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Bottle Openers and Tab Lifters Gallery

new.opener1     Niles.opener1             can tab lifter stainless steel

The most unique bottle cap opener anywhere!  Mark Connors in CT, a good
customer, said he had a great idea for a bottle opener and sent me a prototype
that he turned from wood (pic above).
It is very popular because no one can figure out what it is until you show them how it works!

The can tab lifter is one-of-a-kind and makes opening soup cans, etc. easy.


Mark Blok, TX made this can tab lifter with great color.


Same set by Speros Pascalides just the other side of them.


Speros Pascalides, NJ created this great set. Wine Stopper and Beer bottle opener.


Jim Leonard, FL, made this can tab lifter for his neighbor.


Cliff Wing, TX.  Attractive bottle cap opener, nice work.

Peter Vines

Peter Vines, VA. Got the oak (R) from a neighbor’s wood pile!


Jim Leonard turned this can tab lifter from a boat pole of a friend’s deceased [...]

Kelm 2

Al Kelm, MN, put the wood on the top and it looks like a person.  [...]


Bryan Simmons, Mass.  Home bar gift set: wine stopper, bourbon stopper, bottle cap opener!


Steve Hoffmann, IL. Great shape Steve turned and hollowed it for a great shape.   Awesome [...]

Farrar purple

Ida Farrar, GA.  Created the resin top for this can tab lifter.

R O’Ryan

Rick O’Ryan,  Cello bottle cap opener: beautiful!

Hotz 4

Walter Hotz, GA. Can tab lifter, 2 whiskey stoppers and wine stopper.  Nice woodturning.

Suzanne Adams

Suzanne Adams, ME turned this bottle cap opener.


Don Welling, NV, made Cholla wood, bronze powder.


Bob Rosand created this opener using a beading tool he designed.


Simple yet elegant; just a little detail adds a lot.  Lawrence Rodrigues in Hawaii.

Larry Rodrigues, HI, turned a nice bottle opener and whiskey stopper set.


Rick O’Ryan, NM, made these awesome bottle openers in shapes of antique bottles.

Kurt Rogers.shells

Kurt Rogers, poured resin over the shells then shaped the bottle opener.

Henry Pascal 4 openers

Henry Pascal, France.  Nicely shaped bottle cap openers.

Pascal 5 openers

Henry Pascal, France.  Turned these great bottle cap openers.

Kurt Rogers tab

Kurt Rogers, OH. Pretty can tab lifter

Stan Smith

Stan Smith, CA. Hard to see inlay in top of bottle opener.  Nice set

Bridges antlers

Steve Bridges, CA.  Uses antlers for the bottle openers.


Ron Holland, IL.  Very classy. Bottle opener/can tab lifter.


Nick Marmion, IL Beautiful gift set.


Tom Bradley, NC.  3 views of the same bottle opener.


Vinnie Mondello, PA.  Bottle cap openers; great shapes.

Larry Parker

Larry Parker, VA Bottle Cap Opener

Larry Rodrigues

    Larry Rodrigues, HI, can tab lifters.


John Behrend, MI Bottle openers and cute can tab lifter