Economy Stopper Kit

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  • 10 stoppers: SS-6000 and SS-8000 or any combination of the two to equal 10 total.
  • Mandrel of your choice with nylon washer See Mandrel Comparison
  • 21/64″ and 5/16″ Stub drill bits *softer wood, use the 5/16″ stub bit: acrylic or harder wood, use the 21/64″.
  • Draw bar 1/4″x20tpi. 16″ for full-size lath or 10″ for mini lathe *if you don’t need a draw bar, I will add an extra stopper.

New to turning bottle stoppers?  This is the most economical kit with everything you need to get started.

If you have any questions, call me at 717-486-5232 or email  I’ve been a woodturner for 29 years and sell my finished turnings, I can answer almost any question from personal experience.


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