Artists' Bottle Stoppers Gallery

What is the best size or shape of a bottle stopper?
There is no "best" size or shape.
These bottles are all the same height and the various size stoppers all look great.
These are all wood but the size/shape array works well for glass, ceramics and metal.

Wine gifts, unique handcrafted bottle stoppers, stainless steel

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Bottle stoppers make perfect gifts.
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Gallery: Wood

Ben Copeland, VA

Whiskey stopper, Liquor bottle stopper, stainless steel bottle stopper Ben Copeland, VA.

Alex Pettigrew

Blue Ribbon, Wine Stopper, Stainless Steel Alex Pettigrew turned 2 Winners!

Carol McFee

wine stoppers, spalted wood, stainless steel Carol McFee, AL  Brass Stoppers

Charlie Drake

basket weave illusion wine bottle stoppers Charlie Drake, OK.  Awesome work!

Mark Mayo

wine stopper, stainless steel with glass top Mark Mayo, CA.  Beautiful array.

Jerry Haynes

enhanced woodturned bottle stopper, stainless steel Jerry Haynes, TX.  Nicely enhanced.

Allen Kelm.a

Allen Kelm of MN, makes resin with gear cogs stopper tops.

John Barlow, Lancashire, UK

John Barlow, Lancashire, UK

Alex Balmeseda, NY

4 wood bottle stoppers turned as bottles and wine goblets
Alex Balmaseda, NY
Fantastic turned bottle stoppers.

Mark Wilding, St. Louis, MO

Mark Wilding, St. Louis, MO

Joel Bond, Simpsonville, SC

Joel Bond, Simpsonville, SC

Mark Wilding, St. Louis, MO

Mark Wilding, St. Louis, MO
Eccentric turning. More at etsy

Gil Jones, GA

Gil Jones, GA

David Heitstuman, Spokane, WA

David Heitstuman, Spokane, WA
Unique shapes

Niels Madsen, Portland, OR

Niels Madsen, Portland, OR

Nathan Mueller, Queensland, Australia

Nathan Mueller, Queensland, Australia

Joe & Deb Gilman, VT

Joe & Deb Gilman, VT
Vermont Treebones

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC

Woodturners of Schenectady, NY

Woodturners of Schenectady, NY
Donated items to benefit woodworkers in wheelchairs.

Al Timms, British Columbia

Al Timms, British Columbia

Michael Lawson, WA

Michael Lawson, WA.
He etches the design in copper.

Mike Daddis, NY

Mike Daddis of NY
A nice display at a show

Paul Porter, Phoenix AZ

Paul Porter of Phoenix, AZ
has the brightest array of stoppers!

Pete Yavner

turned wood bottle stoppers with Texas coins on top
Pete Yavner, TX.  Texas coin insets.

Joshua Steinke

stainless bottle stoppers with resin shapes on top
Joshua Steinke, NC.  Awesome work.

Larry Lawhon

small pill box on wine bottle stoppers
Larry Lawhon, NC.  Pill box stoppers.

Frank Goldblatt

turned wood on stainless bottle stoppers pool balls on stainless steel bottle stoppers Frank Goldblatt, PA.  The grenade is interesting!

John Barlow

Red and black resin on stainless steel bottle stoppersstainless bottle stopper with black and red resin top John Barlow, Lancashire, UK

Royal Wood

Spectra ply turned tops on stainless steel bottle stoppers
Royal Wood, VA  (beautiful!)

Michael Sherman

array of wood designs on stainless steel bottle stoppers
Michael Sherman, CA

Hugh Santos

food grade stainless steel bottle stopper with woodturned tops
Hugh Santos, CA

Wade Harvey

hand carved character bottle stopperhand carved guy on stainless stopper base
Wade Harvey, VA  (excellent!)

Brian Schrader

variety of wood turned bottle stoppers
Brian Schrader, TX
East Texas Woodturners club

Wade Harvey

hand carved daisies on stainless bottle stopper
Wade Harvey, VA  

Don Johnson

Alabaster turned top of a stainless wine bottle stopper
Don Johnson, TX
Alabaster turning

Dave Cunningham

laminated wood design on stainless steel bottle stopper
Dave Cunningham, HI

Jim Neyman

woodturnings on brass bottle stoppers
Jim Neyman, PA  Solid brass stoppers

Thomas Toups

Texas Madrone woodturned stainless stopperBronze Texas seal inset in stainless wine stopper Thomas Toups, TX   Bronze Texas seal, Madrone wood.

Christopher Leo

wood turning wine bottle stoppers
Christopher Leo, MO
(his first attempt at stoppers)

Monty Fitztgerald

Antique pool ball and water faucet on stainless wine stoppers
Monty Fitztgerald, TX  
Love the antique faucet handle.

Steve Kingdon

turned grapevine in resin on a stainless steel bottle stopper
Steve Kingdon, MN
Grapevine in resin.

CJ Solberg

hand carved fisherman bottle stopper
CJ Solberg, TX.   Stopper top.

Gerald Scarlett

array of woodturned bottle stoppers with resin
Gerald Scarlett, NC  (L) pencil shavings 
in resin, (R) abandoned birds eggs in resin.

Glenn Fournier

Stainless steel bottle stopper with resin top ergonomic door knob shape bottle stopper Glenn Fournier, NH Ergonomic knob shape with  Jerusalem stone inset.

Joe Fleming

learn airbrushing on woodturnings
Joe Fleming, CA.   
All about airbrushing; Joe's Website

Harry LeBlanc

Harry LeBlanc, NC  

Rocky Phillips

Turquoise inlay in stainless bottle stopperRocky.Phillips1 Rocky Phillips, TX.   Beautiful.

Jeff Bennett

woodturning bottle stopper with detail lines
Jeff Bennett, TN  Nice enhancements.

Norm Hix

Norm Hix, WA

Adam Humburg

Adam Humburg, WI

John Amneus

John Amneus, CA

Bill Potts

Bill Potts, PA

Roger French

Roger French, OR

Dave Hotchkiss

Dave Hotchkiss, MI   Cute!

Dave Hotchkiss

Dave Hotchkiss, MI

Bill Hutson

Billy Ray Hutson, TX

Scott Turner

Scott B. Turner, TX

Dennis Pugh

Dennis Pugh, OH

Debra Bandstra

Debra Bandstra, CO

Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson, MD