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Elmer Martinson

Elmer Martinson in MI. Made this great looking mallet. [...]


Roman Steichen in MD made this awesome tenderizer mallet with apple sticks in epoxy and [...]

Barlow UK

John Barlow in UK turned can tab pulls, bottle openers and espresso coffee tamper.  Nice [...]


Doug Lowery in VA loves turning these tenderizer mallets and sells them all! [...]


Michael Armstrong, Ontario, Canada turned this espresso coffee tamper.  Beautiful! [...]


Roman Steichen in MD made this great meat tenderizer mallet and engraved the handle. [...]


Tom Fronapfel in NV turned these two pizza cutter handles.  Nice clean designs. [...]

Skip Hayes

Skip Hayes in TN turned this lovely array of kitchen utensils for the craft shows.  [...]


Jeff Kay in OK turned this pizza cutter handle from Figured Maple.  Great looking handle. [...]

Burke Matthes

Mathes Burke in CA turned this Neapolitan ice cream scoop handle. [...]

Kekel Meat

Pete Kekel, Big Monk Lumber, turned these two hefty meat tenderizers from Maple Burl.. [...]

Walcott meat

Jim Walcott in AR does creative engraving on the tops of meat tenderizers for that [...]


Nancy Brooks in VA made these festive pizza cutters with sculpturing Apoxie.  Very Mexican! [...]

Lowery mallet

Doug Lowery in VA turned a Cocobolo head and a Bubinga handle for this meat [...]


Sam Angelo used the Niles meat tenderizer to create these great cookies! [...]

John Morgan

John Morgan in TX made this 57mm espresso coffee tamper for his nephew.  Beautiful! [...]


Tim Gaddie in MN turned these two meat tenderizer mallets.  Beautiful work. [...]


Sam Angelo, Wyoming Woodturner, turned a pair of meat tenderizers and detailed the tops. [...]

Bruce Jordan

Bruce Jordan in Calif. turned figured Poplar to make this meat pounder and garlic press [...]


Peter Dorrins in Quebec, Ca, made this stainless meat tenderizer mallet. [...]

Niles 3 meat

Meat tenderizers, turned resin and dyed burl.tops. [...]


Rich Zakrzewski in NY made this terrific meat and chicken pounder mallet and engraved his [...]


John Pargeon in FL turned these two meat tenderizers.  Very user friendly shapes. [...]

Jacobson mallet

Carl Jacobson turned this Maple Burl tenderizer mallet on his youtube channel. [...]


Another angle of Carl Jacobson’s Maple Burl meat tenderizer mallet. [...]


Louis Mattia in IN turned this awesome and unique meat tenderizer.  Meat on one end [...]


Tom Gaskill from HTG Woodcrafts made these great pizza cutters. [...]


Barry Tonkin turned this attractive top for an espresso coffee tamper.  Beautiful work! [...]


Henry Doolittle in WA turned this pizza cutter handle from my Unique Blanks. [...]

Gaskill z

Tom Gaskill in NC turns wonderful handles for pizza cutters and sells a Lot of [...]


Henry Doolittle, WA, turned this great bottle opener and can tab pull combo. [...]

Tonkin tampers

Barry Tonkin in WA turned these two awesome espresso coffee tampers.  Nice work! [...]