This stopper can be used for stone, granite, marble, golf balls.
It has an 8-32 (screw size) stud 3/8" high.  It is one piece, the stud is not removable.  This is
the size of all cabinet knobs so you can make a stopper to match you cabinets!

If you would like to mix and match any SS-6007 with the SS-8007 for quantity discounts,
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call: 717-486-5232

5 5 1 Product
$6.65 each
$6.35 per unit for buying at least 10
$6.05 per unit for buying at least 20
$5.45 per unit for buying at least 50
$4.95 per unit for buying at least 200

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I was very impressed with the quality of these stoppers. They are heavier than the cheap ones sold in many department stores, and are ideal for mounting art/craft creations. The weight helps them stand up and not topple over. The screw is firmly mounted and I am confident it will not dislodge. Highly recommend these products & will definitely order again.