Artists' Bottle Stoppers Gallery ~ Misc.

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Bennett stopper

dandelion in resin
Steve Bennett in MA case a dandelion
seed head in resin.  Looks Electric!


resin turned wine bottle stoppers
Jamie Page in UK turned this goblet from a resin
blank made by Jake Thompson.  Fantastic!


Joel Horner, TX, poured his own honeycomb blank,
turned a shot glass for a whiskey bottle stopper.


Joel Horner, TX poured his own honeycomb
blank to turn this whiskey bottle stopper.


whiskey bottle stopper
Joel Horner, TX, poured his own resin
blank for this turned whiskey stopper.


honeycomb turning blank
Another honeycomb turning blank made
by Joel Horner, TX.  Shot glass stopper!


Joel Horner in TX used shavings from a Fostner
bit in resin for this bottle stopper.  Beautiful.


whiskey bottle stoppers
Arvids Ernstsons in MI poured these blanks
and turned beautiful whiskey bottle stoppers.


antique door knob bottle stoppers
Ron Erwin in NY made these antique door knob
bottle stoppers.  They look terrific in the bottles.

Ford 2

Ford V8
Medallion in 1937-38 Ford V8 gear shift to be
available at the Early Ford V8 Meet in Calif.

Ford 1

Bob Merz, coordinator for the Early Ford
V8 Meet, is using 1937 Ford gear shift
knobs on stoppers.  Early Ford Museum.


antique doorknob bottle stoppers
Ron Erwin in NY, uses antique doorknobs to
create unique bottle stoppers.  Nice.


sea stones bottle stopper
Tony Rotundo in DE, made this stopper
using sea stones.  So pretty!

Williams shell

Jeff Williams, WA, Great Imagination!
Check BARN  website in WA.

Peterson 2 pink

bottle stopper and opener set
Rick Peterson in WA made this beautiful
bottle opener and stopper set.


starfish bottle stopper
Tony Rotundo in DE created this starfish
bottle stopper.  So attractive!


Daniel Dubois, KS, has been busy turning resin
bottle stoppers.  Great array.


bottle cap openers
Rick Peterson in WA turned these colorful
bottle cap openers.  Love the green shades..


antique pocket watch bottle stopper
Peter Baum in Ohio uses antique pocket watches
to create very unique bottle stoppers.

Williams Jeff3

shells with resin
Jeff Williams made these stoppers with resin in shells.
He works with BARN in Bainbridge Island, WA.

Williams Jeff

resin poured into shell
Jeff Williams, another stopper with resin
poured into a shell and turned.


Challenge coin
Larry Sutton mounted a Challenge coin
to the stopper with clear epoxy.  Wow!

Rinde 4

Tea Tree flower in resin
Jim Rinde's grandson put a Tea Tree flower
in clear resin to create this bottle stopper.


Jim Rinde, CA, put Pink Breath of Heaven
flower in clear resin.  Beautiful.


flower in clear resin
Another beauty by Jim Rinde and his
grandson.  Terrific wine bottle stopper.


honey comb bottle stopper
Kieran Goodman in MI turned this resin
honey comb bottle stopper.  Very nice.


best wine bottle stoppers
Best wine bottle stopper array of shapes, colors
and design by Rick Woodard in WY.


whiskey bottle stopper
Rick Woodard, Wyoming Wood Artisan
turned this awesome whiskey bottle stopper.

Wohlgemuth broken glass

Jewish wedding broken glass

Steve Wohlgemuth put the broken glass from
a Jewish wedding in resin, made this for the
bride and groom.  Wonderful!

Epstein red

red resin bottle stopper
Michael Epstein in CA turned this resin
bottle stopper and put a coin insert in
the top (see next picture).

Epstein red

This is a close-up of the insert Michael Epstein
put in the beautiful red stopper.


deer antler wine bottle stoppers
Brian Ruebush in IL turned these deer antler
wine bottle stoppers.  Very impressive.

Steve Bennett

Bennett Woodcraft
Steve Bennett puts pine cones in resin
and turns them.  Check Steve's Etsy

Bennett pine 1

Niles Bottle Stoppers
Steve of Bennett Woodcraft in MA made this
stopper with a pine cone in resin.  Quite unique.


Amazing bottle stoppers   
Front and back of this amazing stopper
turned by Rick Woodard in WY.  Love it!


Niles stainless steel bottle stoppers
Dave Struthers turned this awesome
bottle stopper from Elk antler.



colored pencils in resin
David Sisk in TX created this great stopper
with wood pieces in dyed resin.

Michael Clark

Niles whiskey stopper
Michael Clark converted his custom-made
vapor into a whiskey stopper!

Merle Johnson

jawbreaker bottle stopper
Merle Johnson in OR turned this
acrylic acetate top for a bottle stopper.


dragon bottle stopper
Robin Jacobson in OR found this unusual
cabinet knob and put it on a Niles stopper.

Brad Campana

Stainless Steel Bottle Stoppers Niles
Brad Campana in Calif. turned these eye-catching
stainless wine stoppers.


niles stainless steel bottle stopper
Steve Wohlgemuth turned this stopper
yet it has a square look which is nice.


beer opener whiskey stopper set     
Joey Moll in AR turned this attractive
beer opener and whiskey stopper.


wine stoppers with pewter inserts
John Simpson in CA uses pewter buttons and
floral insets in the tops of his wine stoppers.


golf ball bourbon bottle stoppers
Jason Kartalis, NJ, made a big hit
with these whiskey bottle stoppers!


military firefighters bottle stoppers
Earl Doan, in Africa, created these Air Force
Firefighter whiskey stoppers on a 3D printer!


wine bottle stoppers
Barry Tonkin in WA turned this array of wine
bottle stoppers.  Great colors and shapes.

Darla Baker

wine bottle stopper

Darla Baker in KY made the resin blank and turned
this unique wine stopper.  Visit her Etsy shop.


used egg shells for stopper
Mark Lockridge's wife saves egg shells,
he put them in resin and it looks great!

Martin whiskey 3

Whiskey bottle stopper kits
Tim Martin made these 2 whiskey and 1 Bourbon
bottle stoppers.  Great colors.


Gift bar set
Tim Martin in CA made this great gift
bar set: stopper and opener.


colored pencils in resin on bottle stoppers
Michael Armstrong in Canada puts colored pencils
in resin and turns these great stopper tops.


Military skulls bottle stoppers
Earl Doan, stationed in Africa, creates and sells
these unique stoppers he makes on a 3D printer.


Ruth Niles Bottle Stoppers
Ruth Niles turned these bottle stoppers into
interesting shapes using resin.


Niles bottle stoppers stainless steel
Daryl of Coryan Gifts & Crafts turned these
attractive wine/whiskey bottle stoppers.


snake skin in resin bottle stopper
Tim Breeding in IL made blanks using
a snake skin and sea shells.  Great!


stainless stopper in whiskey decanter
Mike Schuler, GA, made this
Prisma stopper for a decanter.


golf clubs on brass Bourbon bottle stoppers
Roger Ranz in VT but brass Bourbon bottle
stoppers on these golf clubs.  Great idea!


stainless steel wine bottle stopper Niles
Robert Franklin designs the best
resin blanks. See his Etsy shop.

Murphy Sean

wine lovers stainless stoppers
Sean Murphy in PA turned these beautiful
resin bottle stopper tops.  Nice work.