$7.80 per unit for buying at least 10

$7.40 per unit for buying at least 20

$6.60 per unit for buying at least 50


For glass, ceramic, metal and wood beads.
Stainless stopper with threaded rod and threaded stainless steel ball. The stopper top is 13/16″ diameter and the stopper is 1 1/2″ tall. The rod is 3mm threaded the whole length, available in 1 1/2″ and 2″ lengths. The balls are now machined of the same stainless steel as the stopper with a classier finish.

The picture of the stopper in the bottle is a regular cone shape and shows how it fits inside the bottle.  We no longer make the cone shape with the threaded rod because these, the SS-8006 and the cork style SS-9006 stand and can be kept on display when not being used in a bottle.  The cone style gets lost in the utensil drawer unless you make a specific display stand.

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