Artists' Best Of Gallery

This Gallery is the Unique, the Finely Finished and Most Imaginative creations.
There are not a lot in this Gallery as it changes as new pictures are submitted.
The original stoppers with three o-rings are no longer available.

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Mike Hurst

Jellyfish bottle stoppersMike Hurst UT
Made these beautiful jellyfish stoppers.

Ruth Niles

bottle opener with wood burning
Turned Maple with pyrography created
by Ruth Niles

Ruth Niles

bottle stopper with woodburning
Bottle stopper with decorative
wood burning by Ruth Niles

Ruth Niles

woodturning with pyrography
Woodturning with pyrography
on bottle opener by Ruth Niles


meat tenderizer with wood handle
Roman Steichen in MD made this awesome
tenderizer mallet with apple sticks in epoxy
and apple green PearlEx.  Beautiful!

Bennett opener

straw flowers in resin
Steve Bennett in MA puts straw flowers in
resin for this awesome bottle cap opener.

Bennett stopper

dandelion in resin
Steve Bennett in MA case a dandelion
seed head in resin.  Looks Electric!


stainless meat tenderizer
Roman Steichen in MD made this great meat
tenderizer mallet and engraved the handle.


bottle opener and bottle stopper
Jamie Page, UK turned this bottle opener
and bottle stopper.  See video.


resin turned wine bottle stoppers
Jamie Page in UK turned this goblet from a resin
blank made by Jake Thompson.  Fantastic!


Carl Jacobson turned this beer bottle opener
in the same shape as an Easy Wood handle.


Stephen Dietz in LA turned this customized whiskey
stopper to fit a half gallon Crown Royal bottle.


Best resin turnings
Philip DeCarlo in SC did these totally impressive
openers.  Beautiful colors and nice shapes.


terrific craft show display
Ted Mellin in CO has a fantastic craft show
display.  Customers love it.


      gaming dice bottle opener
Daniel Dubois in KS made these gaming
dice bottle openers.  Terrific Gift idea.


Joel Horner, TX, poured his own honeycomb blank,
turned a shot glass for a whiskey bottle stopper.


Joel Horner, TX poured his own honeycomb
blank to turn this whiskey bottle stopper.


whiskey bottle stopper
Joel Horner, TX, poured his own resin
blank for this turned whiskey stopper.


honeycomb turning blank
Another honeycomb turning blank made
by Joel Horner, TX.  Shot glass stopper!


bottle stoppers
Colorful array of bottle stoppers created by Tony
Rotundo in De.  Very attractive selection.


John Simpson, Calif. used 7 different
woods for the bottle and label, which is
all inlay design.  Fantastic work!


Wine serving set
John Simpson, Calif., turned the tray, the
stopper and the bottle!  All details are inlay.


Ken Lynch in CA, turned wood eggs and a friend
painted them.  He used SS-9038 stoppers.  Great!


bottle stopper in display stand
Stopper display with a flare.

Williams shell

Jeff Williams, WA, Great Imagination!
Check BARN  website in WA.

Peterson opener

resin and burl bottle opener
Rick Peterson in WA poured this
resin and burl bottle opener top.
Beautiful color combination.

Peterson 2 pink

bottle stopper and opener set
Rick Peterson in WA made this beautiful
bottle opener and stopper set.


starfish bottle stopper
Tony Rotundo in DE created this starfish
bottle stopper.  So attractive!

Tom Clark

whiskey stoppers with display stand
Tom Clark in NC, used 150 yr. old spalted White
Oak to make the whiskey stoppers and stand.
Beautiful work and super special gift!

Walcott meat

engraved meat tenderizer
Jim Walcott in AR does creative engraving on the
tops of meat tenderizers for that special chef!


oak barrel bung
Steve Knotts in WV turns oak barrel bungs into
stoppers and custom engraves the tops.  Nice!


pizza cutters Mexican
Nancy Brooks in VA made these festive pizza
cutters with sculpturing Apoxie.  Very Mexican!


St. Patrick's Day Special
Mike Sheahan, NY, carved this
St. Patrick's Day special stopper.


antique pocket watch bottle stopper
Peter Baum in Ohio uses antique pocket watches
to create very unique bottle stoppers.


Bacote and Abalone shells
Tim Tucker in NC, turned this wine glass
from Bacote and put Abalone shells
on the top.  Cool design.


Texas Tequila
Gary McLean in TX  turned the perfect
stopper Sombrero for his Tequila!

Williams Jeff3

shells with resin
Jeff Williams made these stoppers with resin in shells.
He works with BARN in Bainbridge Island, WA.


basket weave illusion
Awesome bottle stopper and base done
by Steve Mawson.  Perfect basket weave
illusion work.


basket weave illusion
Steve Mawson, NE, turned this stopper and base
then did the basket weave illusion work.  I love it!


Bottle stopper and shot glass
Mark Abner in KY turned this beautiful bottle
stopper and shot glass.  Terrific work!


Challenge coin
Larry Sutton mounted a Challenge coin
to the stopper with clear epoxy.  Wow!

Rinde 4

Tea Tree flower in resin
Jim Rinde's grandson put a Tea Tree flower
in clear resin to create this bottle stopper.


flower in clear resin
Another beauty by Jim Rinde and his
grandson.  Terrific wine bottle stopper.

Kesler openers

Niles bottle openers
Steve Kesler, PA, shows 3 entirely
different shapes and sizes for openers.


owl bottle stopper
Cindy Drozda, professional woodturner, created
this adorable owl bottle stopper.  Learn How to
make this owl.  Cindy


Best beer bottle opener
Gary Sanders laminated wood, turned and
carved to make the best beer bottle opener.


basket weave illusion bottle stoppers
Steve Mawson in NE makes the neatest basket
weave illusion bottle stoppers.  So amazing.

Wohlgemuth broken glass

Jewish wedding broken glass

Steve Wohlgemuth put the broken glass from
a Jewish wedding in resin, made this for the
bride and groom.  Wonderful!

Dinse 3

bottle stoppers and bottle opener
Dan Dinse in PA did a great job on these 2 whiskey
bottle stoppers and the bottle cap opener.  Nice work.


Best wine bottle stopper Niles
Brian Erickson in CO created this awesome
stopper using Elm burl and epoxy resin. Wow!


marble with flower on bottle stopper
Matt Hoover in PA makes marbles and
this is awesome.  I love the colors.

Steve Bennett

Bennett Woodcraft
Steve Bennett puts pine cones in resin
and turns them.  Check Steve's Etsy

Niles leaves

bottle opener with cherry handle
A design of leaves burn on Cherry
using only dots.  Easy and impressive.

Rick O’Ryan

niles botte opener
Rick O'Ryan in NM turned this beautiful bottle
opener from Spanish Broom (a weed!)

Elsa 4 snowmen

snow people
Elsa Oppenheimer turned these and said "Just like
people, snowmen are all different".


unique bottle opener made in America
Rob Wallace turned this great
bottle opener.  Love the shape.


Unique wine bottle stopper
Jack Dohallow in AZ created this really
unique wine bottle stopper.  Great work.


can tab pull made in America
Christiana Hancox, UK, created these whimsical
can tab pulls with custom made glass beads.

Scott Grove

Scott Grove Woodworker
Scott Grove, renowned woodworker, turned and
used Paua inlay for this red, white and blue stopper.


Amazing bottle stoppers   
Front and back of this amazing stopper
turned by Rick Woodard in WY.  Love it!