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My Order

All orders are shipped USPS Priority and are shipped within 24 hrs.  First Class is [...]

How to Turn a Knit Hat Stopper

   With the stopper blank in a scroll jaw chuck, bring up the tailstock so [...]

How to Turn a Bottle Stopper

Making a bottle stopper is quick and easy. It’s a great use of small pieces [...]

Turning a Pendant

These videos on using the Joyner Off Center Jig were recommended by customers. Scroll to [...]

Attractive Price Tags

Price tags are a necessary item, make them as attractive as possible. Do not use [...]

Say It This Way

If you use my bottle stoppers, feel free to take any wording from my site [...]

Show Work-in-Progress

Show customers your work in progress either by using pictures of progressive steps or have [...]

More Places to Sell Stuff

Many libraries, banks, community centers and visitor centers have monthly displays in their lobby or [...]

Get Some New Ideas

At Craft Fairs, after your booth is set up, walk down and around another isle [...]

Bring that customer back

How many times do you hear “I’ll be back”. This is a “be back” tip: [...]

Hotels – A Selling Opportunity

Hotel gift shops and airport gift shops are an excellent venue as many travelers love [...]

Consider Designer and Retail

If you make bowls, vases, etc., check with fine furniture stores. They have rooms arranged [...]

Exclusives for Specialty Shops

Make an “exclusive” design for each specialty shop. They will promote their very own exclusive [...]

Competitors? Or, not.

Other vendors are not necessarily your competition, you compliment each other. If a customer asks [...]

Think of Vertical Markets

Home builders might like to give their customers a nice salad bowl or wine bottle [...]

Expand Your Visibility

If you have a website, try to link with fellow artists, vendors and collectors. Don’t [...]

New Sales Opportunities

Try gourmet kitchen shops or flower shops that make gift baskets. They can sell your [...]

Simple, Attractive Packaging

For your booth at a show, tie a stopper to a bottle of wine with [...]

Think Like a Customer

This is from an article in Crafts Report. “Make what the customers want to buy.” [...]

Enhance Show Displays

Have an empty wine bottle and vinegar cruet in your show booth so people can [...]

Focus Your Customer

If you do wood stoppers with a wood display stand, paint the stand white. Each [...]

Show the Process

If you work with wood, have a “process” display; a square blank, a partially turned [...]

Will the stoppers fit all bottles?

It is impossible to have one stopper that will fit 100% of bottles. With the [...]

Can I lay the bottle on its side with these stoppers?

If the fit is tight, test it before leaving the bottle on its side over [...]

How should the stoppers be cleaned?

Wipe them off with a soapy dish cloth or just a wet paper towel. If [...]

Which Stopper or Opener for trophies, cabinet knobs, faucet handles, gear shifts, etc.?

If you are not sure of the screw size on your item, take it to [...]

Which stopper style works best for golf or pool balls?

There are 4 or 5 styles that work, the stoppers with the 3/8″ studs and [...]

What is the best size for a stopper blank?

The most common size for a stopper wood blank is 2″ square by 2 1/2″ [...]

Should I glue the stopper into the wood and which glue is best?

This is a personal preference. If the stopper threads into the wood real tight, there [...]

I have trouble with the wood loosening on the mandrel while turning

First remember which woods got loose and use the smaller drill bit when using that [...]