This is the most efficient stopper on the market.  
Shaped like the corks used for thousands of years.  It fits almost every bottle and 2 o-rings make contact to form a tighter seal.  It has a nice friction fit.

It stands so you don't need to buy 2 styles.  Stand out from the other artists with something different!

The bottle stopper for woodworkers, pottery, polymer clay, ceramics, antique door knobs and golf balls. 
 3/8" x 16 tpi threaded stud 1/2" high, non-removable.  
 Top diameter of the stopper is 13/16" and is 1 1/2" tall (less the threaded stud).  
 Use an 21/64" or 5/16" drill bit for wood.  
 If you use my stopper mandrel, there is no need for a tap. 

Quantity 1-9 10-19 20-49 50+ 200+
Price (ea.) $7.45 $7.00 $6.60 $5.85 $5.45

For questions, just call 717-486-5232

4.77778 5 9 Product
$7.45 each
$6.90 per unit for buying at least 10
$6.60 per unit for buying at least 20
$5.85 per unit for buying at least 50
$5.45 per unit for buying at least 200

List of the comments:
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Short and stout with better standing platform
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Yes, one pays more for this product, yet one can differentiate oneself from other similar products by offering a lifetime warranty. If this product delaminates, rust, etc. Send me a bottle of wine and I'll send you a replacement stopper. (Stopper assembly only) L.O.L. Seriously, put out the specs on most stoppers compared to food grade SS. Let the consumer decide.
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Great profile with a great fit. Accents the turned product better than others
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Excellent quality and design
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Love the new stopper design. Made just as easily as the others. Uses the same mandrel as the 301, which is a huge upside, so didn't have to buy a different one.
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This is a fantastic stopper with several advantages over others. SS vs chrome plated so won't corrode; flat on bottom so it stands up nicely; the O-ring and shape seals better, particularly if bottle is horizontal. Overall 5-star product!