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Stainless Steel Bottle Stopper

Home of the Original
Stainless Steel Bottle Stopper

Design by Ruth Niles

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Bottle Openers

David Ramer, OR

David Ramer, OR
Exotic woods.

Roger Bolon, FL

Roger Bolon, FL
Made from sea beans that drift from
South America to the gulf coast.


Grant Brickham

resin and wood bottle cap opener Grant Brickham, beautiful color!

Ben Copeland, VA

Ben Copeland, VA. Whiskey Stopper


David Coen, MN

David Coen, MN

Jes Durfee, Duluth, MN

Jes Durfee, Duluth, MN
Blown glass.

Stone & Miscellaneous

Elias Khalilieh, Israel

Jerusalem stone and Bethlahem olive wood on a wine bottle stopper, handcrafted gift for wine lover

Elias Khalilieh, Israel
Bethlehem Olivewood
Jerusalem stone inset

Katie Wolfe, Olathe, KS

Katie Wolfe, Olathe, KS
Unique creations. More at: Divine Wine Designs.

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If you use my bottle stoppers, feel free to take any wording from my site to promote them. People understand FDA approved kitchen-grade solid stainless steel with a lifetime guarantee and they understand it will […] Read More

The stainless steel bottle stopper


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