Morse Taper Mandrel + Tap

$23.75 $19.75


Niles Bottle Stopper Mandrel

Get the #2MT-A mandrel with no taping flute and a 3/8″ bottoming tap for only $19.75   Regular  $23.75

 This sale is only good on the #2MT-A mandrel with no tapping flute.

This is my regular #2 Morse taper mandrel without the tapping flute.  It is the one sold with the Off-Center Jig for $18.50.  Due to my mistake I have excess stock.  I sent a PO to my manufacturer for “#120” mandrel (the #2MT-A with the tapping flute), got the shipment, it was the wrong mandrel (no tapping flute), sent another PO for “#120” mandrel, got that shipment, it was the wrong mandrel again.  I called the shop and said “Please stop sending me the wrong mandrel!”  He replied “Please stop sending me a PO for the wrong part #”   Oops!

This is an Inventory Reduction sale you do not want to pass up!  This mandrel fits all #2 Morse taper lathes and has the 3/8″ x 16 tpi threaded stud that works with all my products and it will work nicely with the Off Center Jig.  

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