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Donna Gordon

Donna Gordon, CO.  Awesome blown glass. Nog Rog Studios

Janice Chapman

Janice Chapman, Staffordshire, UK


Dag Aasdam, France. Wizard cast a spell on the bug!

Dave Hotchkiss

David Hotchkiss bottle opener and stopper set.

Mike Alan Designs

MikeAlan Designs, LA Poured resin

Julia Picciotti

Julia Picciotti, beautiful fused glass work.

Darla Baker

Darla Baker puts flowers in resin then turns the shape.  Visit her Etsy page.

Karen Robbins

Karen Robbins, NM.  Visit her website. 

Casey Harefeld

Casey Harefeld, OR  Beautiful flowers.

Matt Greenwood

Matt Greenwood, CA   BEAUTIFUL!

Donna Gordon

Donna Gordon, CO.  Awesome glass art.

Anthony Gima, PA

Anthony Gima, PA Very artistic blown glass!

Vaigale Duers, FL

Vaigale Duers, FLUnique beadwork

Robin Evans

Robin EvansRobin is a distributor for my stoppersonAmazon and Etsy

Pete Beaton, WI

Pete Beaton, WI.  The word “Wine” is in the center of the glass.

Dave Coen, MN

Dave Coen, MN

Bryan Randa, MA

Bryan Randa, MA, made these antastic creations

Christiana Hancox, England

Christiana Hancox, UK9000 Brass stopper

Gail Allard, TX

Gail Allard, TxSalado Glassworks

Dag Aasdam, France

Dag Aasdam, France  Perfect!

David Coen, MN

David Coen, MN

Dianne deJolsvay, MN

Dianne deJolsvay, MN

Donna Von Hoesslin, CA

Donna Von Hoesslin, CA

Tim Keyzers, WA

Tim Keyzers, WA, designed my 8038 stopperfor his unique marbles.

Christiana Hancox, England

Christiana Hancox, EnglandOne-of-a-kind beadwork.

Jon Felix, WA

Jon Felix, WA  Great bead work

Colette Becker, Luxembourg

Colette Becker, Luxenbourg Original bead designs

Kate Rodrigue, OR

  Kate Rodrigue, OR, puts herbs in resin then turns the shapes!

Joy Alyssa Day, Camel Valley, CA

Joy Alyssa Day, Camel Valley, CA glass sculpture

Katrin Berger, Switzerland

Katrin Berger, SwitzerlandBeautiful beadwork.

Timothy School Bakers, Harleysville, PA

Timothy School Bakers, Harleysville, PAA school for the autistic.

Christine Smith, PA

Christine Smith, PA