Superior Stopper Kit



  • 8 Superior fitting SS-9000 bottle stoppers
  • 5/16″ plus 21/64″ stub drill bits
  • 3/8″ bottoming tap
  • Choice of stopper mandrels
  • Choice of draw bars

The best sealing stoppers on the market; SS-9000 with 4 o-rings and not much taper so 2 o-rings will make contact with the inside of the bottle (picture comparing taper stopper with this stopper in bottle shows the better fit of the 9000).  They fit a much larger selection of bottles than the tapered 3 o-ring styles; wine both cork and screw top, Balsmic vinegar, specialty olive oil and a number of screw top whiskey bottles.  These stoppers stand up so your artwork can be on display when it is not being used in a bottle.   If it doesn’t stand, it surely will end up in the utensil drawer!

If you are not familiar with the mandrel choices, click here to see a comprehensive comparison to help make your selection. If you choose the mandrels that do not use a draw bar, I will send an extra bottle stopper.

The bottoming tap cuts threads right to the bottom of the hole so you don’t experience the stopper not threading all the way in.

Two stub drill bits: the 5/16″ works in just about any native wood.  The 21/64″ is slightly larger and will make threading in acrylic, resin and tight-grain exotic wood easier.   The stub bits don’t wander when they hit hard grain like the longer bits will.

The draw bar is a safety feature: it only works with the #2MT-A and #2MT-B Morse taper mandrels.  Thread it in the back of the mandrel, insert it through the headstock spindle and tighten the fender washer up against the center of the handwheel.  (see pictures)          This kit is a $96.55 value