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Bottle Openers and Tab Lifters Gallery

new.opener1     Niles.opener1             can tab lifter stainless steel

The most unique bottle cap opener anywhere!  Mark Connors in CT, a good
customer, said he had a great idea for a bottle opener and sent me a prototype
that he turned from wood (pic above).
It is very popular because no one can figure out what it is until you show them how it works!

The can tab lifter is one-of-a-kind and makes opening soup cans, etc. easy.

Jacobson aluminum

Carl Jacobson used aluminum shavings in resin to make this stainless beer bottle opener [...]


Mark Eason carved then painted this cat tap pull opener for his neighbor. This is [...]


Steve Crescenzo in NC created these bottle openers with Lichtenberg fractal wood burning! [...]

Theresa Roberts

Theresa Roberts in WI, created this gorgeous bottle opener using a vintage knife handle.  Perfect! [...]


Roger Dirkx in OR turned this tab pull. He’s only been turning a few months! [...]

Bertschman 2set

Don Bertschman created another bar set with a stopper, bottle opener and paring knife in [...]


Beautiful work from Peter Urasky [...]


A beautiful set of can pull tabs from Mitchell Jones [...]


A few more from Curtis Fuller.  These are simply spectacular. [...]


Curtis Fuller turned and burned these amazing bottle openers as gifts [...]

Unique Blanks

Wine bottle stopper and beer bottle opener turned from Bob Rosand’s Unique Blanks. [...]


Anthony Yakonick in PA turned these attractive Niles bottle openers.  Very classy work. [...]


Ed Kallbrier in IL turned this wine bottle stopper, beer bottle opener and can tab [...]


        Alec Kinslow in PA turned these 3 stainless bottle openers.  I like [...]


       Alec Kinslow in Pittsburgh turned these 3 bottle cap openers.  Nice sleek [...]


Henry Doolittle in WA turned this unique bottle opener.  Nice work! [...]


Thierry Coinon in France poured the blanks and turned these stainless bottle cap openers. [...]


Andrew Betschman turned wine stoppers, bottle cap opener, can tab pull and whiskey stoppers. To [...]

Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan from CA turned this beautiful opener. Check out his Instagram page [...]


      Joey Moll in AR turned this attractive beer opener and whiskey stopper. [...]


Henry Doolittle, WA, turned this great bottle opener and can tab pull combo. [...]

Steve Wohlgemuth

Steve Wohlgemuth in VA made this cool F15 bottle opener. check out his website [...]

Darla Baker

Darla Baker in KY made this great resin opener.   Check out her Etsy shop [...]

Mike Schuler

Mike Schuler of GA made this great bottle opener/can tab pull combo. [...]

Mark Eason Cat

Mark Eason of CA what a great idea for the pull tab opener. [...]


Rick Cook in IN made these double-ended bottle/can openers and wine bottle stopper. [...]


Mark Lockridge’s wife saves egg shells, he put them in resin and it looks great! [...]

Martin 2 opener

Tim Martin made this attractive pair of bottle cap openers. [...]

Niles beads opener

Gift for that special lady: tiny beads, fishing line, glue = Beer Opener. [...]


Tim Martin in CA made this great gift bar set: stopper and opener. [...]


Nathan Scaccia in CA makes these awesome resin bottle cap openers.  Beer lovers gift! [...]


Jean LeGwin in NC turned and enhanced these great gifts for beer lovers. [...]