$6.15 per unit for buying at least 10

$5.75 per unit for buying at least 20

$5.25 per unit for buying at least 50


Solid FDA Food Compliant Stainless Steel 304 18-8
FDA  Food Compliant Nitrile O-rings,
Lifetime Guarantee on Stoppers and O-rings
Made and Patented in the USA

For glass and wood orbs, round stones and marbles. This standing style allows your artwork to be on display when not being used in a bottle. The top is 13/16″ diameter and the stopper is 1 1/2″ tall. The recess has nicely rounded edges, is 1/16″ deep with a 3/8″ hole about 3/8″ deep for glass mandrels.

This style is great for golf balls making it easy to maneuver the ball straight before the glue sets.
Adhesives recommended by glass and stoneworkers:  Hextal or Devcon clear.

Samples of customers work.  Tim Keyzers work is best known with the Star Wars world.

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