Artists' Bottle Stoppers Gallery ~ Glass

Bottle stoppers make perfect hostess gifts.
Visit often, as pictures are added regularly.

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The original stoppers with three o-rings are no longer available


sea stones bottle stopper
Tony Rotundo in DE, made this stopper
using sea stones.  So pretty!


marble with flower on bottle stopper
Matt Hoover in PA makes marbles and
this is awesome.  I love the colors.


Paul Ketola from California made these
beautiful sea stone stoppers.


wine cooler niles bottle stoppers Blown glass with daisies bottle stopper
Beautiful blown glass wine cooler and stopper by
Karen Robbins, See great art work on her Website.


stainless stoppers with sea glass on top
Donna von Hosslin, owner Betty Belts, loves the
stainless stoppers.  See her sea stone jewelry!


stainless stopper in whiskey decanter
Mike Schuler, GA, made this
Prisma stopper for a decanter.


whale tail ceramic on stainless steel  bottle stoppers
Christy DeHave created these ceramic whale
tail bottle stoppers.  See more


Polished stone wine bottle stoppers
Aldeane Josephs creates awesome bottle stoppers.
Visit her Online shop to see more creations.


amethyst crystal on stainless steel bottle stoppers
Aldeane Josephs, Crystal Luxe Lighting in MD
created these amethyst stainless stoppers.


Niles stainless stoppers with beads
Kristene Zimmerman, PA.  Glued
beads to stopper top (SS-9005).


blown glass on stainless steel bottle stoppers
Mike Hurst, UT, does fantastic blown glass and
made these stoppers.


stainless stoppers with glass beads
Colette Becker, Luxenbourg, Germany.  Looks
like a chorus line of stainless stoppers.


Stainless steel stopper with glass bead on top
Colette Becker, Garmany
Makes glass bead stoppers


glass bead on stainless steel stopper
Colette Becker, Germany


hand blown glass bottle stoppers
Mike Hurst, UT.  Beautiful hand blown glass
bottle stoppers. See more creations: Hurst Glass


hand blown glass bottle stoppers
Daniel Woodruff, WA did these unique
glass marble bottle stoppers.  Great for gifts!


blown glass gift wine stoppers
Gail Allard owner of Salado Glassworks, TX.
A sampling of his artistic work.

glass bottle stopper, blue and white swirl
Dag Aasdam, France

Holt Owls

Flamework Owls
Robin Holt, MoonDog Art Glass, FL.

Robin Holt.shells

sea shell beads bottle stoppers
Robin Holt MoonDog Glass.  Awesome.

Robin Bee

Glass Bee Bottle stopper
Robin Holt.  MoonDog Art Glass


Glass fish on stainless steel bottle stoppers
Toni Menk, KY.  Such creativity!  Cute glass
fish on stainless steel bottle stoppers..


blown glass wine bottle stoppers
iGNiS Glass Studio, Chattanooga, TN.
Beautifully blown stoppers.


Dag Aasdam, France.  Crystal glass
stopper looks terrific in decanter.


blown glass on stainless stoppers
VETRO Glassblowing in Grapevine, TX
Beautiful creations, amazing website.


Robin Holt, Moondog Mosaics & Artglass.  Love
Robin's unique bead creations!


cabinet knob on stainless stopper
Herb Billings, TX.  A vintage
cabinet knob: very classy

Jennifer Kuske

Jennifer Kuske in New Brunswick, Canada

Donna Gordon

Blown glass bottle stoppers
Donna Gordon, CO.  Awesome blown glass.
Nog Rog Studios

Janice Chapman

stainless stopper with fused glass top
Janice Chapman, Staffordshire, UK


stainless stopper with glass wizard on top
Dag Aasdam, France.
Wizard cast a spell on the bug!

Dave Hotchkiss

bottle stopper with a bottle opener

David Hotchkiss bottle opener and stopper set.

Mike Alan Designs

MikeAlan Designs, LA
Poured resin

Julia Picciotti

Fused glass bottle stopper
Julia Picciotti, beautiful fused glass work.

Darla Baker

Darla Baker puts flowers in resin then turns the
shape.  Visit her Etsy page.

Karen Robbins

blown glass on stainless steel bottle stoppers
Karen Robbins, NM.  Visit her website

Casey Harefeld

blown glass rose on stainless stopperBlue rose in blown glass on stainless steel stopper
Casey Harefeld, OR  Beautiful flowers.

Matt Greenwood

Glass rose on stainless steel bottle stopper
Matt Greenwood, CA   BEAUTIFUL!

Donna Gordon

blown glass tops on stainless steel bottle stoppers
Donna Gordon, CO.  Awesome glass art.

Anthony Gima, PA

blown glass wine bottle stopperconfetti blown glass bottle stopper
Anthony Gima, PA
Very artistic blown glass!

Vaigale Duers, FL

Vaigale Duers, FL
Unique beadwork

Robin Evans

Robin Evans
Robin is a distributor for my stoppers
onAmazon and Etsy

Pete Beaton, WI

Bottle stoppers made from wine embedded in glassBottle stoppers made from wine embedded in glass

Pete Beaton, WI.  The word
"Wine" is in the center of the glass.

Dave Coen, MN

Dave Coen, MN

Bryan Randa, MA

glass bottle stopper, stainless steelglass whale tail bottle stopperglass bottle stopper in shape of lobster claw

Bryan Randa, MA, made these antastic creations

Christiana Hancox, England

Christiana Hancox, UK
9000 Brass stopper

Gail Allard, TX

Gail Allard, Tx
Salado Glassworks

Dag Aasdam, France

glass cherry on top of stainless stopper

Dag Aasdam, France  Perfect!

David Coen, MN

David Coen, MN

Dianne deJolsvay, MN

handmade beads on threaded rods on top of stainless steel bottle stoppers

Dianne deJolsvay, MN

Donna Von Hoesslin, CA

Donna Von Hoesslin, CA

Tim Keyzers, WA

Star Wars wine bottle stopper, space station on top of stopper
Tim Keyzers, WA, 
designed my 8038 stopper
for his unique marbles.

Christiana Hancox, England

Christiana Hancox, England
One-of-a-kind beadwork.

Jon Felix, WA

Jon Felix, WA  Great bead work

Colette Becker, Luxembourg

Colette Becker, Luxenbourg
Original bead designs

Kate Rodrigue, OR


Kate Rodrigue, OR, puts herbs in
resin then turns the shapes!

Joy Alyssa Day, Camel Valley, CA

Joy Alyssa Day, Camel Valley, CA
glass sculpture

Katrin Berger, Switzerland

Katrin Berger, Switzerland
Beautiful beadwork.

Timothy School Bakers, Harleysville, PA

Timothy School Bakers, Harleysville, PA
A school for the autistic.

Christine Smith, PA

Christine Smith, PA

Jes Durfee, Duluth, MN

Jes Durfee, Duluth, MN
Blown glass.

Vic Nadurak, Ladysmith, British Columbia

Vic Nadurak, Ladysmith, British Columbia

Aaron Verity, Brooktondale, NY

Aaron Verity, Brooktondale, NY