Artists' Bottle Stoppers Gallery ~ Wood Carving

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The original stoppers with three o-rings are no longer available

Rick O’Ryan

Hand carved pineapple bottle opener.Rick O'Ryan in NM Carved this
cool pineapple bottle opener.


St. Patrick's Day Special
Mike Sheahan, NY, carved this
St. Patrick's Day special stopper.


Michael Daniels in MA carved this
Santa wine bottle stopper.

McDonough Owls

hand carved owl bottle stopper
Marie McDonough, carved this cut owl bottle
stopper.  See more on her Website


Hand carved eagle bottle stopper
Marie McDonough carved this eagle bottle stopper.
Check out her Website for fantastic carvings.


Willie Nelson carving
James Harris, carving of Willie
as a bottle stopper top.  Website


hand carved portraits
Jim Harris in IL, Master Woodcarver.  These are
custom orders and are bottle stopper tops.

Rotche Barrel

hand carved whiskey barrel on a bottle stopper
Bob Rotch hand carved this whiskey
barrel on a whiskey bottle stopper.


carved sunflower on stainless stopper
Bob Rotche, in VA, amazing carved sunflower
bottle stopper. Check Bob's website.


carved sunflower on stainless stopper
Great details in this carved sunflower by
Bob Rotche.  Visit Bob's Website.


hand carved hummingbird bottle stopper
Ray Whittemore, AZ.  Carved this great
hummingbird bottle stopper.


Ray Whittemore carved this blue
clawed crab wine bottle stopper.


hand carved blue claw crab bottle stopper
Ray Whittemore in AZ carved this
stopper for his daughter.


carved man on stainless stopper
Rich Hendley, KY.  Carving ready to
be installed on top of bottle stopper.

Glover double

best hostess gifts
Kimberly Glover, AZ.  Awesome
carving; different leaf on each side.


Santa carved in golf ball
Amazing carving in a golf ball by Joan Lech.
facebook page for more carving creations.


wood carving on brass whiskey stopper
Cool carving on brass
whiskey stopper


carved wine stopper
Don Bertschman, PA.  Done with knives.

Otto Preske carve

carved cowboys bottle stoppers
Otto Preske, TN

Wade Harvey

hand carved character bottle stopperhand carved guy on stainless stopper base
Wade Harvey, VA  (excellent!)

Wade Harvey

hand carved daisies on stainless stopper
Wade Harvey, VA  

Marie McDonough, IL

carved horse bottle stoppers

Marie McDonough
Beautiful carving!

Marie McDonough, IL

Marie McDonough

Doug Bean, Edmonton, Alberta

Doug Bean in Edmonton, Alberta

Keith Kapp, PA

Keith Kapp, PA, carved these fireman hat stoppers.

Marie McDonough, IL

Marie McDonough, IL
Hand carved wood roses and stands.

Jim Ghostley, MN

Jim Ghostley, MN
Beautiful carving!

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX

Hand carved cowboy bottle stopperHand carved cowboy bottle stopper

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX
Fantastic carved bottle stoppers. More at: Etsy

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX
Fantastic carving! More at: Etsy

Keith Kapp, PA

Keith Kapp, PA, made these unique
bottle stoppers.

Ruth Niles mouse

hand carved mouse bottle stopper
Ruth Niles

Bob Kozakiewicz, NJ


Bob Kozakiewicz, NJ
Hand carved stoppers. More at Etsy.

Gregg Kristophel, Harmony, PA

Gregg Kristophel, PA
Carved deer antler etsy

Gregg Kristophel, Harmony, PA

Gregg Kristophel, PA
Gregg's work at etsy

C. J. Solberg, Denton, TX

C.J. Solberg, Denton, TX

Eric Bunn, New Jersey


Eric Bunn in NJ
Holland Woodworks

Bert Long, Lewes, DE

carving on bottle stopper

Bert Long, Lewes, DE

Bert Long, Lewes, DE

Bert Long, Lewes, DE