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Bennett stopper

Steve Bennett in MA case a dandelion seed head in resin.  Looks Electric! [...]


Jamie Page in UK turned this goblet from a resin blank made by Jake Thompson.  [...]


Joel Horner, TX, poured his own honeycomb blank, turned a shot glass for a whiskey [...]


Joel Horner, TX poured his own honeycomb blank to turn this whiskey bottle stopper. [...]


Joel Horner, TX, poured his own resin blank for this turned whiskey stopper. [...]


Another honeycomb turning blank made by Joel Horner, TX.  Shot glass stopper! [...]


Joel Horner in TX used shavings from a Fostner bit in resin for this bottle [...]


Arvids Ernstsons in MI poured these blanks and turned beautiful whiskey bottle stoppers. [...]


Ron Erwin in NY made these antique door knob bottle stoppers.  They look terrific in [...]

Ford 2

Medallion in 1937-38 Ford V8 gear shift to be available at the Early Ford V8 [...]

Ford 1

Bob Merz, coordinator for the Early Ford V8 Meet, is using 1937 Ford gear shift [...]


Ron Erwin in NY, uses antique doorknobs to create unique bottle stoppers.  Nice. [...]


Tony Rotundo in DE, made this stopper using sea stones.  So pretty! [...]

Williams shell

Jeff Williams, WA, Great Imagination! Check BARN  website in WA. [...]

Peterson 2 pink

Rick Peterson in WA made this beautiful bottle opener and stopper set. [...]


Tony Rotundo in DE created this starfish bottle stopper.  So attractive! [...]


Daniel Dubois, KS, has been busy turning resin bottle stoppers.  Great array. [...]


Rick Peterson in WA turned these colorful bottle cap openers.  Love the green shades.. [...]


Peter Baum in Ohio uses antique pocket watches to create very unique bottle stoppers. [...]

Williams Jeff3

Jeff Williams made these stoppers with resin in shells. He works with BARN in Bainbridge [...]

Williams Jeff

Jeff Williams, another stopper with resin poured into a shell and turned. [...]


Larry Sutton mounted a Challenge coin to the stopper with clear epoxy.  Wow! [...]

Rinde 4

Jim Rinde’s grandson put a Tea Tree flower in clear resin to create this bottle [...]


Jim Rinde, CA, put Pink Breath of Heaven flower in clear resin.  Beautiful. [...]


Another beauty by Jim Rinde and his grandson.  Terrific wine bottle stopper. [...]


Kieran Goodman in MI turned this resin honey comb bottle stopper.  Very nice. [...]


Best wine bottle stopper array of shapes, colors and design by Rick Woodard in WY. [...]


Rick Woodard, Wyoming Wood Artisan turned this awesome whiskey bottle stopper. [...]

Wohlgemuth broken glass

Steve Wohlgemuth put the broken glass from a Jewish wedding in resin, made this for [...]

Epstein red

Michael Epstein in CA turned this resin bottle stopper and put a coin insert in [...]

Epstein red

This is a close-up of the insert Michael Epstein put in the beautiful red stopper. [...]


Brian Ruebush in IL turned these deer antler wine bottle stoppers.  Very impressive. [...]