Artists' Bottle Stoppers Gallery

All of these stoppers were made by our customers.

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The original stoppers with three o-rings are no longer available.

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stainless steel whiskey bottle stopper
Matt Dorsten in OH turned this great
whiskey bottle stopper.  Nice work.


honey comb bottle stopper
Kieran Goodman in MI turned this resin
honey comb bottle stopper.  Very nice.


Jana Smith in FL turned this wine/whiskey
stopper and put the stamp covered with
resin on the top.


stainless whiskey bottle stopper
David McKibben in WA turned this
whiskey stopper from Pacific Yew
with a silver quarter inlay.  Nice.

Bridges, Jerry

Niles bottle stoppers
Jerry Bridges in TX does just enough
enhancement to create unique stoppers.


Wine bottle stopper
Bill Parsons in GA turned this attractive
wine bottle stopper from colorwood.


best wine bottle stoppers
Best wine bottle stopper array of shapes, colors
and design by Rick Woodard in WY.


bottle stoppers and bottle openers
Steve Kesler in PA was busy making bottle stoppers
and bottle openers.  Very nice array of shapes.


whiskey bottle stopper
Rick Woodard, Wyoming Wood Artisan
turned this awesome whiskey bottle stopper.


owl bottle stopper
Cindy Drozda, professional woodturner, created
this adorable owl bottle stopper.  Learn How to
make this owl.  Cindy


basket weave illusion bottle stoppers
Steve Mawson in NE makes the neatest basket
weave illusion bottle stoppers.  So amazing.

Wohlgemuth broken glass

Jewish wedding broken glass

Steve Wohlgemuth put the broken glass from
a Jewish wedding in resin, made this for the
bride and groom.  Wonderful!


Michael Daniels in MA carved this
Santa wine bottle stopper.


unique design bottle stoppers
Randy Pearson in OR turned these two
unique wine bottle stoppers.  Pretty.



Jim Wharrey, PA, had fun over the weekend
creating this array of bottle stoppers.

Dinse double

double barrel wine stopper
Dan Dinse, PA, created this "double
barrel" whiskey stopper!  I love it.

Dinse 3

bottle stoppers and bottle opener
Dan Dinse in PA did a great job on these 2 whiskey
bottle stoppers and the bottle cap opener.  Nice work.

Dinse 1

candle flame bottle stopper

Dan Dinse in PA turned this great "flame" stopper.


stainless steel bottle stoppers and openers
Gary Sanders in TX, turned these openers and
stoppers.  Fantastic detail on the opener
on the right.


Alabaster on bottle stopper
George Cooke in NJ turned this stopper
using Walnut with a translucent alabaster
inlay on the top.


Best wine bottle stopper Niles
Brian Erickson in CO created this awesome
stopper using Elm burl and epoxy resin. Wow!


brass contemporary wine bottle stopper
Mark Marshall in IN made this bottle
stopper from Bolivian Rosewood.


Jerry Haynes in Texas turned these
Whiskey and wine bottle stoppers.


marble with flower on bottle stopper
Matt Hoover in PA makes marbles and
this is awesome.  I love the colors.

Epstein glue up

colored wood glued up
Michael Epstein in CA did a great job gluing wood
with colored wood to create this unique stopper.

Epstein grain

unique whiskey stopper
Michael Epstein in CA turned
this beautiful Bourbon stopper.

Epstein red

red resin bottle stopper
Michael Epstein in CA turned this resin
bottle stopper and put a coin insert in
the top (see next picture).

Epstein red

This is a close-up of the insert Michael Epstein
put in the beautiful red stopper.


deer antler wine bottle stoppers
Brian Ruebush in IL turned these deer antler
wine bottle stoppers.  Very impressive.


best wine bottle stopper
Dan Ouimet in WI turned the best
wine bottle stopper; beautiful.


most versatile bottle stopper
Dan Ouimet in WI turned this
versatile bottle stopper.

Jerry Bridges

Jerry Bridges in TX. Italian Olive for the
stopper.  Frog Blanks for the tab pull.

Steve Bennett

Bennett Woodcraft
Steve Bennett puts pine cones in resin
and turns them.  Check Steve's Etsy


niles whiskey stoppers
Bob Berner in PA turned these two whiskey
bottle stoppers from Bacote wood.

Niles color

niles bottle stoppers    painted flower
The black is woodburning stippling, colored oil
pencils for flower petals.  Made by Ruth Niles


Elsa 4 snowmen

niles bottle stoppers
Just like people, snowmen are all different!  This is
what Elsa Oppenheimer said about her snowmen.

Elsa 4 snowmen

snow people
Elsa Oppenheimer turned these and said "Just like
people, snowmen are all different".

Lowery 4

stainless stoppers made in  America
Doug Lowery in VA turned these interesting
whiskey bottle stoppers.

Bennett pine 1

Niles Bottle Stoppers
Steve of Bennett Woodcraft in MA made this
stopper with a pine cone in resin.  Quite unique.

John Morgan2

Stainless steel bottle stoppers made in America
John Morgan in TX turned these two great
stainless steel wine bottle stoppers.


stainless wine stoppers
Another variety of shapes on stainless wine stoppers
made by Elsa Oppenheimer in VT.


 whiskey bottle stoppers
Ethan Brinn in NC turned these great whiskey
bottle stoppers from colorwood.  Nice work!


2 unique wine bottle stoppers   
2 Unique wine bottle stoppers made
by Jack Dohallow.  Great designs!



3 sided mesquite bottle stopper
Jack Dohallow turned this 3 sided
mesquite bottle stopper.  Beautiful.


off set bottle stoppers     
Jack Dohallow created these off set
bottle stoppers.  Very nicely done!


Unique wine bottle stopper
Jack Dohallow in AZ created this really
unique wine bottle stopper.  Great work.


Brass whiskey bottle stoppers made in America
Doug Lowery in VA turning these stoppers and ice
cream scoops.  Great Christmas gifts!


blind woodturner
George Wurtzel (blind) turns the neatest shapes
for bottle stoppers.  See more of George's work..

Scott Grove

Scott Grove Woodworker
Scott Grove, renowned woodworker, turned and
used Paua inlay for this red, white and blue stopper.


Niles Bottle Stoppers
A little woodburing detail adds a lot
of character.  New Niles stopper design.


A great job turning wine bottle stoppers done by
Marc Collins.


Amazing bottle stoppers   
Front and back of this amazing stopper
turned by Rick Woodard in WY.  Love it!


Niles wine bottle stoppers
Jesse Goodling in WA turned these really
cool wine bottle stoppers.  Nice work.


Niles bottle stoppers
Mike Edman in NJ turned these two wine
bottle stoppers.


laminated wine bottle stopper
The first stopper Marc Collis in IA
is a laminated wine bottle stopper.


best wine bottle stoppers made in America
Elsa Oppenheimer shows how the shape you turn
brings out different designs in the grain or colors.


stainless stoppers made in America
Elsa Oppenheimer does great woodturned designs.


Niles stainless steel bottle stoppers
Dave Struthers turned this awesome
bottle stopper from Elk antler.



wine bottle stoppers made in America
Bill Green, TX, turned, Cocobolo, Gaboon Black Ebony,
Bloodwood, Pink Ivory, Black and White Ebony.
Wonderful wood and great shapes.


Bob Rotche stainless steel bottle stoppers
Bob Rotche in VA does amazing woodwork plus
awesome bottle stoppers. See Bob's website.