I must have bought over 100 of your stoppers and inserts, and they are just the Best out there. The stainless steel and machining is of the highest quality I have seen in comparison to other brands and especially those imports. My customers have provided very positive feedback not only on the looks and the variety of forms and shapes, but mostly on the solid, yet elegant and smooth feel of the stoppers. I will not buy anything else. It’s just not worth it. I do appreciate you actually talking to me a few months back and helping me with my questions. THAT is great Service!

Frank Ritter NC

I ordered 150$ worth of bottle openers for Christmas gifts. Unfortunately they got lost in my local mail office I believe. Mr Carl was a huge help and always kept in touch. Answering every email quickly and professionally. Wish we had more people like him in retail! We worked together and fixed the problem. Great company. Wonderful people. 5 stars all the way!! Daniel Selby

Daniel Selby NC

Received my one and a half inch and 2 1/2 inch brass threaded inserts. They were packaged with care. They were shipped, and received in an expeditious manner. I recently used the 1 1/2 inch threaded insert for a pet remembrance/keepsake urn. The threaded brass inserts are a high-quality product. They seem to be machine to a high standard. I am very pleased with how my project turned out with the brass threaded inserts that I ordered from Thank you for the fast processing of my order. I was able to finish my project on time, thanks to the receipt of your brass threaded inserts. I would not hesitate to order from in the future. Thanks again.

Harry Clark MI

Recently received a mandrel, and can’t believe how much it changed the flow of my production. Already made a dozen stoppers the first day. Fast turnaround from order to receive. Package even included a lollipop…lol thanks Carl and Robin. I’ll be back for more product for sure.

Chuck Cooke PA

Recently, I offered a good friend to make a cremation urn for his recently deceased father. He was excited about having my artistry involved in the project, he then wanted to offer his ideas regarding the urn. He liked the idea of so much he wanted a second for his sister, identical to the first. In following his wishes I shut down on the project, I felt that what I had completed was substandard. A good friend located in Traverse City, Michigan some 225 miles away offered his assistance to get my head together. When we dropped back to his first request, that of adding my artistry to the project we started to move through. I needed two each of the 3.5″ Bronze Threaded Ring Sets shipped overnight. Carl Jacobson was not only sympathetic to my plight, but was willing to go the extra distance, after just returning home from a long trip, he delivered the package to an overnight shipping company. He sent a tracking number and additionally, he also tracked the package. I can't say enough about the service I received from Carl, it was exceptional!
Roger Meeker, Rochester Hills, MI

Roger Meeker

I love doing business with Niles Bottle Stoppers. I've been making custom fire sprinkler wine stoppers and my customers can't get enough of them. It was a bit of trial and error learning to fabricate these, but between Carl's guidance and a little help from my Engineering department we have put out some beautiful stoppers. A perfect marriage between our USA-manufactured fire sprinklers and Niles' USA-manufactured stoppers! Just put in my 3rd order!

John Corcoran SC

I recently purchased the starter kit for bottle stopper. The kit is fantastic. I turned a few and they sold at a local craft fair. Unfortunately, I was unable to sell the can tab pull as my wife immediately confiscated it and says it is the best tool she has had to open cat and dog food cans as well as soda cans.
Thank you so much, Carl and Robin.
Join them on YouTube.

Ward Wilson AZ

I would like to thank Carl and his team (which may only consist of Robin...) AND the US Postal Service for the amazingly quick dispatch and delivery of my Joyner Off Center Jig.
From Sherwood in Oregon to Islandmagee Co.Antrim Northern Ireland in 7 days.
Wow!!! Incredible stuff.
Ps. Thanks so much for the lolly..(the dum dum) was a lovely touch.
All the best

Don Bell Ireland

In December 2022 I was asked to turn two small keepsake urns and hoped to find metal inserts to pair the tops and bottoms instead of doing my own threads. Niles to the rescue! And, I just happened to live 20 minutes away from Carl Jacobsen. Sent a quick note asking about a local pick-up and Carl said “Sure, stop on by”.

The bronze inserts I purchased are high quality and importantly, have fine threads. I received a fair number of comments regarding the urns and the quality that the inserts added.

From a maker’s point of view, the inserts provide a simple, elegant way to finish wood-turned urns or lidded boxes. I plan on using them again.

Will Smith OR

Carl & Robin Are great people to work with. I ordered wine stoppers and bottle openers from them and the service and quality was excellent. I will be using them for all my required supplies.

Robert B

Had a problem with website taking my order, called, they said leave a message but I didn’t. 20 minutes later Carl calls me back, takes my order, takes great care of me. On a Saturday afternoon the owner calls me and fixes me up. That is outstanding customer service. Thanks, Carl and thank your son for his current service.

David Collins OK

This is my 4th purchase of Niles bottle stoppers and openers - Carl & Robin have continued the great service and quality of the Niles products.

Mike Stansell WA


I've been wood turning for several years now and finally decided to try making some bottle stoppers. While watching Carl Jacobson video I clicked a link for Niles bottle stoppers and chose the starter kit. Very happy with delivery time and quality of the set I received.

Tim Bond NY

My purchase was easy and delivered fast. Had a problem with one part, spoke to Carl who shipped the new part right away. Love the service and Love the great videos on YouTube.Thanks and keep up the quality of all you do!

David Lanza FL

When I first saw the product online and YouTube videos I thought it was ridiculous but I wanted to add off center grooves to my turned boxes so I bought offset plate and the mounting plate because I had a bottle stopper chuck. I was very happy at the quality of the product and customer service, I will be ordering another faceplate and the medallions. It's a great product, the first thing I made was a turned duck.

Jeff Peters WI

First batch of bottle stoppers I've made, and I am very pleased I chose Niles hardware (and turning accessories too) for these gifts. The background story and customer driven design is a great example of how best to design and manufacture a product that will simply delight the customer (and the gift recipient as well). The quality is second to none, and customer support has been everything I could hope for.
Along with a few of the bottle openers I've made as well, I can't wait to hand them out over the holidays! Thanks!  

Mark Owens IN

Superb quality product. The Meat Tenderizer Set was exactly what I needed and Niles Bottle Stoppers are the only ones I could find to provide these. I will definitely become a proud regular to this brand, and look forward to trying all types of products.

Tom Brown TX

I have used Niles bottle stoppers for years with my hand-carved caricatures. Since family and friends have all the bottle stoppers they can possibly use I decided to attach my carvings to bottle openers. So I ordered 10. Superb quality, just as I expected. Shipped via priority mail, carefully and securely wrapped, the package even included an all-day sucker and an invoice with a thank you signed by Robin and Carl. One can't do better than that! Outstanding quality with a personal touch.

Stan Bruns, ID

These are hands down the best bottle stoppers on the market. 

Rick Townsend, DE

These are the Cadillac of bottle stoppers. (back when Cadillac was great) I ordered 10 of the pop-it, stop-it kits then came back for 20 more stoppers. I love the style and quality! And Carl answers his own phone!! 10 Stars!!!

Chris Betts, NC

Great craftsmanship on their products. bottle and can openers sell great as do the wine stoppers. Love the price on the pizza cutters too I sell the heck out of those too. If you're not using the metal inserts for your stoppers and pizza cutter's you should be. They work on other products too with that size thread. I would give a10 rating but only goes to 5

Dale Marsh, WA

I had heard and seen the name "Niles" when it came to stoppers and did a little research which brought me to the site. After going through all the products, I landed on the Whiskey and Wine Stoppers (Which by the way can be used for other things besides what they are named for). The quality is excellent, and really adds to the look of the stoppers when they are turned. They fit perfect inside the bottles, and my clients were very impressed with the total package of the stoppers they ordered. The O-rings really seal up the mouth of the bottle nicely too. They have a nice beefy feel to them as well. Not to mention they are made right in the U.S. Overall, more than satisfied, and will be back for more!

Thomas Clark, NC

Awesome quality and customer service. Will be ordering more soon. Can’t ask for a better selection of stoppers and other kits.

Kathy Brandt, WI

As the CEO of a large international organization, I think I can speak with a bit of experience when it comes to how businesses should be run. Your products are of excellent quality and fairly priced. Your customer service is beyond compare and the fact that you the owner and founder accompany just about every customer through the buying process personally impresses me beyond words. I have told all of my turning friends to look no where else but to you for the range of products you offer

Thomas McPartland, NY

Originally I ordered the Premium Sample kit in early November. I was amazed how each stopper was wrapped separately in order to not scratch each other. 
I like the design of the the “O” ring and the way it fits snugly into the bottle. The threads are very sharp and securely seat into harder wood.  I like the ones that stand on their own. 
The can opener and bottle opener are machined beautifully and have been a hit with my friends and family. I had to order more tab pull-Bottle opener sets later in November. 
I ran out of bottle stoppers and noticed you had a new SS-1000 so I had to order some of those in December  I like the design and feel of them.  The order came quickly with the same care as before. Individually wrapped and protected against damage. There was also a couple of pieces of candy in the box. I know it’s a little thing but thanks. 

Michael Smith, OR

WOW! Niles Bottle Openers are unique, highest quality, and a must have.  I am a flatware artist and incorporated the Niles bottle openers into my art.  They are extremely impressive and sought after.  Fantastic customer service, fast shipping and a definite "will order again" item.  If you are considering ordering them, I advise you do go for it.  You won't be disappointed!

Trish Koch, AZ

Awesome! Awesome stoppers! Awesome Customer Service! What more could you ask for! This will be my go to place for anything stopper related! Ruth is awesome! ThankYou!

Ben Shaver, TN

The bottle stoppers I purchased are top quality. I ordered the threaded inserts as well. They are sold in packages of 5. I ordered 7 stoppers and Ruth added a couple extra inserts! I also had issues with establishing and account on the site. Ruth and I exchanged a number of emails to get the issue resolved. It is very refreshing to communicate with the owner of the business. I will certainly purchase from Ruth in the future!

Dave Pollatta

Ruth is one of the nicest and informative people you can ever do business with and doesn't act like you're a pain when you ask her a question.  All of the Niles products are top notch!!!  You have a forever customer here, Ruth!!!  Thank You.

Eldon E. Ballenger Jr.

I have bought just about every type of stopper available for use with turned handles and am completely sold on the superior quality of Ruth Niles products. Add that to the fast shipping and excellent customer service and I am very happy with all of my purchases.

Ken Johnson, Iowa

I purchased the stainless stoppers and they are the best I have ever seen. I talked to Ruth on the phone and she was very helpful , pleasant and professional !

Darren Weimer, TN

Nothing but excellent service and products from Niles! I have ordered a couple mandrels and about a dozen wine bottle stoppers and am very satisfied with every piece. The mandrels are a perfect fit for my mini-lathe and they work very well for the wine stoppers I have turned. They make it easy to turn a beautiful piece from both wood and acrylic. And the stainless steel stopper pieces are the way to go in my opinion. Both the regular and the ones that stand on a flat surface are excellent and have made ver nice gifts to friends and family. Right now I don't get stoppers from any where else. Thanks for providing a quality product and the service to back it up.

William Powell, AZ

Great service and great products.  It is nice to have such personalized service from a company these days.  You have to look no further for the products she sells.  I will be a repeat customer with pleasure.

Roland Allen

Simply stated, the products are as good as the service and her personal attention - excellent, superb, without equal in the marketplace. All products have been perfect, arriving quickly, and very well packaged with no damage from shipment. As a return customer, I highly recommend her products and personal service. You will be most pleased.

Roger Ziegler

I have purchased bottle stoppers, stubby drills, a tap, and two topper mandrels from Niles. The quality of the materials is excellent in all cases. The customer service is personal, efficient, and just what you would expect when dealing one-one with the owner who wants to make sure all the customers happy. You just can't beat Niles Bottle Stoppers. You might find something that's less expensive elsewhere, but you get what you pay for at Niles--- Top notch products, and top notch service from a top notch person. 

Tom Albrecht

The personal touch from Ruth is amazing and very, very rare. That alone would keep me coming back. However, it's even easier because she offers the best products that I've found. I love the stoppers! I wanted something heavier and better quality than what I'd seen before. Ruth provides that in spades. 

Gary Heinzig

I'm not that old, but I'm old enough to remember when good customer service was as important as the quality of the merchandise. I stumbled onto this website looking for what I needed, and from the beginning of the transaction to the follow-up emails I have received, this has been nothing but top-notch customer service. I highly recommend this company!

Ken Fansler

I purchased several bottle stoppers and bottle openers from Ruth Niles. They shipped very quickly and the owner personally followed up to ensure I was happy with my purchase. I was able to use the bottle opener in a resin form to make a unique bottle opener and the bottle toppers made excellent toppers for olive oil bottles with custom turned handles. I definitely would recommend purchasing from Niles Bottle Stoppers!

Shasta Wood

I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of product and customer service provided by Ruth Niles and SS Niles Bottle Stoppers from the very first time I ordered bottle stoppers from the web site over 8 years ago. No problems ever!! I always try to keep her product in stock for use when I run across a nice piece of wood that is too small for other uses and too pretty to burn.  Most of the stoppers I turn go to customers of my architectural turning work as Christmas and birthday gifts. Since these customers pay my bills with their business I can’t afford to give them anything other than the very best quality on the market, Ruth Niles Stainless Steel bottle stoppers meet and exceed this requirement for highest quality.

You can always spot quality product by the number of companies that attempt to duplicate the products being offered, however, they usually fall short in their offerings due to the primary motivations of avarice and greed. The personal involvement and customer care is just not present for the copy cat venders. 

Doug Stevens

I have been turning for awhile now and have purchased many items from many distributors, some I will not purchase again, but nothing I have purchased from you has been a disappointment! I have received nothing but complements from anything I have turned utilizing one of you products.  Yours I will definitely continue to use!

Doug Moore

I have ordered about a dozen wine stoppers, and bottle openers and one pizza cutter this year.  I've been nothing but impressed with the friendly service, rapid shipping and incredible quality of the products.  I love the bottle openers and the wine stoppers are great. 

Corey Carlson

I love your bottle stoppers, your website, your pricing, your affordable shipping to Canada and about everything else about your operation.  Talking with you on the phone was a pleasure.  If all businesses had your ethics, the world would be a better place.

Robert Martin

Niles bottle stoppers are made of the highest quality materials and are machined extremely well.  With multiple styles to choose from, the combinations of stoppers and blanks are endless and will make truly custom gifts, perfect for any home!

Chris C&S Toolworks

Here is my feedback:
Ordering = Product description is very accurate and easy to place an order
Shipping = FAST, reasonably priced and perfectly packaged.
Product = So much better than I expected!  There was a bit of trial and error on my part with the threading on the mandrel BUT after a few attempts I sorted it out and I'm super happy with the end results.  Excellent communication and awesome product!

Emma Banner Spiked Woodworks

 I would now use nothing but a Ruth Niles stopper.  The size of the stopper allows the wood turner more height to be creative and the stopper does not detract from the turning.  Rather, the simple size, shape and finish are non intrusive, but are rather a complement to the turning itself.

  The material is also a bragging point.  I never fail to mention that it is a food safe material that can be used for anything without fear of toxic contamination or degradation of the finish.  I actually had a person return one of my earliest pieces that had a tall, glitzy chrome plated finish.  I was able to replace the chromed piece with one of your stoppers and he was then happy.

 Now as for the extra touches.  While this is not something that one sees in the product design or materials it has impressed me greatly.  I was grateful that you did not just have the buyer fill out an order sheet but wanted to talk to them personally.  I was so impressed that I am looking forward to meeting you.    In addition to the personal touch, the coaching that you provided to beginning turners is inspirational and appreciated.  The gallery that you have also generates ideas and concepts that turn the craft into an art.

 In closing, Ruth, I am thrilled with you product, love your business style, and looking forward to shaking your hand in person .

Bill Murray

I have purchased several of the threaded bronze inserts and they are top of the line! I found them to be well made and quite robust. I have used them for a few cremation remains urns for both humans and pets. They add a level of elegance to the urns. I will be buying more!

Lee Munch PA

Excellent products! They are innovative and simple to install and use. And…they are backed by Carl!

John Skene CA

Many thanks for the super quality of the bottle tops and bottle openers.
Your delivery to me also went very well.
Your stated delivery time worked very well.
I will continue to order from you. That's how I like working with you, top.

Sven Doelling Germany

A few months ago we lost our little sweet four legged boy. I wanted to turn a nice Urn for him and found Niles to make threaded inserts and ordered the 3 inch version.
It was received within a week, well packed and perfectly made.
Highly recommend these gentlemen, they know what they are doing.

Jan Pedersen OR

Excellent service and great products. If you’re into making bottle stoppers there is no need to go anywhere but Niles website. Also, take a look at some of their other products especially if your considering making Christmas gifts. One of the best things about dealing with Niles are the many YouTube videos created by Carl Jacobson who demonstrates how to use the many products. Good job!

Gary Lawrence MA

Very rapid service. I have ordered and received may different thing, always exalent product. Will be ordering more in the future.

Steven Langille UT

I've been turning urns for the past couple of years, using various types of plastic fittings for the lids. A friend recommended your bronze threaded rings a few months ago. Shipment was prompt, and the quality of the rings is amazing.
They are easy to installed, and give a very secure closure to the urn....Most of my urns are segmented turnings, with each one being unique. The rings give a professional look, and coincide with the quality of the urns..

Larry Cook AL

I would like to say that if "Niles Bottle Stoppers" had a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a 20 !!! I was having an issue using a gift card (not from Niles) and left a note to see if they could help me. Within five minutes, Carl had called me and unfortunately, I missed his call. I called back minutes later and Carl answered the phone, not some animated robot.. 😉 He was nothing beyond exceptional in his willingness to assist me! So, I got my order placed and went ahead and placed a second order within the hour. He even assisted me in combining the orders together, so I could save a few dollars on shipping! Talk about customer service - none better!!!

My story does not end there as Carl was able to tell me when my order would be received (along with a tracking number). He gave me the specific day and my tracking said the day after Carl told me it would be here. Well, Carl was right, again, and it was here on the day he told me it would be here.

I received my order yesterday and everything was packed professionally! Nothing was packed loosely to where it would bump and scratch other parts of my order. Everything was there along with a very clear/printed copy of my invoice! Actually legible. 🙂
Cannot wait to start turning!

Bottom line is that this will not be my last order and if anyone reads this and is in their begging stages of turning or a professional turner, you must give "Niles Bottle Stoppers" a try! Nothing but perfection from beginning to end !!!

Bill Frerking IL

I purchased several sizes of the brass threaded inserts and find them easy to install and quite a beautiful touch to my pieces. I’ve been using a rose engine to produce threaded vessels for a number of years but I think this product really upgrades my work. Thanks for making these available

Richard Nye IL

I was in the process of making my first urn for a friend who had just recently passed. I had searched you tube looking for any suggestions on how to attach the lid and I could only find instructions on making the threads using pvc pipe. I searched further and I came across the Niles website and noticed that they had bronze threaded rings. I ordered the 3 1/2 inch size and it was just what I was looking for. It made the urn elegant and was easy to install. Glad I found your website.


Alton Daniel VA

I love this product. I bought the sample pack so I could get my hands on it and really pick out my favorite. I love the weight of these!!!

Niki Fosjord WA

I have purchased many products from bottle stoppers, to the joyner off center jig, and mandrels just to name a few. I was lucky to meet Ruth quite a few years ago when she was a vendor at a totally turning in Saratoga NY. Its safe to say that after few of minutes talking with her years ago I new I would always support her business. The products sold on the websiter are TOP TEIR. Ruth has assembled a stellar team across the board. A++++ to Ruth and whole the team. I only wish I could give a higher rating for the products, I feel the are the best on the market today.

Craig Cowan VT

I love the mandrel and the stoppers I have purchased. The stoppers are very popular gifts. My grandchildren always want to know when another box with a sucker is coming. They think that is the best item in the box!

Mike Steele OK

Threaded rings Super fast delivery to uk amazing thank you

Alan Russell UK

What a wonderful experience buying from Carl at Niles Bottle Stoppers. Excellent communication, super fast shipping and extremely accommodating seller. I feel very good about the superior quality of my products made with Niles stoppers. They are of excellent quality and I can't imagine using anything else. Thanks so much for all your help!

Peggy Leppek CO

I bought a 1.25" x 8 Niles Mandrel to make bottle stoppers for Christmas presents. Being new at this I'm using cokes as the stoppers. The mandrel adapter I bought allows me to turn the stopper down to the the large end of the cork every time. I bought a Spiral 3/8" Tap, but have not used it yet. I like the Mandrel, as I can hand screw the wood on to it, run up the tail stock and start turning. I've used the Mandrel in making some Christmas ornaments as well. I do not know how else I could have held the wood in place. The Mandrel is made well and I believe it will hold up well in my shop.

Oren Hargrove, IL

Fantastic service, really exceptional quality of the products. Can't wait to turn these into gifts and items for sale. Well worth every penny.

Mark Beckett UK

I really like the items I have purchased from Ruth. There is more variety and better quality then similar products at Rockler and Woodcraft. I particularly like the system that she sells to turn the stoppers. I had a lot of trouble getting the inserts in acrylics and getting it straight. The Ruth Niles product eliminated the need for the insert and made it easy to use. Everyone that I give a finished stopper to loves them. The order process and delivery was seamless. I also like that she posts the photos of creations her customers have made on the website. There are some very creative folks out there!

My wife really loves the can tab puller!!!

Gary Mouser, TX

Love the quality, reliability & service!

Bill West, FL

I've been a customer since October 2020, after having found Ruth's website on the internet.  I quite like the stoppers, in particular that they can literally "stand on their own".   I've been very pleased with the quality, design and finish of the products that I've bought (SS-9000 bottle stoppers, bottle and pull-tab openers, and tenderizer sets) that set these apart from others on the market.  I also like that they are not made "offshore", as so many products are these days.  The service is timely & excellent and the products are extremely well packaged for shipment.  Excellent products!

Peter Dorrins, Quebec

8/2/21 Just received my mandrel kit which I ordered last Friday. Priority mail package arrived in perfect condition due to the great packaging. Very happy with the quick customer service and I'm looking forward to turning my first bottle stopper. I'm originally from Bethlehem, Pa. so I'm happy to send some business to another Pennsylvanian. Keep up the great work, Ruth!

Bruce Bachman

Excellent products, price and service ...simply the best.

Ed Kallbrier

I only make things to give to friends and family.  Always worry about quality of components.  I have made several stoppers from Niles bottle stoppers all were well received.  The bottle opener is a huge hit.  Need to order more.  No quality issues with Niles.  They are simply the best.  And super easy to use.


Rick Chapman, WA

I only make things to give to friends and family.  Always worry about quality of components.  I have made several stoppers from Niles bottle stoppers all were well received.  The bottle opener is a huge hit.  Need to order more.  No quality issues with Niles.  They are simply the best.  And super easy to use.


Rick Chapman, WA

All products I have ordered have been of the highest quality and the shipping super fast. One will not find a better product anywhere.

Perry Miller

The Bottle Stoppers I purchased work great, they have been a nice aid as I am returning to woodturning after many years. I really enjoy your photo galley. It's a joy to see what other woodturners are doing and provides me with ideas to advance my developing skills.

Jim Layman

Ruth is one of the finest people to buy from, it’s a perfect experience, I don’t say that very often.

Jim Todd

Amazing products. Fast shipping. Prices are great.. Ruth really engages with people on Facebook which is a bonus!

Dan Breeding, WA

Ruth Niles Products are the best by far.  I have used other products before I found Ruth Niles, none can compare to the quality of the all American products of Ruth Niles

Donald Thomas, FL

I’m very impressed by your service and the high quality of all the products I purchased

I was unsure whether the M33 x 3.5 mandrel would fit my lathe you assured me it would and it fit perfectly as did the drill and tap.

The bottle opener and stoppers are beautifully made and excellent quality and very much admired, they arrived very well packaged and in perfect condition to the U.K.

Trevor Huntley, West Yorkshire, UK   *****

Trevor Huntley, UK

Love the customer service. That is everything in this day and age.
And the product will stand the test of time. Very clean with protective coating over the threaded part when they arrived . Food grade. ♡

Jo marie Brotherton, TN

I really like Niles bottle stoppers and their quality definitely outshines the competition. I've gotten the threaded tapered three ring stopper, the four ring, and the five in both brass and stainless and I'll continue to only purchase Niles products. I also got the threaded inserts and they are a big help for the wood and a hybrid stoppers I've made.  I have a few stoppers I purchased before finding Niles stoppers and can't bring myself to sell those as the rubber is harder to clean and doesn't provide as good of a fit as Ruth's.  

Tana Munoz, TX

I have been pleased with the high quality of the Ruth Niles products.  I started with bottle stoppers and openers before recently buying my first tenderizer kits.  The fit and finish are consistently excellent and I really like that every product works with the same mandrel.  Shipping was quick and the online gallery provides great ideas for each type of product.

Bill Milbourn

I purchased the 1x8 mandrel kit. The first shipment got lost in the system and another was sent straight away. I have since received the kit and am quite impressed with it. No jury rig for stopper mandrels and I now have rock solid stopper turning. I will be ordering more items from Niles. The international shipping is a bit of a nightmare but if ya want the BEST.....


Dwight Alwine, Essex, UK

customer service was top notch from the first contact. quality and selection is no comparison to any other supplier in the industry!!! my only regret is i didnt find these earlier !!!!! 


Devin Stace

Ruth Niles is one of the few HONEST and HELPFUL merchants I have had the pleasure to order from. I love the bottle openers, bottle stoppers, inserts and all of her products. I’m having fun making things for my friends and family. I don’t sell anything, I do this as a hobby and I love it.


Tom Collins

Excellent contact and fast shipping.
Goods are first class and I will definitely come back again.
thank you very much Ruth


Aleksander Mazur (Poland)

Excellent product and customer service. The website has some very informative material to market your product 

Patrick Anderson

Your products are excellent.  The quality of metal and consistency are superb!  When I order your products I know that they are precision made and I never have received anything less from you.  I also think that you really support your customers.  It's easy to see why your products have spread to other sellers such as PSI.  You can also add that you provide great instructions on how to use your products as well as some useful tips

Stan Smith

I have truly enjoyed the products that you produce and sell.  They have been the best bar none of any I have used and am now only buying from your company.  The reason is not just due to the quality of the product but the personal touches you add to every purchase.  Thank you for the way you do business and I hope to be buy more things in the future as I grow my woodworking offerings. 

Dennis Roy

Honestly I loved the products I ordered and got from you! I enjoy looking at the pics posted on your site and get inspiration from them.  I also enjoy the advice you lend such as your craft show tips.

All in all, I’d say don’t fix it, it isn’t broke.   I’d hate to have to look elsewhere for what I purchase from you.  I’m not at all tempted to swing over to the guy with the “better price.”  I am about value and that is what I get from you.  I value your customer service, your pricing, your timely shipping, and above all your personal touch.  

Most vendors don’t realize that there is a “lifetime value of a customer.”  If you don’t know the phrase, google it. This is something YOU don’t have to learn.  You already know it! 

Jerry Warner

I am a dedicated customer and will continue to be so.  Your products and service are always the best in quality and speed and I appreciate that.  No reason to consider ever looking at any other source.  Thanks for being an excellent and consistent supplier.

Ron Ford

I like your products just fine, but find them a tad expensive or I would buy more.  I don't envy you trying to produce a great product at a reasonable price, then having to compete with cheap Asian imports.  Tough. 

Ed Rose

I don't turn many bottle stoppers and don't sell any of my work.  Years ago I turned a stopper for a friend and she used it for her vinegar bottle.  You can imagine how badly it corroded. It took me awhile before I started reading about Niles Bottle Stoppers and gave them a try. After that I started using SS stoppers.   

When I received my first order I was very impressed with the machining quality. They are beautiful.  I was sold on them and placed another order and will order more from you in the future.  There are people who will use the cheap cork and silicone stoppers for resale but end up not making much money and have a poor product.

I am glad you are now selling through other dealers and they are advertised as Ruth Niles bottle stoppers.  This will get you more exposure and name recognition.

I think when I first went to your website about three years ago there were problems such as under construction.  I just went to it and it is excellent. 

If I had any constructive I certainly would offer it, however, I believe you are doing everything right. 

Don Wolfe

I am entirely satisfied with the 3 different products I have purchased from you.  It's rare in today's world when one can comment; "Value received".  Thank you for giving me some faith in the future of business.

Mike Epstein

I am more than satisfied with the quality and the delivery service.  I will be reordering in the future and I know I will get the same service and quality.  Thank you for giving us your products.  They are Unmatched in the industry.

Jay Rutan

Well, since you asked, I will be brutally honest, I will not hold back.  You are the BEST!  I have never had a problem with my orders.  I have never had an issue with the quality.  I will go out on a limb and say your prices are at the right point.  I have gotten some stoppers from the "other company" but I only did so because I like the longer, narrower curve.  However, I have your off-center jig, your openers, your stubby stoppers and your stopper mandrel.  All first rate!

Joe Himes

I love your stuff.  All of it. It’s made in the USA, and stainless. I believe those are your biggest selling points. You also have a very nice website with good info, and the products are easy to order. It’s also great that you have PayPal. It’s almost a necessity these days. If given two similar options, I will always use the one with the PayPal for ease of use.  

All in all, you’re the best out there at what you do. 

Chris Carskaddan

Niles, has the best product ever. Everything they sell is top quality. A you talk about customer service. It’s the best I have ever seen. And I have been in the business for over 50 years. They even called me when they were on vacation. I don’t know any business that would do that. Once again if you want the best product ever. You need to order from Niles.

David Stephens IL

I recently received a 2-1/5” threaded insert. It was promptly shipped and securely wrapped, arriving in excellent condition and it added a nice touch to the segmented walnut and spalted oak urn I made. I couldn’t be more pleased with Niles!

Buddy Grisso VA

After reading about Niles Bottle Stoppers I decided to order a couple to try them out. I places my order and the next day I had a request for 12 more stoppers. Going only on reviews, I placed my new order for 10 more. Carl emailed me on Sunday before Labor Day and told me he saw the two orders and just combined them and refunded shipping for one of them. He also gave me an ETA on the shipment, 100% accurate btw. I'm definitely looking forward to continuing doing business with Carl.

Kevin Meske IL

I placed my first order on the site recently. I was not in a hurry to receive my order but apparently there was a low stock issue with my order. Carl contacted me directly by phone to let me know that there would be a delay. He followed back up with me once the items were back in stock to let me know that they had shipped. This was all within the matter of a few days . In all honesty, I would not have known that there was a delay with the order if I wasn't told. I am expecting to get the order within one week of having placed the order (including the 4th of July Holiday). What I really want to highlight here is the customized and personal care that was given to me. This level of service is non-existent nowadays. It was unexpected, but greatly appreciated. I will be placing many more orders in the future. Thanks Carl.

Salvatore Alomia NY

Have not been turning stoppers alot. Met Ruth at a Show In Louisiana a couple yrars ago The quality of everything produced @ niles stoppers is top notch grade A Product Just received the Regular Sample kit as I have a show coming up soon
I also got some of the stainless thread inserts as some of the wood does Not tap well so the inserts are drill insert & done.

Gene Lord TX

What wonderful, quality products. The customer service is first class. Their bottle openers and tab lifters are not only good looking but also work flawlessly. Just follow the instructions and add a stylish grip and the compliments will be plentiful.

Philip Legendre MN

What a tremendous group to do business with. I ordered a bottle stopper starter kit and a few additional accessories on Saturday. On Monday I received a call from Carl asking if I really wanted 2 items I ordered as they were already part of a kit in my list. It's nice to have a business watching your back. That small gesture alone, saved me a couple of dollars made me a customer for life. The order was promised on Thursday and arrived a day sooner. The finish and quality of the stoppers and of the additional items in the package are all top notch. Thank you Carl and Robin, I'm looking forward to more business in the future. Next time I'm in Portland visiting my daughter your cup of coffee is on me!

Frank A VA

Great product. It was very well machined and fit perfectly. My only issue was that the delivery took longer than expected. I will definitely purchase again as needed.

Mike Imber OH

I ordered the 1.25x8 lathe arbor, it works like a charm. I ordered on Friday, mailman delivered on Mon.

Charlie Boardman OR

I have been thru several other companies for bottle stoppers, equipment, etc. Then I found Niles stoppers, bottle openers, videos, the whole package. Great info, awesome customer service, just a great set up and delivery Thanks Carl!

Paul Westhafer OH

Solid product. Quick, efficient delivery. Can't ask for more than that!

Eric MacKeigan Canada

I ordered two sets of the Urn Inserts from Carl and Robin on the 31st of Jan and they arrived in Melbourne Australia today, the 9th Feb. An 8-day, order / pack / deliver is exceptional compared to the other packages I have ordered from the US, including Amazon. The Inserts were well wrapped and protected and exceeded my expectations as to quality. In the words of the great man, "I'll be back".
Thanks again Carl and Robin!


Neil Williams Australia

Have made several stoppers using the Nikes mandrel and mostly. The quality of the Nikes stoppers is top of line. I use mostly the SS-9000 stoppers. Gave away most of what I have made at Christmas to friends and family. All commented on quality. I like the fact that I always get a response on “how to questions” or problems and any needs taken care of promptly by the Niles people. You run a great company and your customer attention is appreciated.

Ronnie Stapp GA

I ordered again with Carl &Robin and was extremely delighted! I ordered the SS-8000’s as I personally love the look, and I love the fit. They sit nicely in a wine bottle. Carl responded to my order giving me the delivery date, and they were delivered three days earlier.
This company is my only go to for stoppers, now that I’ve found them. They have the best designs and are of the best quality! Thank you Niles Bottle Stoppers!

Melissa Jackson, CA

As a novice wood turner I have tried obtaining supplies from various online suppliers. The items I have ordered are received quickly and have been top quality. The customer service is second to none. Thank you Carl.

Bob B, CA

I am a novice woodturner and was introduced to Niles Bottle Stoppers by the master woodturner who introduced me to the hobby. These stoppers are very high quality and the instructions for "How to Turn a Bottle Stopper" on this website are immensely helpful! It is very evident that Carl and Robin (the owners) care a lot about their products and customer satisfaction. I highly recommend their products.

Connor D, MD

I recently started making bottle stoppers and I can't seem to stop! These stoppers are the highest quality available. Carl and Robin are excellent communicators, they have kept me up to date on all of my orders! I have also purchased the Joyner off-center jig which is lots of fun!

Maryalice Birk, CA

Best quality stoppers I have used.  All the people who have gotten a bottle stopper from me always brag about the quality and durability of them.  The only stoppers I will use from now on!!!


Jody Cooper, SC

I met Ruth Niles at one of the Turning Symposiums a few years ago and we immediately struck up a friendly conversation. I tried an assortment of her bottle stoppers and found that they fit better than the other brand that I was using. So now Niles is the only bottle stopper I will buy. They not only fit perfectly, but they look great and last forever. I can't recommend them any stronger!

John OBrien, FL

A few years ago, I started making bottle stoppers for Christmas gifts and other occasions. My son said the stopper I gave him would not fit tightly in his wine bottle; only one O-ring barely contacted the neck. This concerned me because I was planning a business venture to sell bottle stoppers at local consignment shops and eventually through a website and I did not want dissatisfied customers.

Along the way, I learned about Niles Bottle Stoppers and decided to investigate your products. After reading through your website, I was impressed by the amount and thoroughness of your research in developing your products. Two things that stood out about your stoppers are that they are designed so that two O-rings seal the bottle, and your philosophy of ‘No Bottle Left Behind’. Having a metallurgical background, I can appreciate your choice of 304 stainless steel for this product instead of lower cost materials that look nice initially but have inferior corrosion resistance. I also like the variety of bottle stopper styles and other products offered. I am planning to make some can tab pullers to sell as I believe there are many people who can benefit from this product.

By using your products, I believe I can offer superior bottle stoppers and have the confidence that my customers will be pleased with the product and want to purchase more.

Mark Zeglen, OH

Great quality products with super fast delivery and fair shipping costs!

Ryan Custer

When I began playing with resins I new one of the first things I wanted to make were bottle stoppers and bottle opener. The only stoppers I would buy would be Ruth Niles. They are the best quality I have seen. The other reason is that Ruth is such a nice person. I met Ruth when she first started selling bottle stoppers and always looked forward to seeing her at symposiums. I plan on making things out of resins for a long time so I will be buying more from Ruth.

Gary Sanders, Texas

An “ ICON”
Simply one of the BEST SUPPLIERS but more important a GREAT LADY 👍

Alex Iacullo


I love all your products!! I've used pretty much all of the stopper styles and recently used the garlic press along with the meat tenderizer. I found all of the products to be of high quality and excellent machining. I would and do recommend your products to other woodworkers and woodturners!! Awesome stuff! Thanks for the high quality products!

Bruce Jordan, Jordan Woodwerx


Ruth Niles Bottle Stoppers are Top Shelf throughout. The threaded inserts are easy to install and are of the same quality as the Stoppers should they be used instead of wood cut threads.  All Stopper styles are the same quality however, the SS-9000 style looks great not only in a bottle but also on a display shelf.

Ruth is a pleasure to talk with, not only reference Bottle Stoppers and other products she offers, but  responds quickly to customer needs and ships promptly. Will definitely purchase again.

Dan Schladt, IL

Your bottle stoppers and threaded inserts are the best on the market, and they’re reasonably priced compared to the others. I wish that I had known about them when I started turning stoppers. The problem With some brands is that they are not perfectly centered; yours are. I turned more than a dozen mediocre stoppers before I found yours. I will probably never use another brand again.

Luisa Arevalo Klose

I love the products from Ruth Niles.  Always consistent, high quality.  Customer service is outstanding!

Jim Collingwood, Sioux Falls, SD

I have to say Ruth has been a joy to work with. I have bought multiple times from her now and the Customer Service is all around Top-Notch. I had ordered a wrong item and she personally called me to fix my own mishap. I have bought the Cosmopolitan SS-3000, Cosmopolitan SS-4000, BR-3000, BR-4000 with Brass inserts. These have worked out awesome and so far no complaints. The inserts sit tight in the hole I predrill in my bottle stopper blanks before turning. I have no other reason to shop anywhere else for bottle stopper accessories. Thanks so much Ruth Niles - Jakob

Jakob Janssen

The only way to make this any easier would be to have someone else turn them for you. Only my own lack of skill limits me. Everything I have ordered has been absolutely first quality. I wish every company could be this pleasant to deal with.

Richard Moore, CA

Ruth Niles wine and whiskey stoppers, bottle openers and accessories are hands down the best that I have seen on the market. They are heavy duty products of outstanding quality, reasonably priced and versatile.  I used them for carved bottles tops. If that weren’t enough, Ruth provides outstanding customer service.  I’m a customer for life!  I highly recommend her products.  You will not be disappointed!

Ray Whittemore, AZ

I am a fan of quality tools, and quality products. I have made several purchases from Ruth the past 6 months. The last items I bought, was the meat tendorizer and garlic press set in stainlees steel. OMG! They are just massive and heavy, and sooooo well made. I turned my first set last week, and it was sold before the polish had cooled down. We don´t have anything like that set here in Norway, and my customers went nuts. 4 more orders to turn, in different materials.
One more thing about Ruth´s excellent customer service: by a mistake, I didn´t recieve all the screws for the tendorizers. Sent an email, got instant reply and appology. It took only a few days, before I recieved the extra screws in the mail, and I live in Norway! I will continue to buy quality products from Niles Bottle Stoppers for a long time. I love to the make stuff out of them, and everything is sold even before I get to display my finished products! My customers love the feeling of solid stainless products! Thank you so much from across the pond!

Mats Bjornstad in Norway

Ruth is simply the best! I have ordered about everything she has at least once. She is always going above and beyond! She tossed in a couple sample items with my last order which was just fun! High quality and quick turn-around. I wished everything was this easy! Happy turning!

Brandan Bruce in Iowa

Although I had heard great things about Ruth Niles over the years, I had never bought anything from her until now.  I've pretty much purchased every kind that you make and I could not be happier. The only disappointment that I have is that I did not find you years ago. 

Your products are simply excellent in workmanship and quality. I've enjoyed making the bottle stoppers and everyone that has seen them are most impressed, mainly with your product more so than with my work.   I also purchased a mandrel with a self-tapping screw that I use in making the bottle stoppers. Again, first class in both workmanship and quality. It has performed flawlessly.

Everything was delivered timely and professionally packaged - so nice to see professionalism still exists - thanks Ruth - great fun - going now to purchase several more stoppers from you - thanks for having exceptional products for us - take care - Walter

Walter Hotz

I’m extremely satisfied with my order. Your service and products are absolutely amazing. You make the experience from ordering to selling a joy. I’m making products with absolute confidence that my customers are as happy with their purchase as I am. You are greatly appreciated.

Donny Katro

All of my feed back is very positive. I have nothing but good things to say about the service you provide and the product you deliver. I have mainly ordered bottle stoppers in the past but I am happy to see newer products being added. Every woodturner wants a new gadget now and again

Frank Lonardo

Thank you very much!  I’m a relatively new woodturner, about 3 years. I started following your products a number of months ago and finally decided to take the plunge!  The quality of your products is top notch. I won’t be using anything else. I really enjoy your webpage and the pictures you put on there.  A fan and customer

Jim Collingwood

The products I’ve bought from you are exceptional in quality and your customer service is spectacular. You run your business  magnificently. My only complaint is that we live so far apart - I’d love to meet you in person. What I like best about doing business with you is the wonderful conversations we have when I call you to place an order. You are a fabulous person !

Tom Bundic

I would like reminders and one click purchase buying options on things I have bought before. You are my go to vendor based on quality and options, and I love the personal touch

Barry Tonkin

Anything from your company and bearing your name is always and consistently of the highest quality and finest visual looks!!! No questions asked, period!!! Same goes with your customer service!!! So refreshing in today’s world of shoddy, careless
workmanship. As always I wish I could invest in your stoppers by the gross! Especially with a new lathe going full tilt and trying to learn to make cutlery with exotic wood handles. 

Thanks again for the quality and caring about your products!! 

Bill Marcut

I purchased your products for the sole purpose of making Christmas gifts and was very proud of the finished product because of the quality of your stoppers.  I was also amazed at the care you put into protecting your products for shipping.  I've spoken with you on the phone regarding the stopper mandrel; I did not find it to be self tapping which is trivial compared to your great stoppers!   I find your customer service is beyond reproach.  I have recommended you to others in my wood turning group.  I have no intention of buying my stoppers from any other supplier simply because of the quality of the product and your customer service.

Kevin Hudak

I am completely satisfied with my purchases from you. I recently ordered a mandrel and bits along with some stoppers. Ordering was easy, follow up emails were promptly replied to when I had questions.  I got my package ahead of schedule and the whole transaction felt a little more personal than what I have experienced with from other vendors. You will definitely be getting more orders from me soon!!  

Weston Patton

It is rare to be able to deal with a business which has excellent products which are flawless and an owner who goes out of her way to insure the success of the client.  Ms. Niles sought to get the lowest possible rate on shipping costs.  I knew exactly what the "laid in" price would be when I gave her my order.  No hassle and no surprises.  I don't know how you can improve.   KUDOS! 

Maurice Clabaugh

I've been VERY satisfied with my purchases from your site.  Your products are excellent, service has been fine and the instructions you provided are superb.  Even  my first attempt was a success.  I have to give you credit, Ruth, you are a small business owner who has done her homework.  It takes a lot of courage to open a business and market it.  By the way, I like the way you upgraded your website.

Jay Blissick

I don’t do as many stoppers as I used to, but those I do make all have your inserts.  I think your addition of the flat-bottomed stoppers was one of your most astute moves.  I am now making miniature birdhouse stoppers, and some customers just leave then out on display all the time – many don’t even drink wine.  I know it’s not in your product line, but I have a couple of customers who use my Christmas ornaments as windowshade pulls.   I know there are some knockoffs out there, copying your designs.  I’m sure they sell some, but not to me. 

Terry Richards

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