#3 Original Stopper Kit

  • 10 stoppers: SS-6000 and SS-8000 or any combination of the two to equal 10 total.
  • Mandrel of your choice with nylon washer
  • 21/64" and 5/16" Stub drill bits
  • Draw bar choice 16" for full-size lath or 10" for mini lathe

Complete kit to get started turning bottle stoppers.  
10 stoppers, your choice of all one kind or mix and match any quantity to equal 10.
The stub bits help eliminates wander if it hits the wood grain.
For softer wood, use the 5/16" stub bit, for harder or denser wood, use the 21/64".  
The draw bar is 1/4"-20 and fits the Joyner Off-Set jig mandrel as well as the Beal Buffing System.   
16" for full-size lathes; 10" for mini lathes.  *If you do not need a draw bar, you can get an extra stopper.  Please put a note with your order.

 If you have any questions, please call or email before you order.
717-486-5232 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5 5 10 Product
$98.50$89.50 each
Draw Bar
Mandrel Style

List of the comments:
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I liked the kit. It had all the things you need to start turning bottle stoppers. The stoppers were very well made. The finish was good, and work well in most bottles. They are made in USA. I liked both style for a wood application, especially the SS-701. I have used other stoppers, but this one is the only one who sells the complete kit to get you started. This is a great kit enjoy.
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This complete bottle stopper kit is a great way to start turning bottle stoppers. Not only are the kits made in the USA, but Ruth is very personable and helpful! I've tried kits from others, but these are far superior! You will not be disappointed!
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Ruth's products are simply THE best. The materials, design and finish are unparalleled! I've ordered many times from SS Niles, and rare is it that Ruth doesn't put in a personal note. She's what American manufacturing is all about, IMHO...
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This isn't my first time ordering products from Ruth Niles. The quality of her products and attention to detail are excellent. In addition, the personalized service I have received is second to none.
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I have been turning for 1 and a half years, and have seen bottle stoppers by club members. I decided to try and all the members said to get your system. I am glad I did. I don't see any way to go wrong. My wife loves the ones I have made, and that is all that counts
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This is the best system I ever used to turn bottle stoppers.
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I'm 15 years old and I thought this kit was a bit pricy for my budget, but it turned out it was way worth the money and Ruth was super nice and answered my questions super fast!
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I have tried other bottlestopper systems but this is my favorite one. Easy to use and the ss stoppers.are of the highest quality.
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After reading about your development of the stoppers I was excited to get the kit and make stoppers. They are so well designed and the quality outstanding. When I make gifts for people I want to use the best product I can find and these definitely at the top of my list! I won't be using any other stoppers!
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I just started making stoppers and I'm really satisfied with the quality of the Niles stoppers. We will be doing a lot more business.