Display Gallery

niles bottle opener display tent

This Gallery shows how various artists display their work. There are complete tent set-ups, table displays
and small space displays as in consignment shops or at festivals where you may only have a small table.


terrific craft show display
Ted Mellin in CO has a fantastic craft show
display.  Customers love it.


craft show display
Ted Mellin in CO has his work nicely arranged in
this craft show display.  Everything eye level.

Ruebush arc

unique bottle stopper display
This is a unique bottle stopper display.  Not a
straight arc, this one by Brian Ruebush has

Ruebush log

craft display for bottle stoppers
Brian Ruebush made a great display from a slab
off a tree for a craft display for bottle stoppers
and pens.  Very unique and eye catching.


elegant woodturned wine bottle stoppers
Perfect display, 3 stoppers on a black box
adds class and the value goes up $7.
.  Done by Bob Rotche.


Niles Bottle Stoppers
Andy Coyle in NJ is the perfect display
for Niles Bottle Stoppers!  Nice shirt.


Dave Richards booth setup. The tablecloths
look like real boards.  Great idea!


craft show booth display
Robin Holt's craft show booth by day is very
inviting.  MoonDog Art Glass


craft show display at night
Robin Holt's booth at night is very inviting.
Visit her website to see her creations.

Mark Norman

craft show display
A lot of products in a small space makes this
an excellent craft show display.  Mark Norman.

Norman, Mark2

Christmas craft show display
Mark Norman's organized Christmas
craft show display.

Norman, Mark

craft display for holidays
Mark Norman in CT, has a neat and open
display for a holiday craft show.

Simpson Display

great display for small space
John Simpson has a very small space in a gift
shop.  His display uses that space nicely.

Simpson Shop

small shop space
This shows how small the display space is that
John and Mary Simpson have in the shop.


stainless steel bottle stopper display
Gary Heinzig, MN, displays his bottle
stoppers on wine barrel slats.

Terry Richards, VA

craft show stopper display
Terry Richards, VA   Great show display.