Super Stainless Kit



Kit Includes:
3 Wine bottle stoppers
1 Can tab pull
1 Bottle cap opener
4 Whiskey + bottle stoppers
Mandrel of your choice
2 diameter size adapters
2 nylon spacer washers
2 stub drill bits
1 T-handle and spiral tip tap

Regular Value  $108.88   Special: $103.40

This kit is perfect for making one of each of my stoppers and openers.   The SS-3000, SS-9000 and SS-8000 fit the majority of wine and many whiskey bottles along with oil and Balsamic vinegar bottles.  The SS-4000, SS-610, SS-620 and SS-630 fit every bottle the first 3 stoppers don’t fit.  No Bottle Left Behind!  The kit also includes the unique Niles bottle cap opener and can tab lifter.   You will get 2 adapters that fit over the top of the mandrel as a guide for the larger diameter stoppers and the bottle cap opener; 2 stub drill bits, one for soft wood, one for acrylic and hard wood.  A 3/8″ spiral tip tap and T-handle for easier threading the wood.  The 2 nylon washers are used on the mandrel so the wood doesn’t get a death grip on the mandrel while turning. 

Choose your favorite mandrel; the #2 Morse taper A or B and the only difference is the B can be easily used in the jaws of a chuck or in the Morse taper.  The others thread directly on to the spindle.  There is no “better” one, it is personal preference.  If you choose the A or B for the Morse taper, there are draw bars available; these are a safety feature and a personal preference again. 

If you have any questions just call, 717-486-5232 or email me: