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Unique gifts handcrafted by professional artists and fine craftsmen.
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The originall Stoppers with three o-rings are no longeer available.

Bob Rotche

Bob Rotche Wood Artist/Sculptor Bob is driven to explore the boundaries of wood art and sculpture. Inspired by man’s interaction with nature, the way organic interacts with inorganic, the way geometric shapes interact with free form curves and the way color and texture can affect all of the above. The well is deep and I have only sampled the surface. I feel excited and privileged to be able to explore what lies below.
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Brad Adams

Brad specializes in turning unique burl bowls plus original bottle stopper and bottle opener designs.

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Donna Gordon

Donna strives for her work to be original and unique and her free-standing hearts and colorbursts are based on that principle.  Her hearts have become not only her signature piece but are favored by collectors.

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Marie McDonough

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Martha Collins

Martha creates unique, three-dimensional works of art with exotic hardwoods and brightly colored veneers that are hand dyed which includes jewelry, ceremonial bowls, stainless stoppers and salt and pepper shakers.

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Robin Holt

Moon Dog Art Glass

Robin lives in Tallahassee, FL and loves creating very original designs with glass.

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Scott Johnston

Scott’s woodturning techniques include carving, piercing, sculpturing and other unique embellishments.  He creates one-of-a-kind furniture by commission only.

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Steve Wohlgemuth

Steve is a retired surgeon who uses creative skills to craft the finely detailed and imaginative functional art on his website.  His main priority is to make custom products special for each customer.

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Wesla Weller

Wesla Weller creates Gifts for Music Lovers.  Wesla uses reclaimed musical instruments to make all her gift pieces.

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