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The Largest selection of Bottle Stopper Sizes Anywhere!

No Bottle Left Behind!

Wine, Vinegar, Whiskey

Top O-Ring: 13/16" dia.

WIne, Whiskey Large Bottles

Top O-Ring: 15/16" dia.

Bourbon Larger Bottles

Top O-Ring: 1 1/8” dia., stopper 1" dia.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA.

FDA Approved Icon

FDA Approved.

Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping.

Ship Everywhere

Ship Everywhere.

Made in the USA.

Lifetime guarantee on stoppers and o-rings. Buy American.

FDA  Approved.

 Food Grade Stainless Steel FDA approved.

Secure Shopping.

We use best-in-class technology to protect your transactions.

Ship Everywhere.

We ship around the world. Cost determined by weight

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The Meat Tenderizer is also the best Peanut Butter Cookie Press!
The Meat Pounders are great for making thin chicken cutlets or fish fillet.

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Professional Artists

Unique gifts handcrafted by a selection of Professional Artists and Fine Craftsmen.

Niles jewelry
unique wood artwork

Attractive Price Tags

Price tags are a necessary item, make them as attractive as possible. Do not use white string or the large product tags from Walmart. I use gold quilter’s thread on my coffee scoops; it is […] Read More

Say It This Way

If you use my bottle stoppers, feel free to take any wording from my site to promote them. People understand FDA approved kitchen-grade solid stainless steel with a lifetime guarantee and they understand it will […] Read More

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