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Bottle Openers and Tab Lifters Gallery

new.opener1     Niles.opener1             can tab lifter stainless steel

The most unique bottle cap opener anywhere!  Mark Connors in CT, a good
customer, said he had a great idea for a bottle opener and sent me a prototype
that he turned from wood (pic above).
It is very popular because no one can figure out what it is until you show them how it works!

The can tab lifter is one-of-a-kind and makes opening soup cans, etc. easy.


Brad Adams, CA.  Exquisite set!


Alex Pettigrew; Pettigrew Woodworks, VA. Crazy set but terrific gift items. Al


Paul Salverda, CA, turns great apples and engraves on the backs.


The back of Paul Salverda’s apple stoppers.


Jim Nicholls, OR.  Great set and nice trim.


Starke Smith, VA.  Ready for beer bottles.


Bruce Hoium; wedding gift set for his niece.

Yetis Damascus Knife

Yetis Damascus Knife.  Great set!

Irvin Hayes

Irvin Hayes, MI


Al Iacullo.  I will post quite a few to show various shapes for poured blanks..

Sugrue.3 piece

Camille Sugrue, WA.  Bottle cap opener, can tab lifter and wine bottle stopper.


Don Bertschman, PA.  Done with knives.


Doug Johnson, Marco Pen Turner, FL Perfect bottle opener display for shows.

DeWayne Huffman

DeWayne Huffman, bottle opener with Wounded Warriors button.

Steve Hoffmann

Steve Hoffmann, IL   Bottle cap opener and stainless wine stopper

Cary Smith

Cary Smith, TN; bottle openers and whiskey stopper

Jim Fredrick

Jim Fredrick, VA  Whiskey, Wine stoppers and bottle cap opener.

Straw Collins

Jamie Straw turned from a blank by Martha Collins (buy here)

Steve Wohlgemuth music

Steve Wohlgemuth uses lego people in resin. See Steve’s website for all his products.

Julie Nordine glass

Julie Nordine is a glass artist in MN.

John Carroll

John Carroll, VA.  Combined bottle cap opener and can tab lifter for one utensil.

John Arkoosh

John Arkoosh, CA.

Grant Brickham

Grant Brickham, beautiful color!

Gage Olson

Gage Olson, UT Beautiful color

Frank Wilda 2

Wildaness Woods, Frank Wilda turned beer bottles and beer cans for the openers!

Dwight English

Dwight English in Alaska

Doug Johnson

Doug Johnson, FL.  Great display for beer bottle openers.

David Thompson

David Thompson, MD Nice shape.

Rick O’Ryan 3

Rick O’Ryan also uses antique fire sprinklers. Love the business card holder!

Rick Morris

Rick Morris, CA.  Super! Fish lure in resin.

Michael Savchak

Michael Savchak, NY

Tom Bundic set

Tom Bundic, BC, does awesome segmented work.