Standing stopper for blown glass, stone, marble, etc.
Stopper top is 13/16" diameter and stopper is 1 1/2" tall.
Adhesives recommended by glass and stoneworkers:
 Hxtal is the very best, click here for info.
Loctite 349: optically clear, stong.  Hardware or Hobby shops.
Solid FDA food-grade stainless steel
FDA food grade nitrile O-rings, 3 sizes to fit more bottles
Lifetime Guarantee
Made and patented in the US


5 5 1 Product
$5.75 each
$5.25 per unit for buying at least 10
$4.90 per unit for buying at least 20
$4.35 per unit for buying at least 50
$3.95 per unit for buying at least 200

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I was very pleased with the bottle stoppers I received. Not only did my order ship fast, the quality of the items is excellent. They are very sturdy and heavy. I was worried that they might tip over, but the weight helps anchor them. Great product from a great company. I will definitely order again!