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The stainless steel bottle stopper

The Original Stainless Stopper introduced to the public in Gainesville, GA, April 2005.
Stoppers fit wine, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, liquor, decorative herbs: both cork and screw-top bottles.
We ship around the world. Int'l shipping cost figured for up to 4 lbs.
Canada $24.95      Int'l  $33.95

From the

Gail Allard, TX

Gail Allard, Tx
Salado Glassworks

Steve Knotts

Steve Knotts: wood bottle painted w/label!

Scott Turner

Scott B. Turner, TX

Using Product Tags

Tags are a necessary item, make them as attractive as possible. Don’t use white string. I use gold quilter’s thread on my coffee scoops. You can use Microsoft Word to make quite nice tags. On stoppers, tie the tag on the stainless steel just above the first o-ring rather than […] Read More

Say It This Way

If you use my bottle stoppers, feel free to take any wording from my site to promote them. People understand FDA approved kitchen-grade solid stainless steel with a lifetime guarantee and they understand it will cost a little more. Most also love to know your item is 100% made in […] Read More

Show Work-in-Progress

Show customers your work in progress, using pictures, Judy Kingery shows how her bowls are created from a chunk of wood. It also shows why your work is priced more than Walmart!

Read More

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Lifetime guarantee on stoppers and o-rings. Buy American.


FDA tested and approved.

The Original Stainless Stopper is winery and FDA tested and approved.

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We ship around the world. Shipping cost figured for up to 4 lbs.

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