Stainless Steel Cork Kit



This introductory kit features the SS-9000 stainless steel stoppers. These are the most efficient stainless stoppers on the market because of the shape and 4 o-rings, they fit all screw top wine and liquor bottles. They have the same 3/8″ x 16tpi stud and the top diameter is the same as all of my other stoppers.

  • 10 SS-9000 stoppers
  • Mandrel of choice w/nylon spacer washer. See Mandrel Comparison
  • 5/16″ and 21/64″ stub drill bits: the 21/64″ for acrylic and very hard wood; the 5/16″ for most native woods.
  • Draw bar of choice:
    • 16″ for full size lathe
    • 10″ for mini lathe
    • NOTE: If you don’t need a draw bar, I will add an additional stopper.
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