#2 Stainless Steel Cork Kit


This introductory kit includes 10 of the new RP 9000 stainless steel corks.  They have the same 3/8" 16tpi stud and the top diameter is the same as all of my other stoppers.
The kit also comes with a mandrel of your choice, and a 21/64" and 5/16" stub drill bits (the stub bit prevents wander if it hits hard grain) and a draw bar of choice.  The 10" is for 
a mini lathe and a full size lathe takes the 16" bar.  *Note: if you do not need a draw bar, put a note to add an additional stainless cork.

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$110.50$100.00 each
Draw Bar
Mandrel Style

List of the comments:
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Great kit for turning stoppers, stoppers are of the best quality and I have ordered 60 more stoppers, definitely a very helpful and quality tool and product
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Started out with brand x and not very successful. Stripped half the threads. Each Niles attempt dead on.
Stoppers look much better (fit flush at bottle top) flat bottom for display and are S/S. Overall well worth the price.