Pizza Night Special Kit

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Everyone has a “Pizza night”    This kit creates a well-received gift of a wine bottle stopper, a beer bottle opener and a pizza cutter.  This is a great value at $26.78; regular price is $29.70.  The bottle opener and stopper are Niles FDA food compliant stainless steel and both have life time guarantees. The wine stopper is the newly re-designed SS-8000 (shown in photo of finished set) or you can choose the popular SS-9000 wine stopper or the new SS-610 whiskey stopper.    The pizza cutter has a stainless steel blade and is from Craft Supplies (a very reputable company in the USA).

Great new items are the 1″ and 15/16″ mandrel adapters   The 1″ can be used for the bottle cap opener to turn your blank to size and the 15/16″ is the same diameter as the pizza cutter neck which makes it very easy to turn the handle to the perfect fit.  The pizza cutter has a 3/8″ x 16 tpi inset screw allowing you to use any of my mandrels.  You need to drill a 5/16″ hole a minimum of 1 1/8″ deep, use a tap for threads or use the mandrel to tap the threads in the blank.