Best Of

This Gallery is the Unique, the Finely Finished and Most Imaginative creations.
There are not a lot in this Gallery as it changes as new pictures are submitted.

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If there is no contact info, email me: to contact artist.


gun metal bottle opener
Jennifer Ufkin in MN used a vintage silverware
knife handle on this Gun Metal bottle opener.


Willie Nelson carving
James Harris, carving of Willie
as a bottle stopper top.  Website


hand carved portraits
Jim Harris in IL, Master Woodcarver.  These are
custom orders and are bottle stopper tops.


Niles bottle cap opener
Bruce Hoium in MN turned this awesome
bottle opener & can tab pull set.  Nice.


Niles bottle stoppers
Reece Burgoon tempered the stainless
steel bottle opener for dramatic effect.


Vintage silverware knife handle on can tab lifter
Mary Courtright in WA used vintage silverware
knife handles on the stainless can tab pulls!


espresso coffee tamper kits
Michael Armstrong in Canada turned these
unique espresso coffee tampers.  Website


carved sunflower on stainless stopper
Bob Rotche, in VA, amazing carved sunflower
bottle stopper. Check Bob's website.


carved sunflower on stainless stopper
Great details in this carved sunflower by
Bob Rotche.  Visit Bob's Website.


Niles stainless steel bottle stoppers
Jay Hanf in TX made these whiskey bottle
stoppers.  Great shapes.


meat tenderizer pounder whiskey bottle stopper
Mike Schuler made these meat tenderizers and
a whiskey bottle stopper.  So attractive!


Wine lovers gifts
Bob Rotche in VA turned the 2 gorgeous wood
stoppers.  What great gifts for wine lovers!


vintage silverware knife handles bottle openers
Ann DelGaudio in FL uses vintage silverware
knife handles to make elegant bottle openers.


woodturned bottle cap openers
John Simpson created these bottle cap openers.
The inlay is beautiful as are the pewter buttons.


Meat tenderizer pounder mallet
Frank Kobilsek made this awesome
meat and chicken tenderizer!


golf clubs on brass Bourbon bottle stoppers
Roger Ranz in VT but brass Bourbon bottle
stoppers on these golf clubs.  Great idea!


wood turned beer tap handles
Greg Pennington turned these beer tap handles
using my mandrel.  He says it works great!

Dreese Tenderizer

stainless meat tenderizer with a pink stone handle
John Dreese collects unique stones.  This
is a beautiful meat tenderizer handle!

Iacullo new

stainless wine stopper with turned wood top
Al Iacullo, NJ, made this awesome
wine bottle stopper.  Love it!


Chevron wood on stainless wine stopper
Roger Ziegler in WI made these very Regal
stoppers for top shelf Bourbon bottles.  Great!


Pizza night special
Gary Heinzig, MN, made this
awesome Pizza Night Special set


Andrea Baumann poured the resin
blank and turned it for the stopper


stainless steel bottle stoppers     
Bace Poplawski, Far North Woodworks in
Alaska.  Beautifully unique shapes.


Niles stainless meat tenderizer mallet
George Eickhoff, MO, made this meat
and chicken tenderizer mallet. Nice!


superior wine bottle stopperbanksia Pod bottle stopper
Kurt Rogers, The Turning Junction, turned this
Banksia Pod, filling it with resin.  Beautiful!


engraved bottle stopper on a stainless stopper base
Gregg McDonald, WY.  Turned
and engraved the goblet stopper.


George Wurtzel blind woodturner
George Wurtzel owns Ginko Gallery in
Greeneville,TN, and teaches woodworking.


Kitchen set of openers and a bottle stopper
Wonderful classical design for bottle cap opener,
wine stopper and opener done by Russell Smoak.


3D design on stainless stopper base
Earl Doan created this original
design on a 3D printer.


coffee tamper base with coffee bean handle
Dave Hunter made the handle for his
coffee tamper using coffee beans in resin.


pearl with gold Niles bottle stopper
Scott Polzin in MN turned this
gorgeous bottle stopper top.

Broach shell

sea urchin bottle stopper
John Broach, SC.  Fills Sea Urchins with resin
in mold then turns the tops.  Fantastic!


hot air balloon bottle stopper
John Broach, SC.  Glued pieces
of colorwood for balloon stopper


beer bottle opener turned wood
Steve Wohlgemuth, made this awesome
beer bottle opener!  Check his website


Halloween bottle stoppers
Eldon Ballenger in Iowa created these awesome
bottle stoppers. Perfectly adorable.


Niles stainless stoppers with beads
Kristene Zimmerman, PA.  Glued
beads to stopper top (SS-9005).


gift for wine lovers
Perfect gift for wine lovers!  This
is by Scott Johnston: website


Stainless steel stopper with glass bead on top
Colette Becker, Garmany
Makes glass bead stoppers


stainless wine bottle stopper
Scott Johnston created this
awesome design (website)


whiskey decanter
Philip Paul Reynolds, GA
turned a whiskey decanter top.


lollipop bouquet
Something different!  Ron Shaffer, CA,
created a lollipop floral arrangement.


pendant using Nile off center jig
Close up of flowers made on the Joyner Off
set Jig by Ron Shaffer in CA.


woodturning with pyrography detailing
Scott Johnston.  Absolutely
beautiful!  Website


best gift for wine lovers
Just Awesome!  Wine stopper
by Scott Johnston (website)


Red Heart wood turned brass bottle stopper
Tana Munoz, TX.  Perfect!  Turned
from Red Heart wood, brass stopper.


Japanese doll bottle stoppers
Mr. Kakizawa in Japan makes these unique
bottle stoppers.  Superb craftsmanship.


Hidden bottle stopper
Fantastic Idea!  Jim Baustian, DE, puts the
stopper inside the barrel so it fits over the neck.

Bayou Mt. Designs

Bayou herb bottle stopper
Herbs in resin created by Ida
Farrar.  See Website for more!


woodburning on stainless wine stopper
Kimberly Glover did awesome burning
detail on this stopper.

Glover double

best hostess gifts
Kimberly Glover, AZ.  Awesome
carving; different leaf on each side.

Mats set

stainless steel meat tenderizer and garlic press
Mats Bjornstad, Norway, created this awesome
meat tenderizer and chicken press set.  He used
burl and walnut in resin.  Mats' Website


stainless bottle opener
Steve Hoffmann, IL. Great shape Steve turned
a blank from Mike Alan Designs.  Awesome work.

Cunningham hat

Hostess gift wine stopper
Dave Cunningham, HI.  Perfect low-profile
wine stopper made from cocobolo wood.

R O’Ryan

cello turned from wood on top of stainless bottle cap opener
Rick O'Ryan,  Cello
bottle cap opener: beautiful!


Gift wine bottle stopper
Sawdust Designs, Dave Lewis,
poured the blank and turned it.


turned stopper, woodburned, unique bottle stopper decorated bottle stopper
Kimberly Glover, FL.  Ornate woodburning
detail.  Top-Shelf bottle stopper!


Gifts for Wine Lovers
Stacey Carlton in TX.  Great stoppers!

Robert Franklin

These unique resin turnings were done by
Robert Franklin.  See more in his Etsy shop.


dancing wood wine bottle stopper
Stacey Carlton, TX  Amazing design!
Great woodturning.

Westlund leaf

metal leaf wine gift
Lee Westlund, WI.  Metal leaf on brass stopper.
Very artistic.