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Carawan stoppers

Wayne Carawan in VA made this inventory of bottle stoppers to sell at a Craft [...]


Wayne Carawan in VA turned this array of beer bottle openers for a weekend craft [...]


Tom Fronapfel in NV turned these two pizza cutter handles.  Nice clean designs.

Kay burl

Jeff Kay, OK, turned these brightly dyed Maple burl bottle stoppers and botte opener.


Colorful array of bottle stoppers created by Tony Rotundo in De.  Very attractive selection.

Skip Hayes

Skip Hayes in TN, turned these husky whiskey and Bourbon bottle stoppers.  Great Man gift!

Skip Hayes

Skip Hayes in TN turned this lovely array of kitchen utensils for the craft shows.  [...]


Jeff Kay in OK turned this pizza cutter handle from Figured Maple.  Great looking handle.


Matt Kasprowicz, MI, turned a wine and whiskey bottle stopper and a beer bottle opener [...]


Arvids Ernstsons in MI poured these blanks and turned beautiful whiskey bottle stoppers.


John Simpson, Calif. used 7 different woods for the bottle and label, which is all [...]


John Simpson, Calif., turned the tray, the stopper and the bottle!  All details are inlay.


Jeff Kay in OK turned these beer bottle opener, can tab pull combos.  The one [...]


Ken Lynch in CA, turned wood eggs and a friend painted them.  He used SS-9038 [...]


Rick O’Ryan in NM used inlay in the turning for this stainless bottle opener.


Ron Erwin in NY made these antique door knob bottle stoppers.  They look terrific in [...]


Geoff Brookman in TN, Olive wood finished with Pens Plus.  Geoff’s first stoppers.


John O’Brien in FL turned these great stoppers. His first attempt at hybrid casting.  Beautiful [...]


Stopper display with a flare.

Burke Matthes

Mathes Burke in CA turned this Neapolitan ice cream scoop handle.

Ford 2

Medallion in 1937-38 Ford V8 gear shift to be available at the Early Ford V8 [...]

Ford 1

Bob Merz, coordinator for the Early Ford V8 Meet, is using 1937 Ford gear shift [...]


Ron Erwin in NY, uses antique doorknobs to create unique bottle stoppers.  Nice.


Tony Rotundo in DE, made this stopper using sea stones.  So pretty!

Williams shell

Jeff Williams, WA, Great Imagination! Check BARN  website in WA.

Peterson opener

    Rick Peterson, WA, turned these two beautiful bottle openers.

Kekel Meat

Pete Kekel, Big Monk Lumber, turned these two hefty meat tenderizers from Maple Burl..


Gordon Harmon in CT turned this beautiful selection of wine bottle stoppers.


Dale Slaughter in NY turned this array of bottle stoppers.  Nice display

Peterson opener

Rick Peterson in WA poured this resin and burl bottle opener top. Beautiful color combination.

Collis 3

Marc Collis in IA turned these wine bottle stoppers.

Peterson 2 pink

Rick Peterson in WA made this beautiful bottle opener and stopper set.