Birdseye Maple

Katz circle

woodturning wine bottle stoppers
Larry Katz, Ontario, Canada.  Nice array of
wood and shapes.


dancing wood wine bottle stopper
Stacey Carlton, TX  Amazing design!
Great woodturning.


segmented wine bottle stopper
Mark Mayo, CA.  Nice
segmented work.

Cook 1 duck

Cutest duck bottle stopper
This is the cutest duck
stopper by Jim Cook, MA


wine bottle stoppers handmade
Dan Sennewald, MD.  Nice array of stoppers
and bottle cap opener.

Messerla display

beer bottle opener display
Dan Messerla, MO.  Great show display of
bottle cap openers and can tab lifters.

Pat Morris

ski cap bottle stoppers
Pat Morris, AR.  Bottle stoppers hidden inside
ski cap style tops to fit over bottle neck.


holiday bottle stoppers
John Brinkerhoff, FL  Festive stoppers and
bottle cap opener.


Australia bottle opener
Rich Pike, Australia.  Great insets on stopper


Custom logo on bottle stopper
Tim Kelley, MI does custom
logo engraved stoppers.


Beer bottle openers
Vinnie Mondello, PA.  Bottle cap
openers; great shapes.


cedar tree bottle stoppers
Roy Jacobsen, ND  Perfect tree stoppers.

Larry Parker

baseball bat bottle opener
Larry Parker, VA
Bottle Cap Opener


Bourbon bottle stopper
Cabe Mottley, GA.
Cabe's 1st stopper.

Larry Rodrigues

    Hawaiian tab lifter
Larry Rodrigues, HI, can tab lifters.


stainless wine stopper
Jeff Cowan, MO. created this
Bourbon stopper.


bottle cap opener and tab lifter
John Behrend, MI Bottle openers and cute
can tab lifter

Boddy Yuengling

Yuengling bottle opener
Tim Boddy, IL, made a Yuengling bottle

Eric Robert

Red, White and Blue bottle stopper
Eric Robert turned this beauty.

Sakony leg

Lady leg bottle stopper
Blissed Out Design
Terrific stoppers.

Sakony Pitts

Pittsburgh bottle stopper
Mike Sakony, PA makes very unique stoppers.
Check out his website.


Gnome bottle stopper
Travis Owenby.


gnome wine bottle stoppers
Travis Owenby, GA.  Too cute bottle stoppers.


segmented bottle stoppers
Jimmy Murray, NC, great segmented stoppers


segmented bottle stoppers
Jimmy Murray, NC, creates amazing stoppers


laser engraved wine stopper
Wine stoppers turned by Jay St Michel in MD.
Brett Winston, VisionCraft laser engraving.

David Brown

Bourbon bottle stopper
David Brown, NC, made this
attractive Bourbon stopper.


wine bottle stoppers
Dan Noren, MN.  Simple yet efficient.


burl on stainless wine stopper
Clayton Cochran, TX  Great shape.


Diana Henderson, RI

Robert Martin

woodturned bottle stoppers
Robert Martin, BC Canada, turned these
unique bottle stoppers. Robert's Etsy page.


stainless wine stopper
April Baronas made this cutie.


Jim Whattam, DE.  Three nice shapes.


Kevin Hudak, NJ  Opener and stopper sets.


woodturning with stippled top
John K Jordan, TN.  Perfect decorated tops.


Bill Harring, SC.  Great array of bottle openers
and bottle stoppers.


bottle stopper drying display
Nick Tuzzolino, CA.  Stopper tops drying;
great way to do production turning.


woodturning on bottle stopper
Classy Snowman turned by
Mike Niles, FL


colorwood turnings on stainless stoppers
Great tree stoppers by Tom Fronapfel, NV


woodturned bottle stoppers
Victor Rikard, WA.  Great idea making tops
flat so stoppers don't lay on the table.


Mark Abner, KY


standing stainless stopper with woodturning
Josh Rubin, WA

Brickham Jethro

stainless stoppers with resin and wood turned tops

Jethro Walrustity, CA.  Nice selection


handcrafted bottle stopper
John Dreese, NC.  Unique!  See more: Etsy page.


bottle stopper display
Dave Bower, NH.  Great display