Test Whiskey Stopper

$8.75 $5.00


This style has gotten a lot of great feedback and we will be adding it to our regular inventory along with 2 other “improved” styles.

This is a “test” stainless steel top shelf whiskey bottle stopper that I am offering at cost in order to get feedback before going into production.

It is not my usual design of spaces between the o-rings and the step at the top is the same diameter as my mandrels. I only have 74 in stock. They fit the top shelf whiskey/spirits bottles. If I put it in my inventory, they will be $8.75 each. To test the market, I will offer these at $5 each until the stock is depleted.

My products are not designed and manufactured for me, they are for you. It’s not about me and my customers, it’s about you and your customers. So take advantage of this “test” deal and send me your feedback on if you like the style and the fit in various bottles.

Thank you for your help!  If you have any questions, call 717-486-5232 or email me at: ruthniles@gmail.com.

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