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Established April 2005

 ● Made of FDA certified 18-8 grade stainless steel
● Machined to perfection in the USA
● Winery and FDA approved
● Lifetime guarantee on stoppers and o-rings
● Custom orders made for your special needs



Bottle Cap Opener!

 patent pending


  The SS-9000 = 2 o-rings seal inside neck.          The SS-6000 (and all tapered stoppers) only 1 o-ring seals inside the bottle.
The SS-9000 is the most efficient friction-fit stainless steel stopper on the market. Shaped like the corks used for thousands of years, it seals almost
every bottle. The o-rings are a denser durometer ( technically called squishier! ) which allows for a far superior seal in a larger variety of bottles.
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$7.45 each SS-9000
$7.45 each BR-9000
$5.90 per unit for buying at least 10 SS-8000
$5.90 per unit for buying at least 10 SS-6000
$6.75 each BR-9001
$6.75 each SS-9001
$7.50 each SS-9500
$5.75 each SS-8001
$6.00 each SS-6401
$5.85 each SS-6004
$12.35 each SS-9005
$7.90 each SS-6005-A
$7.90 each SS-6005-D
$7.90 each SS-8005-D
$8.15 each SS-8006
$7.65 each SS-9007
$6.65 each SS-8007
$6.80 each SS-9038
$6.55 each SS-6038
$6.55 each SS-8038
$6.75 each SS-9001B
$6.15 each SS-9004
$7.90 each SS-8005-R
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