Artists' Bottle Stoppers Gallery

All of these stoppers were made by our customers.

There is no "best" size or shape for stoppers.  These bottles are all the same height and the
various size stoppers all look great.

Wine gifts, unique handcrafted bottle stoppers, stainless steel

Visit often, as new customers send pictures regularly.
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Peter Vines

stainless steel bottle cap opener made in USA
Peter Vines, VA. Got the oak (R)
from a neighbor's wood pile!


stainless wine bottle stoppers
Great shapes and wonderful colors, created by
Patrick Anderson, TX.


turned wood on stainless wine stopper
Dwight Alwine in
Essex, UK. Turned
from wild Juniper.

Bob Valentine

unique wine bottle stoppers
Bob Valentine, NY turned these stoppers.

Bayou Mt. Designs

Bayou herb bottle stopper
Herbs in resin created by Ida
Farrar.  See Website for more!

Wohleguth stopper

unique wine stopper hostess gift
Steve Wohleguth poured this
resin  blank and turned it.
Perfect Hostess Gift!

J Holm snakewood

wine bottle stopper from snakewood
J Holm, Denmark, loves turning
snakewood for bottle stoppers.


stainless can tab lifter with oak handle
Jim Leonard turned this can tab lifter
from a boat pole of a friend's
deceased husband as a gift.


deer antler bottle stoppers
Tom Zack, MI, turned deer antler to make
these great bottle stoppers.


woodburning on stainless wine stopper
Kimberly Glover did awesome burning
detail on this stopper.

Kelm 2

resin and wood stainless bottle opener
Al Kelm, MN, put the wood on the top and it
looks like a person.  It's resin with opal flakes.


corian wine bottle stopper
Michael Konnick turned this
from corian.  Beautiful.


Cholla Cactus bottle stoppers
Larry Briski, CO.  Corn cob, Cholla Cactus
filled with turquoise and pine cone wine stoppers.


complete stainless kitchen set
Larry Briski, CO.  Complete Kitchen Set: bottle
stoppers, openers, tenderizers, tab lifter. Great!


woodturned tops on stainless bottle stoppers
Bryan Simmons, Mass.  Home bar gift set: wine
stopper, bourbon stopper, bottle cap opener!


hand blown glass bottle stoppers
Daniel Woodruff, WA did these unique
glass marble bottle stoppers.  Great for gifts!


wine bottle stopper made in UK
Dwight Alwine, UK turned
this from White Yew.
Dwight's Website


wine gift bottle stopper
Mike Konnick, DE, turned this
unique wine bottle stopper.

Owens Kurt

The Turning Junction
Kurt Rogers, The Turning Junction
created another beauty.


segmented wood stainless bottle stop
Robert Franklin turned this beauty
from a blank by Brian Ninneman


stainless bottle opener
Steve Hoffmann, IL. Great shape Steve turned
a blank from Mike Alan Designs.  Awesome work.

Farrar purple

top 10 wine gifts
Ida Farrar, GA.  Poured the
resin blank and turned the shape.

Kobilsek colorwood

stainless bottle cap openers with colorful wood handles
Frank Kobilsek turns such beautiful bottle cap
opener handles.


Argentinean Lingum Vitae on stainless stoppers
Brian Merz, OH, turned these from Marblewood
and Argentinean Lingum Vitae

Cunningham second

Cocobolo top on stainless stopper perfect gift
This shape is very comfortable to use.  Made
by Dave Cunningham in Hawaii.

Cunningham hat

Hostess gift wine stopper
Dave Cunningham, HI.  Perfect low-profile
wine stopper made from cocobolo wood.

L Rodrigues2

Hawaiian woodturner stainless wine stoppers
Simply elegant laminated wood-turned wine
bottle stoppers by Larry Rodrigues in Hawaii.


various unique wine gifts bottle stoppers
Forrest Forschmiedt, VA.  Very nice array
of bottle stopper shapes.


stainless tab lifter stainless wine stoppers
A sampling of bottle stopper, bottle cap openers
and tab lifters done by Jim Draeger in Ohio.

R O’Ryan

cello turned from wood on top of stainless bottle cap opener
Rick O'Ryan,  Cello
bottle cap opener: beautiful!

Ida Farrar

red rose in resin on top of stainless bottle stopper
Ida Farrar, GA.  Two beautiful wine stoppers Ida
turned from blanks she poured.

Ron Wilson

turquoise inlay in wood wine bottle stoppers
Ron Wilson, GA.  Great turquoise inlay work.
Visit Ron's etsy page

Tim Boddy

Jack Daniels barrel bottle stopper
Tim Boddy, IL.  Whiskey stopper turned from Jack
Daniels and Coca-Cola barrel wood.

Hotz 4

can tab lifter, wine stopper, whiskey stopper
Walter Hotz, GA. Can tab lifter, 2 whiskey
stoppers and wine stopper.  Nice woodturning.

Suzanne Adams

Unique beer bottle opener
Suzanne Adams, ME turned
this bottle cap opener.


Can tab lifter and bottle cap opener
Don Welling, NV, made
Cholla wood, bronze powder.


Gift wine bottle stopper
Sawdust Designs, Dave Lewis,
poured the blank and turned it.


gold and glitter wine bottle stopper gift
Dave Lewis, Sawdust Designs
created this awesome stopper.


bottle cap opener stainless steel
Bob Rosand created this opener
using a beading tool he designed.


blown glass gift wine stoppers
Gail Allard owner of Salado Glassworks, TX.
A sampling of his artistic work.


hostess gift set
Tom Brown, VA.  Intriguing set:
bottle stopper and bottle opener.


colorwood wine bottle stopper
Mark Mayo, CA, uses the
colorwood horizontally.


Curly Koa bottle stopper
Tom Bennett turned this beauty
from Curly Koa.  Website


turned stopper, woodburned, unique bottle stopper decorated bottle stopper
Kimberly Glover, FL.  Ornate woodburning
detail.  Top-Shelf bottle stopper!

Orosz 2more

Stainless wine bottle stoppers with turned wood
Andrea Orosz, unique shapes on these
wine bottle stoppers.

Orosz 2Wine

Bourbon bottle stopper and Wine bottle stopper
Andrea Orosz, CA.  Two Bourbon
bottle stoppers.


purple resin bottle stopper top
Darla's Turning Trades
She turns great shapes


Turquoise inlay in wood on stainless bottle stopper
Rocky Phillips, TX
Nice Turquoise inlay trim.

glass bottle stopper, blue and white swirl
Dag Aasdam, France


Bottle opener from Hawaii
Simple yet elegant; just a little detail adds
a lot.  Lawrence Rodrigues in Hawaii.

Whiskey stopper and Bottle Opener
Larry Rodrigues, HI, turned a nice bottle
opener and whiskey stopper set.


antique bottle shape bottle openers
Rick O'Ryan, NM, made these awesome bottle
openers in shapes of antique bottles.

Kurt Rogers.shells

sea shells bottle opener
Kurt Rogers, poured resin over the
shells then shaped the bottle opener.

Holt Owls

Flamework Owls
Robin Holt, MoonDog Art Glass, FL.


Gifts for Wine Lovers
Stacey Carlton in TX.  Great stoppers!

M.J. Peters

bottle stopper made from hemp
This is compressed hemp turned
by M.J. Peters, IL.  So Unique!

Robert Franklin

These unique resin turnings were done by
Robert Franklin

Cook fire

antique fire sprinkler bottle stopper
Jim Cook, MA.  Just added
an antique sprinkler: perfect!

Dave Martin1

poured resin stopper
Dave Martin, FL.  Dyed and
stabilized wood; nice shape.


pine cone in resin bottle stopper
Aleksander Mazur, Poland.  Pine
cone in resin and turned on a lathe.