Artists' Bottle and Can Openers Gallery

new.opener1                 can tab lifter stainless steel

The most unique bottle cap opener anywhere!  It is very popular because no one can figure out what it is until you show how it works!

The can tab lifter is my unique design and is great to open soup cans.   Both are Made in USA.  This Gallery proudly displays the work of various customers.  Enjoy and get inspiration!  The original stoppers with three o-rings are no longer available.


Stainless bottle openerKervin Hoffman in TX Made these great
looking bottle openers.

Eric Livesay

Niles bottle Opener

Eric Livesay in TN
Made this awesome bottle opener

Bruce Jordan

Red white and blue Niles bottle openerBruce Jordan in CA
Made this cool
pinecone and resin opener.

Keith Kapp

Gulf club bottle openerOne more from Keith Kapp in PA
Cool golf club opener

Keith Kapp

Beer tap bottle openersKeith Kapp in PA
A few more creative bottle openers.

Keith Kapp

Door handle bottle openerKeith Kapp in PA makes these awesome
openers out of recycled parts.

Steve Wohlgemuth

Marge Simpson bottle opener
Steve Wohlgemuth in VA
Makes custom stoppers and openers
like this one.

Rick O’Ryan

Hand turned wood bottle openersRick O'Ryan in NM
A few more great looking bottle openers

Rick O’Ryan

Hand carved pineapple bottle opener.Rick O'Ryan in NM Carved this
cool pineapple bottle opener.

Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan in CA Made this awesome
opener out of Maple burl and cellophane in resin.

Ruth Niles

bottle opener with wood burning
Turned Maple with pyrography created
by Ruth Niles

Ruth Niles

stainless bottle opener
Bottle cap opener decorated
with pyrography by Ruth Niles

Ruth Niles

woodturning with pyrography
Woodturning with pyrography
on bottle opener by Ruth Niles

Lou Dornbach

Lou Dornbach in VA
turned these great looking bottle openers

Steve Emery

Steve Emery in WA made these
awesome stoppers and opener
out of piano parts from 1910!

Barlow UK

openers and coffee tamper
John Barlow in UK turned can tab pulls, bottle
openers and espresso coffee tamper.  Nice work.

Bennett opener

straw flowers in resin
Steve Bennett in MA puts straw flowers in
resin for this awesome bottle cap opener.

Bennett Steve

beer bottle opener   
Two sides of a bottle opener turned
by Steve Bennett in MA.


natural edge stoppers and openers
Tom Borener in OR made natural edge openers
and stoppers from Western Big Leaf Maple.


bottle opener and bottle stopper
Jamie Page, UK turned this bottle opener
and bottle stopper.  See video.


Carl Jacobson turned this beer bottle opener
in the same shape as an Easy Wood handle.


Best resin turnings
Philip DeCarlo in SC did these totally impressive
openers.  Beautiful colors and nice shapes.


Anita Ball in TN turned this bottle opener
handle with porcupine quills in resin.


      gaming dice bottle opener
Daniel Dubois in KS made these gaming
dice bottle openers.  Terrific Gift idea.


gaming dice bottle opener       
Daniel Dubois of KS made these two
beautiful bottle openers.  Very nice.


array of beer bottle openers
Wayne Carawan in VA turned this array of beer
bottle openers for a weekend craft fair.

Kay burl

dyed and stabilized maple burl
Jeff Kay, OK, turned these brightly dyed Maple
burl bottle stoppers and botte opener.


house warming gift
Matt Kasprowicz, MI, turned a wine and whiskey
bottle stopper and a beer bottle opener as a
house warming gift with the bottles of each.


stainless bottle opener with inlay
Rick O'Ryan in NM used inlay in the
turning for this stainless bottle opener.

Peterson opener

bottle opener   
Rick Peterson, WA, turned these two
beautiful bottle openers.

Peterson opener

resin and burl bottle opener
Rick Peterson in WA poured this
resin and burl bottle opener top.
Beautiful color combination.

Walcott opener

engraved bottle opener
Jim Walcott in AR, engraved bottle
opener.  Jim only makes gifts for
all the blessings he has received.

Johnson Brett

Viking Gnome bottle opener
Brett Johnson in MA made this Viking Gnome
bottle opener.  Next photo shows how it works!

Johnson Brett

Viking Gnome bottle opener
This is Brett Johnson's Viking Gnome showing
the bottle opener inside his helmet!


bottle cap openers
Rick Peterson in WA turned these colorful
bottle cap openers.  Love the green shades..

Mouser 5.6

beautiful red swirl resinblue swirl resin stopper
Gary Mouser, TX, beautiful red swirl
stopper and perfect blue can tab pull.


tab pull, bottle opener combo
Jana Smith in FL turned this
tab pull/bottle opener combo.

Kesler openers

Niles bottle openers
Steve Kesler, PA, shows 3 entirely
different shapes and sizes for openers.


bottle stoppers and bottle openers
Steve Kesler in PA was busy making bottle stoppers
and bottle openers.  Very nice array of shapes.


Best beer bottle opener
Gary Sanders laminated wood, turned and
carved to make the best beer bottle opener.


Beer tap bottle opener
John West, PA, used a beer tap handle
to make this bottle cap opener.

Dinse 3

bottle stoppers and bottle opener
Dan Dinse in PA did a great job on these 2 whiskey
bottle stoppers and the bottle cap opener.  Nice work.


stainless steel bottle stoppers and openers
Gary Sanders in TX, turned these openers and
stoppers.  Fantastic detail on the opener
on the right.

Michael Earley

Unique bottle openers
Michael Earley in NC made
these beautiful hybrid openers

Haynes openers

Jerry Haynes in Texas turned these two
beautiful bottle cap openers.

Haynes 2

Baseball bottle openers
Jerry Haynes in TX turns miniature baseball
bats and engraves them.  Great idea!

Jerry Bridges

Jerry Bridges in TX. Italian Olive for the
stopper.  Frog Blanks for the tab pull.

Niles leaves

bottle opener with cherry handle
A design of leaves burn on Cherry
using only dots.  Easy and impressive.

Rick O’Ryan

niles botte opener
Rick O'Ryan in NM turned this beautiful bottle
opener from Spanish Broom (a weed!)


progression of making bottle openers
Rick Chapman, WA, shows the progression of
making a bottle opener.  Great idea!


unique bottle opener made in America
Rob Wallace turned this great
bottle opener.  Love the shape.

Jerry Bridges

bottle opener turned from Cherry
Jerry Bridges in TX turned this can tab pull
from Cherry wood with the star insert.


can tab pull made in America
Christiana Hancox, UK, created these whimsical
can tab pulls with custom made glass beads.


Steve Wohlgemuth created these
unusual bottle/tab opener combo.


Jamie Page bottle opener
Jamie Page turned a bottle opener,
can tab pull. Video: WP Woodwork


unique beer bottle openers
Ben Gambill in TN turned his first group of
bottle cap openers and did a great job.

McKinney shell

Bullet bottle opener
Craig McKinney created this bottle cap
opener for a retired military friend.


stainless bottle opener made in America
This shows how Craig McKinney made the bottle
opener that fits inside the bottom of the "shell".



stainless bottle openers Niles made in America
Nick Manuel in Maine turned these bottle
openers.  I love that they stand either way.

Michael Ryan

Beer Tap Openers
Michael Ryan in NJ, printed the logo, glued it to
wood and cast it in clear resin. Beer tab pulls!


Retirement gift beer bottle opener
Bill Leigher in FL, turned this stainless bottle cap
opener as a retirement momento.

Jacobson Carl

stainless and aluminum beer bottle opener
Carl Jacobson turned this aluminum
top on the stainless beer bottle opener.
Super classy!

Measells canes

Mike Measells uses curtain rods, old canes, drum
sticks or dowels to make bottle openers.  He does
not own a lathe.  Great imagination!


stainless beer bottle opener   Niles bottle opener
Mike Measells, TX, found an unfinished
wood doll and made a bottle opener!
He might paint a face and coat on it.

Julie Hagan

stainless bottle openers
Julie Hagan in MA created these sleek stainless
bottle cap openers.  Very attractive.


Niles bottle openers
Frank Kobilsek turned these three fantastic Niles
beer bottle openers.  All are sold.  I can see why!

Jacobson aluminum

stainless beer bottle opener
Carl Jacobson used aluminum shavings in
resin to make this stainless beer bottle opener


Niles bottle openersNiles bottle stoppers
Mark Eason carved then painted this cat tap pull
opener for his neighbor. This is his finished painted cat!


Niles stainless bottle openers
Steve Crescenzo in NC created these bottle
openers with Lichtenberg fractal wood burning!

Theresa Roberts

Niles bottle opener
Theresa Roberts in WI, created
this gorgeous bottle opener using
a vintage knife handle.  Perfect!


Roger Dirkx in OR turned this tab pull.
He's only been turning a few months!

Bertschman 2set

bar set: bottle opener, bottle stopper, paring knife
Don Bertschman created another bar set with
a stopper, bottle opener and paring knife in
the center.  Great gift idea.



Beautiful work from Peter Urasky


A beautiful set of can pull
tabs from Mitchell Jones


A few more from Curtis Fuller.  These
are simply spectacular.


Curtis Fuller turned and burned these
amazing bottle openers as gifts

Unique Blanks

bottle stopper and bottle opener

Wine bottle stopper and beer bottle opener
turned from Bob Rosand's Unique Blanks.


Niles bottle openers
Anthony Yakonick in PA turned these attractive
Niles bottle openers.  Very classy work.


wine stopper and beer openers
Ed Kallbrier in IL turned this wine bottle stopper,
beer bottle opener and can tab pull.  Nice work!


stainless beer bottle opener       
Alec Kinslow in PA turned these 3 stainless
bottle openers.  I like the standing handle.


Niles bottle openers      
Alec Kinslow in Pittsburgh turned these 3
bottle cap openers.  Nice sleek shapes.


colorwood stainless bottle opener
Henry Doolittle in WA turned this
unique bottle opener.  Nice work!


stainless bottle cap opener
Thierry Coinon in France poured the blanks and
turned these stainless bottle cap openers.


complete bottle opener and stopper kit
Andrew Betschman turned wine stoppers, bottle
cap opener, can tab pull and whiskey stoppers.
To purchase, visit his Etsy store.

Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan from CA
turned this beautiful opener.
Check out his Instagram page


beer opener whiskey stopper set     
Joey Moll in AR turned this attractive
beer opener and whiskey stopper.


stainless bottle opener and can tab pull
Henry Doolittle, WA, turned this great
bottle opener and can tab pull combo.

Steve Wohlgemuth

Steve Wohlgemuth in VA made this cool F15
bottle opener. check out his website

Darla Baker

unique beer bottle opener
Darla Baker in KY made this great resin
opener.   Check out her Etsy shop

Mike Schuler

bottle opener and can tab pull
Mike Schuler of GA made this great
bottle opener/can tab pull combo.

Mark Eason Cat

Mark Eason of CA what a great idea for the pull tab opener.


beer bottle opener
Rick Cook in IN made these double-ended
bottle/can openers and wine bottle stopper.


used egg shells for stopper
Mark Lockridge's wife saves egg shells,
he put them in resin and it looks great!

Martin 2 opener

Tim Martin made this attractive pair of
bottle cap openers.

Niles beads opener

bottle opener for that special lady
Gift for that special lady: tiny beads,
fishing line, glue = Beer Opener.


Gift bar set
Tim Martin in CA made this great gift
bar set: stopper and opener.


resin top on stainless bottle opener
Nathan Scaccia in CA makes these awesome
resin bottle cap openers.  Beer lovers gift!


gifts for beer lovers
Jean LeGwin in NC turned and enhanced these
great gifts for beer lovers.


stainless steel stoppers with colored wood
Jean LeGwin in NC used colored wood to
make the simple shapes look awesome.


bottle openers   
Robert Hawk in ID made these bottle
openers.  See his Website for more.

LeGwin wood

turned wood handle on stainless bottle opener
Jean LeGwin, NC, adds individual detail to each
stainless bottle opener.  Gives each one class.


beer bottle opener with colored wood handle
Jean LeGwin in NC, uses colored wood to make
beer bottle openers that are unique and pretty.


Bottle opener made in Germany
Tobias Staab in Germany used Walnut
tree and Venetian Olive wood for these!


     Niles stainless bottle opener
Dan West in OH created these two
bottle openers.  Dan's Etsy Shop


gun metal bottle opener
Jennifer Ufkin in MN used a vintage silverware
knife handle on this Gun Metal bottle opener.


Niles stainless bottle openers
Tim Lauts in KS turned a great
bottle opener handle.



stainless bottle opener
Steven Ball in MA turned the handle
on a stainless bottle cap opener.


colorwood turned stopper top
Stefan Herbener, Germany, turned
this interestingly shaped opener.


Niles bottle cap opener
Bruce Hoium in MN turned this awesome
bottle opener & can tab pull set.  Nice.


Niles bottle stoppers
Reece Burgoon tempered the stainless
steel bottle opener for dramatic effect.


torched stainless steel bottle opener
Reece Burgoon turned this handle and
tempered the stainless opener: great effect!


Vintage silverware knife handle on can tab lifter
Mary Courtright in WA used vintage silverware
knife handles on the stainless can tab pulls!


unique bottle opener made in France
Mr. Thierry Coinon in France created these
great bottle cap openers.


vintage silverware tap pulls
Jennifer Ufkin uses vintage silverware knife
handles on can tab pulls. See More


bottle opener can tab lifter wine bottle stopper
Bryan Schwab in FL made 2 sets of
openers, can tab pulls and wine stoppers.


vintage silverware knife handles bottle openers
Ann DelGaudio in FL uses vintage silverware
knife handles to make elegant bottle openers.


woodturned bottle cap openers
John Simpson created these bottle cap openers.
The inlay is beautiful as are the pewter buttons.


can tab lifter and beer bottle opener
Jeremy Sauve in WA turned
a tab pull/bottle opener combo.


Jeremy Sauve in WA turned these bottle cap

Rick Chapman

bottle opener and can tab lifter
Rick Chapman in WA turned the bottle opener
and can tab pull with garden dibble for a friend.

Wohlgemuth red

red ribbons in resin on beer bottle opener
The finest beer bottle opener!
Steve Wohlgemuth: website.


Niles Bottle Cap Opener
Lawrence Erickson in CA, created this
opener from Madrone with Malachite


unique beer bottle openers
Matt Hanley made these unique beer bottle
opener handles.


Stainless Bottle Openers Unique beer openers
Matt Hanley in MI turned these great beer
bottle openers.


stainless bottle openers
Jim Meador in TN turned this beer bottle opener
and can tab pull.  Very nice and clean work.


rocket beer bottle opener
Lutz Brauneck in Germany turned
this great bottle cap opener.

Brad Byers

 stainless bottle opener
Brad Byers turned this handsome set:
liquor bottle stopper + bottle cap opener.


stainless stopper with colored sand detail
Don Bertschman, PA., used colored
sand to fill the bear he carved out.


laser engraved stainless bottle cap openers
Bob DelSignore in NY did an awesome job laser
engraving these stainless bottle cap openers.


turning lilac wood; bottle opener
Jerry Adam turned this bottle cap opener
and can tab pull.  The pull is Lilac wood.


personalized bottle cap openers
Gregg McDonald made bottle openers for 8
groomsmen; laser engraved personal details.


laser engraved bottle openers
This is the other 4 Gregg McDonald made and
laser engraved the personalized details.


copper flakes beer bottle opener
Gary Heinzig put copper flakes
in urethane then turned it.


stainless bottle openers with apple wood handles
Marco Ziegler, Germany, turned
Apple wood handles on openers.


unique bottle openers made in USA
Frank Kobilsek, exquisite woodturning!  Frank
has made and sold over 600 bottle openers..


Stainless steel beer bottle opener
Wonderful classical design for bottle cap opener,
and corkscrew opener done by Russell Smoak.


Stainless beer bottle openers
A few more by Phil DeCarlo.  The designs are
similar but the details make each stand alone.


Niles Stainless bottle openers
Interesting shapes made by Phil DeCarlo.
Visit his website to see great turning work.

unique beer bottle opener
Reece Burgoon in MO created these unique
beer bottle openers.  Nice variety of shapes


army lego stainless steel beer bottle opener
Steve Wohlgemuth made this bottle
opener to support our troops!

stainless steel bottle cap opener and bottle stopper set
Jim Collingwood in SD turned this terrific
bottle opener and bottle stopper set.


Niles stainless bottle openers
Steve Kesler in PA made these awesome stainless
bottle openers.  Beautiful array!


stainless bottle opener and tab pull
Stainless bottle opener and tab pull set.  Turned
by Ruth Niles, blanks by Eugenio Soto.


beer bottle opener turned wood
Steve Wohlgemuth, made this awesome
beer bottle opener!  Check his website


Niles stainless bottle openers
Dave Condon in Kerry, Ireland turned these great
stainless bottle openers and can tab pulls.


Niles bottle opener stainless steel

Steve Bennett, MA.  Terrific
bottle opener design. Website


resin blank turned bottle cap opener
David Gordon turned this pretty
resin blank for a bottle opener.


stainless bottle openers
Jeoffrey Burris, MI, turned this great array of
shapes on stainless bottle openers.


Stainless steel bottle cap openers
Jeoffrey Burris, MI, created these attractive
stainless steel bottle cap openers.


stainless steel bottle cap opener
Nathan Scaccia, CA, created this awesome
stainless bottle opener on a metal lathe!


resin heart stainless stopper turned pen
Jim Leonard, FL, turned the bottle opener/can
tab pull combo, pen and carved heart stopper.


Rocket bottle cap opener
John Simpson, CA created this
rocket ship bottle cap opener!


Stainless steel bottle cap openers
Jim Olsen, CT, turned these beautiful and
unique bottle openers and can tab pull.


stainless bottle cap opener
Ryan Mohler turned this beautiful handle for a
Niles Bottle Cap Opener.


bottle cap opener and can tab pull
Ryan Mohler, OH.  Beautiful set: bottle cap opener
and can tab pull.


the best gift for beer drinkers
Beer Bottle Cap Openers turned from colorwood
by Frank Kobilsek in IL.

Konnick Opener

best beer bottle opener
Mike Konnick in MD.
Beautiful bottle opener!


Philadelphia Eagles bottle cap opener
Steve Wohlgemuth does custom bottle
openers.  Steve's website


turned resin tab pull
Stacy Travis, FL.  Turned this stainless
tab pull from a  poured resin blank.


the best turned bottle stoppers made in America
Frank Kobilsek, Mendota, IL.  Perfectly crafted
tops for stainless bottle cap openers.


bottle cap opener and bottle stopper
Peter Vines, VA, turned the bottle cap opener
wine bottle stopper and spinning top.


Fingernail Saver tab lifter
Mark Blok, TX made this can
tab lifter with great color.


Same set by Speros Pascalides just the other
side of them.


beer bottle opener and wine bottle stopper
Speros Pascalides, NJ created this great set.
Wine Stopper and Beer bottle opener.


stainless can tab lifter
Jim Leonard, FL, made this
can tab lifter for his neighbor.


Stainless bottle cap opener unique
Cliff Wing, TX.  Attractive bottle cap
opener, nice work.

Peter Vines

stainless steel bottle cap opener made in USA
Peter Vines, VA. Got the oak (R)
from a neighbor's wood pile!


stainless can tab lifter with oak handle
Jim Leonard turned this can tab lifter
from a boat pole of a friend's
deceased husband as a gift.

Kelm 2

resin and wood stainless bottle opener
Al Kelm, MN, put the wood on the top and it
looks like a person.  It's resin with opal flakes.


woodturned tops on stainless stoppers
Bryan Simmons, Mass.  Home bar gift set: wine
stopper, bourbon stopper, bottle cap opener!


stainless bottle opener
Steve Hoffmann, IL. Great shape Steve turned and
hollowed it for a great shape.   Awesome work.

Farrar purple

top 10 wine gifts
Ida Farrar, GA.  Created the resin
top for this can tab lifter.

R O’Ryan

cello turned from wood on top of stainless bottle cap opener
Rick O'Ryan,  Cello
bottle cap opener: beautiful!

Hotz 4

can tab lifter, wine stopper, whiskey stopper
Walter Hotz, GA. Can tab lifter, 2 whiskey
stoppers and wine stopper.  Nice woodturning.

Suzanne Adams

Unique beer bottle opener
Suzanne Adams, ME turned
this bottle cap opener.


Can tab lifter and bottle cap opener
Don Welling, NV, made
Cholla wood, bronze powder.


bottle cap opener stainless steel
Bob Rosand created this opener
using a beading tool he designed.


Bottle opener from Hawaii
Simple yet elegant; just a little detail adds
a lot.  Lawrence Rodrigues in Hawaii.

Whiskey stopper and Bottle Opener
Larry Rodrigues, HI, turned a nice bottle
opener and whiskey stopper set.


antique bottle shape bottle openers
Rick O'Ryan, NM, made these awesome bottle
openers in shapes of antique bottles.

Kurt Rogers.shells

sea shells bottle opener
Kurt Rogers, poured resin over the
shells then shaped the bottle opener.

Henry Pascal 4 openers

bottle cap openers made in France
Henry Pascal, France.  Nicely shaped bottle
cap openers.

Pascal 5 openers

bottle cap openers
Henry Pascal, France.  Turned these great
bottle cap openers.

Kurt Rogers tab

can tab lifter stainless steel
Kurt Rogers, OH.
Pretty can tab lifter

Stan Smith

Stan Smith, CA. Hard to see inlay in top of
bottle opener.  Nice set

Bridges antlers

deer antler bottle stopper
Steve Bridges, CA.  Uses
antlers for the bottle openers.


bottle cap opener and can tab lifter all in one
Ron Holland, IL.  Very classy.
Bottle opener/can tab lifter.


aquatic blue bottle opener
Nick Marmion, IL
Beautiful gift set.


beer bottle opener
Tom Bradley, NC.  3 views of
the same bottle opener.


Beer bottle openers
Vinnie Mondello, PA.  Bottle cap
openers; great shapes.

Larry Parker

baseball bat bottle opener
Larry Parker, VA
Bottle Cap Opener

Larry Rodrigues

    Hawaiian tab lifter
Larry Rodrigues, HI, can tab lifters.


bottle cap opener and tab lifter
John Behrend, MI Bottle openers and cute
can tab lifter

Mike Williams

Mike Williams in Israel

Steinke opener

Joshua Steinke, NC.  Great color.

Boddy Yuengling

Yuengling bottle opener
Tim Boddy, IL, made a Yuengling bottle

Eric Robert

Red, White and Blue bottle stopper
Eric Robert turned this beauty.


stainless beer bottle opener
Tony Rossi.  Love what
he did with the cracks.


bottle opener, bottle stopper
Tony Rossi, CA.  Great gift set!

Skip Hayes

stainless bottle cap openers
Skip Hayes, TN.  Bottle openers, the shapes
show off the wood grain perfectly.

Gregg Miller

stainless steel tab lifters
Gregg Miller, NY  Awesome can tab lifters.

Ethan Brinn

Padauk bottle opener
Ethan Brinn, NC.  A chunk of
Padauk, a lathe = a bottle opener!


bottle opener, can tab lifter combination
Mats Bjornstad, Norway. Made these terrific
bottle cap opener/can tab lifter combo creations
Visit Mats' website.


Unique bottle opener
David Steele, NC.  Very cute "men"
bottle cap openers.


stainless bottle opener
Chuck Stultz; perfect bottle
cap opener.


bottle cap opener
Dan Messerla,
real corn cob!

Bill Weir

stainless bottle opener
Bill Weir proud to be in GA.


stainless can tab lifter, stainless bottle cap opener
Dan Messerla.  Bottle opener and tab lifter.


stainless stopper and stainless opener
Alan of MikeAlanDesigns.  Pours and sells
resin blanks for openers and stoppers.


Bill Harring, SC.  Great array of bottle openers
and bottle stoppers.


wood handle on bottle cap opener
Reese Burgoon, MO
Burned Brand mark


lego man in resin on bottle opener
Steve Wohlgemuth, VA  Lego man in resin
on a bottle cap opener. See Steve's Website



stainless bottle cap opener
Dan Messerla.  Love the red accent.


Dan Messerla, MO
Plain polyurethane,
cast and turned.


Kimball Dunbar, WA.  Nice detail
with the turquoise.


Randy Kimery, IN.  Colorful array of openers.


can tab lifter
Larry Horowitz,
grape popsicle!
Can tab lifter


bottle stoppers, bottle opener, meat tenderizer
Larry Briski, CO.  Beautiful samples of stoppers
and the meat tenderizer and bottle cap opener.

Mark Newman

stainless steel bottle stoppers
Mark Newman puts Virginia Tech buttons
on the top of openers and stoppers.


stainless bottle cap openers spalted wood tops
John Behrend, MI.  A "Family" of bottle
cap openers.


stainless bottle opener and stopper with purple resin tops
Bruce Van Der Kamp, CO.  Vibrant colors!


stainless steel bottle cap openers with turned wood handles
Mark Teeboon, New Zealand.  Great wood!

stainless bottle opener colorwood turned top
Danny Shamoon, CA
"Brilliant" bottle opener!


Can tab lifter, turned wood handle
Cliff Wing, TX
Great shape.


stainless bottle opener and stopper with turned colored pencil tops
Bruce Hoium, MN.  Colored pencils!


stainless bottle opener and stopper, turned wood tops
Brad Adams, CA.  Exquisite set!


3 pc bar set
Alex Pettigrew; Pettigrew Woodworks, VA.
Crazy set but terrific gift items.



turned apples on stainless stoppers
Paul Salverda, CA, turns great apples and
engraves on the backs.


turned apple on stainless stoppers
The back of Paul Salverda's
apple stoppers.


stainless steel bottle opener
Jim Nicholls, OR.  Great set and nice trim.


stainless bottle cap openers
Starke Smith, VA.  Ready for beer bottles.


stainless stoppers, bottle openers and coffee tamper
Bruce Hoium; wedding gift set for his niece.

Yetis Damascus Knife

Yetis Damascus Knife.  Great set!

Irvin Hayes

stainless steel bottle cap opener
Irvin Hayes, MI


Al Iacullo.  I will post quite a few to
show various shapes for poured blanks..

Sugrue.3 piece

bottle opener, bottle stopper, can tab lifter
Camille Sugrue, WA.  Bottle cap opener, can
tab lifter and wine bottle stopper.


carved wine stopper
Don Bertschman, PA.  Done with knives.


bottle opener display for shows
Doug Johnson, Marco Pen Turner, FL
Perfect bottle opener display for shows.

DeWayne Huffman

Wounded Warriors opener
DeWayne Huffman, bottle opener
with Wounded Warriors button.

Steve Hoffmann

stainless bottle opener
Steve Hoffmann, IL   Bottle cap opener and
stainless wine stopper

Cary Smith

woodturned stoppers stainless steel
Cary Smith, TN; bottle openers and whiskey

Jim Fredrick

stainless bottle opener, wine stopper and whiskey stopper
Jim Fredrick, VA  Whiskey, Wine stoppers
and bottle cap opener.

Straw Collins

segmented bottle stopper

Jamie Straw turned from a blank
by Martha Collins (buy here)

Steve Wohlgemuth music

lego man on a bottle opener lego doctor on a bottle opener
Steve Wohlgemuth uses lego people in resin.
See Steve's website for all his products.

Julie Nordine glass

stainless bottle openers with glass handles
Julie Nordine is a glass artist in MN.

John Carroll

bottle opener, can tab lifter
John Carroll, VA.  Combined bottle cap opener
and can tab lifter for one utensil.

John Arkoosh

stainless bottle opener and stopper

John Arkoosh, CA.

Grant Brickham

resin and wood bottle cap opener

Grant Brickham, beautiful color!

Gage Olson

stainless bottle cap opener
Gage Olson, UT
Beautiful color

Frank Wilda 2

stainless bottle openers
Wildaness Woods, Frank Wilda turned beer
bottles and beer cans for the openers!

Dwight English

Dwight English in Alaska

Doug Johnson

Doug Johnson, FL.  Great display for beer
bottle openers.

David Thompson

beer bottle opener stainless
David Thompson, MD
Nice shape.

Rick O’Ryan 3

antique fire sprinklers
Rick O'Ryan also uses antique fire sprinklers.
Love the business card holder!

Rick Morris

stainless bottle opener
Rick Morris, CA.  Super!
Fish lure in resin.

Michael Savchak

Michael Savchak, NY

Tom Bundic set

stainless bottle opener and stainless stopper
Tom Bundic, BC, does awesome
segmented work.

Paul Rea

stainless can tab lifter
Paul Rea in Maine made the Niles Tab
lifter into a keychain.  Great idea!

Charlie Brown

Whiskey stoppers beer opener
Charlie Brown, LA.  Whiskey stoppers and
bottle opener.

David Munnich

bottle cap opener stainless steel
David Munnich, bottle
cap opener

Dave Hotchkiss

bottle stopper with a bottle opener

David Hotchkiss bottle opener and stopper set.

Adam Alloway

stainless bottle opener and can tab lifter

Adam Alloway created a dual-duty
bottle cap opener/can tab lifter.

David Olney

stainless steel bottle cap opener
David Olney, CA
Bottle Cap Opener

Chris Dobbin

bottle cap opener
Chris Dobbin, CA
Bottle Cap Openers

Carol McFee Tab

Soda can tab puller
Carol McFee, LA
Can Tab Popper

Kimball Dunbar

wood turned bottle openers

Kimball Dunbar, WA

Kim Dailey

stainless stopper with burl and green resin
Kim Dailey, ME, resin and burl.
Website (great pepper mills!)

Steve Pritchard

Steve Pritchard, GA.  This is only 1/2 of the
openers in this picture!

Vicki Grover

Beer bottle opener wood with stainless ssteel
Vicki Grover
British Columbia

Bill Power

Woodturning on stainless steel bottle opener
Bill Power, SC.
Great Upside Down!

Alex McCash

Alex McCash, NM

Bill Bender

Stainless beer bottle openers
Bill Bender in WA.  Great work!

Dave Kartzman.a

bottle opener, bottle stopper

David Kartzman, VA.  Zoot Suit Pair!

Rich Egan (FL)

Off-Set bottle opener

Rich Egan used the
Off-Set Jig for this.

Heather Frymark

cast aluminum bottle openers

Heather Frymark, RI   Cast aluminum
whale tails.

Steve Knotts

Steve Knotts: turned a wood
bottle and pasted a label on it!

Norm Hix

Norman Hix, WA  Nice variety.

Norbert Wenger

Norbert Wenger, OK
Cutting Board, Opener and Stopper Set

Joshua Steinke2

Joshua Steinke, NC

John Barlow

John Barlow, UK.  Cute set.

Jay St.Michel

Jay St. Michel, MD
Terrific "bottle" opener.

Dan West

Resin and wood turned bottle opener

Dan West, OH

Bob Rosand

Bob Rosand professional woodturner, bottle stopper and bottle opener
Bob Rosand in PA.