Unique Blanks



 Unique Blanks 

 Presently in stock is:
#4 group with alternating tan (solid wood) and green/tan colorwood:
#5 group with alternating squares of various red and tan colors:
#6 group is alternating green camouflage squares.
Each item you turn will look a little different depending on how thin you take it down and if you turn beads and coves exposing a totally different pattern. hese unique turning blanks are custom made for Niles Bottle Stoppers by Bob Rosand, professional woodturner.  You will not find them anywhere else.  The colors will vary as new shipments come in so check back often for new arrivals.

These blanks are birch with a strong laminate adhesive and they turn like one piece of solid wood.  Each full size blank is 1 3/4″ sq x 6 1/8″ long.   These blanks are great for pizza cutter or ice cream paddle handles as well as other projects on the market.  They can also be cut into 3 stopper blanks or 2″ for a stopper leaving 4″ for a bottle opener or can tab pull.

Order now because these sell out rather quickly.  I never know what colors or combinations the next shipment will be nor how quickly I will get more stock.   If you have any questions, call Carl Jacobson: 503-939-4565 or email him at:  nilesstopper@gmail.com