Artists' Bottle Stoppers Gallery

All of these stoppers were made by our customers.

There is no "best" size or shape for stoppers.  These bottles are all the same height and the
various size stoppers all look great.

Wine gifts, unique handcrafted bottle stoppers, stainless steel

Visit often, as new customers send pictures regularly.
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*note: if there is no link, email or call 717-486-5232
and I will put you in contact with the artist.


Stainless steel bottle stopper red resin
Jason Dodge, WI
Looks like a creature!


stainless steel bottle stopper from Ireland
Great turnings by David Condon in Ireland.
Awesome shapes.


Chuck Hutchings in IN created these stoppers.


stainless bottle cap opener
Ryan Mohler turned this beautiful handle for a
Niles Bottle Cap Opener.


bottle cap opener and can tab pull
Ryan Mohler, OH.  Beautiful set: bottle cap opener
and can tab pull.


golf balls, bottle stoppers, Pittsburgh Steelers
Quick and Easy bottle stoppers using styles
SS-9038 and SS-8038 stainless stoppers.


gifts for wine lovers
Scott Johnston, CO.  A bottle
stopper with a little class!


stainless steel bottle stopper
Scott Johnston.  Great creative
enhancement.  Website


woodturning with pyrography detailing
Scott Johnston.  Absolutely
beautiful!  Website


woodturned design on stainless stopper
Scott Johnston, original design
See Scott's website for more.


maple with burned detail wine stopper
Scott Johnston is very artistic
creating bottle stoppers. More..


wine bottle stopper stainless
Scott Johnston.  A very unique
stopper design!  More...

Mohler 2

can tab pull and bottle cap opener
Ryan Mohler made this can tap pull and
unique bottle cap opener..Etsy page


hand blown glass bottle stoppers
Mike Hurst, UT.  Beautiful hand blown glass
bottle stoppers. See more creations: Hurst Glass

Johnston greek

Limited edition bottle stopper
Wood Art by Scott Johnston, CA
Unique gift for wine lovers!

Johnston cutout

turned and carved wood with beautiful grain on stopper
Limited Edition, all pieces numbered.
by artist Scott Johnston, CA  Site

Johnston flowers

Best gift for wine lovers
Limited Edition, each is numbered.  Created by
Scott Johnston in CA.  Wine Lovers Gift!


the best gift for beer drinkers
Beer Bottle Cap Openers turned from colorwood
by Frank Kobilsek in IL.


best gift for wine lovers
Just Awesome!  Wine stopper
by Scott Johnston (website)

Konnick Opener

best beer bottle opener
Mike Konnick in MD.
Beautiful bottle opener!

Tom Bennett

Olive wood Bourbon bottle stopper
Tom Bennett, MT.  Turned from a piece
of 150-yr old Olive Wood.  Perfect!


Philadelphia Eagles bottle cap opener
Steve Wohlgemuth does custom bottle
openers.  Steve's website


Red Heart wood turned brass bottle stopper
Tana Munoz, TX.  Perfect!  Turned
from Red Heart wood, brass stopper.


Great gift for wine lovers
Tony Schmitt, MO.  Beautiful work, all Niles
stainless stoppers.


the best wine stoppers
Troy Wofford, TX  Beautiful work.  Two
wine bottle stoppers.


stainless wine stopper gift
Steve Hoffmann, IL  Beautiful!


turned resin tab pull
Stacy Travis, FL.  Turned this stainless
tab pull from a  poured resin blank.


the best turned bottle stoppers made in America
Frank Kobilsek, Mendota, IL.  Perfectly crafted
tops for stainless bottle cap openers.


Tom Brown, NC.  When Tom retired, he made
a stopper for all his co-workers.


antique button on top of bottle stopper
Speros Pascalides, NJ.  Stunning bottle stopper
with antique button inset in the top!


bottle cap opener and bottle stopper
Peter Vines, VA, turned the bottle cap opener
wine bottle stopper and spinning top.


stainless steel bottle stopper
Mark Blok, TX, turned this
awesome resin bottle stopper top.


Fingernail Saver tab lifter
Mark Blok, TX made this can
tab lifter with great color.


stainless stopper made in the USA
Jim Tracy, VA, turned wine stopper.


Same set by Speros Pascalides just the other
side of them.


beer bottle opener and wine bottle stopper
Speros Pascalides, NJ created this great set.
Wine Stopper and Beer bottle opener.


colorwood on stainless wine stopper
Steve Bennett, colorgrain wood
and a great shape.


US Marines bottle stopper bottle opener
Lou Dornbach used Marine Corp
buttons.  Visit Lou's website


stainless can tab lifter
Jim Leonard, FL, made this
can tab lifter for his neighbor.


stainless bottle cap openers
Steve Wohlgemuth, bottle cap openers
with tab lifters: one tool!  Website


Japanese doll bottle stoppers
Mr. Kakizawa in Japan makes these unique
bottle stoppers.  Superb craftsmanship.


Blue resin bottle stopper
David Lewis pours the most beautiful
pen and stopper blanks.  Website


Hidden bottle stopper
Fantastic Idea!  Jim Baustian, DE, puts the
stopper inside the barrel so it fits over the neck.


Stainless bottle cap opener unique
Cliff Wing, TX.  Attractive bottle cap
opener, nice work.


best stainless stoppers
Bobby Hoke, TX.  Perfect gift for wine lovers.


whiskey bottle stoppers
Roger Ziegler, WI.  Segmented design
and "Z" initial made with wood pegs.


Elk antler with turquoise
Tana Munoz, TX.  Duck call stopper
from Elk antler and turquoise!

Peter Vines

stainless steel bottle cap opener made in USA
Peter Vines, VA. Got the oak (R)
from a neighbor's wood pile!


stainless wine bottle stoppers
Great shapes and wonderful colors, created by
Patrick Anderson, TX.


turned wood on stainless wine stopper
Dwight Alwine in
Essex, UK. Turned
from wild Juniper.

Bob Valentine

unique wine bottle stoppers
Bob Valentine, NY turned these stoppers.

Bayou Mt. Designs

Bayou herb bottle stopper
Herbs in resin created by Ida
Farrar.  See Website for more!

Wohleguth stopper

unique wine stopper hostess gift
Steve Wohleguth poured this
resin  blank and turned it.
Perfect Hostess Gift!

J Holm snakewood

wine bottle stopper from snakewood
J Holm, Denmark, loves turning
snakewood for bottle stoppers.


stainless can tab lifter with oak handle
Jim Leonard turned this can tab lifter
from a boat pole of a friend's
deceased husband as a gift.


deer antler bottle stoppers
Tom Zack, MI, turned deer antler to make
these great bottle stoppers.


woodburning on stainless wine stopper
Kimberly Glover did awesome burning
detail on this stopper.

Kelm 2

resin and wood stainless bottle opener
Al Kelm, MN, put the wood on the top and it
looks like a person.  It's resin with opal flakes.


corian wine bottle stopper
Michael Konnick turned this
from corian.  Beautiful.


Cholla Cactus bottle stoppers
Larry Briski, CO.  Corn cob, Cholla Cactus
filled with turquoise and pine cone wine stoppers.